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Sharodiya Shubecha and Dupor'er Tiffin Khabaar/Lunch Box Recipe Series -8

I am missing the hustle-bustle of Kolkata during this time.If you are in Kolkata ,probably you would be enjoying shopping new clothes, shoes and accessories.Ladies busy shopping , their new tangai/jamdani/Dhakai or simple but elegant tant ‘er saree from Boro bazaar or near their locality.
Last minute phone calls to the tailoring master if they can hurry up stitching the clothes on time and even asking “eyita ki amra nabami din e porte parbo, dada ekto taratari shesh kore dile eyi ta amra at least nabami te porte parbo” meaning , can we wear this at least on nabami or the ninth day.
And pat will be coming up the answer a big “NO”…Disappointed ,they will have to look into their old attire if they can find some good matches for their new clothes or even a nice replacement for that matter.
Some adventurous souls will be even trying out new hairstyles to give them that extra edge over their peers.
I mean lot of spending and purchasing on the eve of this great festival and who could even say it is the recession period going on….But good for those poor little souls like tailoring master,Local shoe shop Owner and the local saree/merchandise shop owner,for they have been waiting for this bright period for a long time now.More you spend ,more the money runs in the market and recession will take back seat soon.Good for economy and even good for you.
I mean from young ones to old ones , all are busy planning their schedules about Pujo Panadal hopping ,keeping in mind the mad rush out to see some of the top Pujo pandals in and around Kolkata. Some even will be planning what they will be eating on ashtami or on nabami.Plenty of options if you have company and dont feel like cooking,just go out ,pandal hop and gorge on street food or even fancy a good restaurant and you will ,I bet throughly enjoy.
Some even going out of station to probably to Goa or any other place, for them this is the best time to go out of Kolkata and avoid this mad rush which they have become quite habitual of seeing this since their childhood.
That made me think about Probashi Bengali , how they will be thinking and spending their time away from such hustle-bustle.If they are lucky , they will gather and start/form a new community ,kind of a panel of eminent and enthusiastic Bengali's and even take on celebrating or rather organising Durga Puja in a short period of time.Some may even promise to organise Kali Pujo after it also.
Being away from home, I will be missing offering my ashatami Pushpanjali and the Bhog'er Khichuri , two most important thing for me during this day and the mystic of sandhi Pujo and the lovely drum beats by Dhakis.Makes me feel home-sick now.

Tommorow ,24 th is shashti (day for bodhon I guess) or sixth day , so we all will be wearing our new clothes ,Mothers like me will be observing shashti ,a fasting ritual for the well being of their children.The menu will be niramish meaning Vegetarian.
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happy Durga Puja
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I have tried to include a vegetarian menu this time for Duporer Khabaar, I must remind that this was saved as draft .Usually Rice is not eaten on Shashti fast. Torkari can be eaten with Porotha but not with Rice.Dont ask me big Y for this , this is what I have seen doing both ,ma and ma-in-law.They even don’t eat with these torkari/curry , a simple aloo(potato) bhaja with Porotha and a bowl of doi/yogurt works fine also.

Keeping in mind the niramish khabaar, The recipe menu , is Sheem Shorshe and Bean Borir Jhaal and a simple dal.
Lunch-Box Recipes
Sheem Shorshe(Hyacinth in mustard paste)
Sheem/Hyacinth 8-10
2tsp of turmeric powder
3-4 tsp of mustard powder
Salt as per taste
Cooking oil 4-5 tbs

Clean cut the sheem from the tip on both sides
Now heat up a kadhai and add cooking oil(it would be great if you use mustard oil)
Now add in the cut sheem and fry it well.
Add in turmeric powder ,red pepper powder and salt ,sprinkle little bit of waterand cover
Let it cook for 5-7 mints till it turn out little soft
Meanwhile make a paste of mustard powder,little water,1 tbs of oil,little bit of salt,red pepper powder and very little turmeric powder just to give the colour.
Add this paste to the cooked sheem , take out in a serving bowl.
Making a paste out of fresh mustard seed
Please use coffee grinder for that ,add in 3-4 tsp of mustard seeds,1 garlic ,few cashews and dry grind it without addinng water,if you feel you may add in water slowly to the grinding mustard paste.
You may use little bit of yoghurt at the end also when you are ready to add the paste to the cooked sheem.This way the mustard paste wont turn bitter.
And of course there is the tradiional way of grinding in sheel/nora, which is absolutey has no comparison in terms of taste and authenticity.
Note – I have tried the recipe with Long Runner Beans also ,which is generally available here.

A simple mong dal and

Bean Begun diye Borir Jhaal(Bean/Potato/Brinjal Borir Jhal)
2 potatoes
About 200 gms of beans
Half a long brinjal/eggplant
1 cup of bori/badi/vadi
Tempering and flavouring
Mustard oil 3-4 tsp and some more to fry the bori (lentil dumpling)
1 tsp of panch phoron
2 bay leaf
1-2 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
Salt as per taste and lil bit of sugar
Cut and chop all the veggies in equal size
Add oil in a kadhai, fry the bori to a nice brown colour at low stirring them well.Take out an d keep them to add in the gravy later.
Heat up a kadhai/saucepan and ,add oil ,temper it with panch phoron and 2 bay leaf.
Add potatoes,beans and fry them well.
Add in salt,turmeric powder,red pepper powder and lil bit of sugar
Coat the veggies well with them
Now add in 1 cup of warm water to it
Add in chopped brinjal pieces and fried bori to it.
Keep the flame at low, cover and cook till the potatoes are evenly cooked.

Happy Cooking Friends

Sharodiya Shubecha O Priti
Happy Durga Puja

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happy Durga Puja
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  1. why some of the locals want to avoid the mad rush and how the Probashi's miss the festivals.....u compiled it beautifully....

    enjoy the festivities wherever u re .....:)

  2. You can pack this Lunch box any day. Looks delicous and so so hungry now seeing the yummy lunch box.

  3. Jaya, tomake phone kora aar hochhe naa, shoshthi'r din toh nishchoi korbo! Aito shundor kore likhechho tumi, bujhtei parchhi khoob beshii miss korchho desher pujo, mon kharap koro naa, jekhaane ii thaki naa keno, the spirit that we carry within us is all we need! tumi shoshthi maaniyo aar aamake kichhoo tips diyo, aamaro tomar dekha dekhii prothom shoshthi rakhte ichhe korche, er aage kono din rakhi nii. Aditi ke onek aador diyo...love,

  4. Khub miss korcho tai na Jaya? Mon kharap koro na ... nijei ektu khichuri ,labra ar chatni baniye nao ... bhalo lagbe. Pujor priti ar shubheccha tomake. :-)

  5. Apna keo Pujor Shubbhecha jaanai....you have a great blog going, and I wish you and your family the very best this festive season....

  6. Happy Durga Puja jaya!
    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely description of festive atmosphere,it also helps those of us who are unfamiliar to visit your celebrations!
    On our side of the pond we are also celebrating and even have a day of fast next week..interesting..
    I have finally found a delightful indian grocerie shop and will finally be able to follow up on your lovely recipes though there are still a few ingredients that I dont find.. :) Mia

  7. hello didi, thank you for "keeping my requesting in mind and posting vegetarian recipies.. i am really so happy to note the innumerable ways of making veggies...!!!
    i did not understand what you mean by Sheem Shorshe is it broad bean...Heaps of love
    New Zealand.

  8. Shn,
    thanks for coming ...that's the irony here ..things which are close to us ,we take it for granted and when not around us ..we start to miss them a lot ..

    :)..you can have them anytime..wish i can send it across to Belgium also LOL..

    arey! eyi rokom kono bapaar neyi ..
    hain bidesh e thakte gele onek rokom bhabhe desh'er kotha mone pore..pujor samay barite neyi ..in-laws ra khob miss korche Aditi ke..
    Shashti korcho khob bhalo ..just rice na khele hi hobe ..eyimnite bole bidesh E Niyam nasti :)....

    hain eyitai korbo aar ki kori ..thanks for wishes..
    Hugs and smiles

  9. Mia,
    thanks for wishes ...
    it's good you have found an Indian grocery near by..may be you can try by starting simple recipes one at a time..hope you will enjoy it also..
    interesting ..a fasting week just like us..what is Rosh hashanah ,is it something to do it with?..it was on last friday if I am not wrong .... all religions preach us one path .. path to peace and happiness :),isn't?

    khob bhalo thekho :) r pujo enjoy koro..thanks for stoping by..

    broad beans/sheem /hyacinth ..may be you are ight there :)..

    and you can even try it with long runner beans if you can find them there which I usually get here.. the broad beans are not commonly available where we live now..thanks for stoping by..

    thank you all,hugs and smiles

  10. Shardiya Shubhechcha tomader sabai ke janai Jaya. Pujo khub bhalo katuk

  11. Shubho Bijoyar Shubhecha railo... Pujo kemon katlo. Tumi kolkata-e nei? Ekhon kothai tale?

  12. Jaya,
    Subho Bijayar suvecha niyo

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