Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What's The Point in Doing it ?

There have been times when I thought forgive and let live is the best policy. But for how long. When my repeated appeals to remove my contents from these sites have failed .I thought perhaps this is right time to talk about openly and write about in my blog. My inspiration came from This Post by Anita at Mad tea Party. I know I am late for her tea party. But at least she gave me some courage to speak up now.

Knowledge and power comes with responsibility. 
But who cares if things can be instant and effortless. Just copy right click on any site, copy it and paste it .And you are thro your own website. And anyways conscience and morals are all bookish language and in practical world they don’t have any reasons.

If I could read the minds who are so shamelessly copying contents, words and pictures from my site.What goes in their mind ?
I have avoided giving links to these so called sites for over a year now. As you all, will hurriedly click to see what’s going on. Perhaps up to an extent they have wished that this would/should happen. They wanted to create unnecessary attention to their sites. Now, they have finally succeeded.

Below is the list of most shameless way of plagiarizing things, perhaps you all would have noticed ever, not just one but many of it..God are these people insane or what?

I have left so many comments to this site but all are waiting for moderation.


read my original post  here - http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2008/07/jhinge-chingri-shrimp-ridge-gourd-curry.html


 read my original post here -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2008/06/mangshor-keema-or-mutton-keema-curry.html


read my original post here  -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2007/02/bengali-fish-curry-aloo-begun-bodi-diye.html


read my original post  here -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2008/02/payesh-and-tomato-chutney.html

When my fellow blogger friend Sharmila pointed out this site with my recipes and pictures copied to T, I couldn’t believe my eyes.
Poonam are you listening –now are you happy with the additional traffic, if yes then remove my contents.


And this


Read my original content here -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2008/09/oh-ilish-hilsa-bengalis-culinary.html

And in this post my fellow Blogger friend  Indrani   pointed out  in this post of mine - Read the comment section -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2009/05/duporer-tiffin-khabar-lunch-box-recipes_10.html#comments

that my http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2008/04/kosha-mangsho-bengali-mutton-curry.html was copied word to word by http://recipe.akanshaz.com/ . I immediately responded and warned the author. The owner finally removed it .But, I have lost faith in the above site.

Over the past four years of my blogging experience, I have seen people repeated my contents and concepts in their own words later on. Deep down they all know what they are doing but just to win a race they forget everything.
Is blogging  all about competition these days and based on how many hits you gain daily?

All it takes a little acknowledgment of the original source and the right thing to do is to get permission.
And I don’t see if it’s going to tarnish your image of a flourishing blogger but in my eyes I would admire you more for your courtesy and respect.

But at the same time stealing contents like above sites is also unethical and illegal.It's not justified to copy someones else hard work and pass it on to show as your own content.This is broad day light robbery and stealing.

No man is perfect; every diamond needs some polishing before it gets its final place in a woman’s necklace. And we haven’t come to this world from every mothers womb all learned like Abhimanyo.

I have always said “learning is a continuous process, it never stops.”

So, acknowledge the original source and give due credits where ever and when ever it’s required.

Hope you all are listening otherwise what’s the point in doing blogging anymore.


  1. Dear Jaya
    I am pained to read this. I saw few of that stupid blog site who has copied your recipe...
    I know people have copied rare Himalayan Photos from my blog and published...
    Just forget it..read your opening line of this blog once more. Thats the right way to deal with small time petty thieves. Do you think these petty thieves are worth one second of your time? You have other priorities in life and we always run short of time..Just imagine if some poor chap is trying to earn few cents by copying your blog , let him get it. Feel good that you have provided a piece of bread to a poor chap...
    We blog, because it is our hobby, we like it , we enjoy it, we love to interact with fellow bloggers..and on top of that blogging is not our bread earner.
    But your point is well taken, more we think about these jokers, more we get disturbed which is really not worth it.
    In fact I am thinking of hoisting a banner saying " Please copy any thing from this blog and paste it at yours..it is free for you and no need to acknowledge ...ha ha
    BTW...I love all the recipes you have posted and 'jhinge chingDi' will head for kitchen soon...
    I wrote these just to share my views..I do recognize the horrible feeling you are going through because of this theft.
    Have a nice week and keep laughing at these poor people and have mercy too

  2. but only acknowledgement is not sufficient Jaya. you can acknowledge that you have created the recipe from so and so but copying pictures and write ups word by word is stealing. we love to blog and only a food blogger knows how much effort it takes to cook, click images, write up the recipe and posting it...they are just looking for shortcuts. there should be some means to teach them a good lesson.

  3. good for you jaya that you brought this out open. that poonam has a lot of other stolen snaps and recipes too. and that muz whatever has 'almost related posts' ... that contain links to your website too (maybe s/he forgot to change it) :-)
    i am not at all forgiving when someone tries to benefit from my own hard work ... makes me very very angry.

  4. Oh shucks this is really sad. Why don't they just put the source and tell you about it. Even if they do, why the eff do they copy it? Agree with sayantani on that

  5. Thanks Ushnish da for your support.I am considering to forgive but you know this can happen to anyone out there..copyright violation is so common these days..wish there should be some way to stop all this.

    Yes, those @#$ copied my entire content and I am unable to do anything now..even my comment is waiting for moderation still there and it's almost one year now.
    I hate it when things like this happen to anyone.

    this sounds so horrible sometime, and I didn't wish to wash the dirty linen in public but I cant no more deny this fact that all those @#$ sites have been doing straight cut copyright violation/infringement right in front of us without any shame.

    thanks for coming here..and you know this a big problem of this mad blogging world.
    Either we end up being promoters of some cheap Cooking Ranges or see our hard work end up being used up at some ones else place without any acknowledgment..And I hate it like anything ..

    Thanks all of you for your support here..

  6. That is utterly aweful....We should take some steps against these creeps....Why don't we build a forum on "Fake Bloggers" and higlights those weirdos and unmask them.....??? This not the question of sweat and money..but of blood and breath for us who find the peace and satisfaction in blogging sitting idle at home getiing connected to the world thru this creativity....

  7. Dear Jaya
    LOL after reading your comment at my blog and the " Korola" episode. Actually I have the movie Chupke 2 , both Bengali version and the Hindi . will watch again today, my all time favorite
    Have nice day

  8. Jaya, this is atrocious. I saw something on Soma's FB page too. In fact one time I saw BongMom's Ilish photo on FB's Hilsa page and pointed it out to them, no one responded. I think they have removed the group now.

    I feel its extremely petty and downright low class to steal content and pictures and call your own! I see many Bloggers making my recipes the very next day I publish it in my Blog and not a mention of me, they visit, etc. I know from Status report, but they never comment. I am glad you took this cause up!

    Btw, I am going to look up you rjhinge - chingri recipe. :-) Kono din khayee nee...

  9. Kamalika,

    Formation of forum might help in recognizing the culprits/defaulters but then make them realize their fault and then make them remove one's content is what is more important.And the kind of stubborn these so called violators are,makes me so irritated. They are just shameless.

    Ushnish da,
    nischoyi dekhben and amar mone hoye ami bangla version ta dekhi ni bodhaye ..mone korte parchi na Oyi film 'er naam ta O ..

    Is it even on FB ??..It's a grave concern and it's like a plague kind of thing ..You should ask those so called bloggers directly or mention the co-incident that you too have made it few days back right in their comment section..make it a point clearly..

    And you know this is something which I was also referring thro this post..we do blogging and the only purpose is or should be having a little fun and not being trapped in a loop for competition.

    Thanks for coming here all and supporting my concerns..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Hi Jaya,
    i am really new to this blogging thing and I am loving it.I am not an expert like many of you but am trying to give the credit to whoever has given me the recipe....be it another blog or a friend or a book.......When I look at wat u have created I dont think such things can bring ur original work down......but its a shame for those who do it.........
    keep cooking....keep on blogging

  11. Dear Jaya
    Here r the bengali movie details. Of course I like the Hindi version chupke chupke more.
    Chhadmabeshi (1971)-Bengali Movie-Uttam Kumar- Madhabi
    Produced By: Agradoot
    Direction: Manu Sen
    Story: Upendranath Gangopadhyay
    Music Direction: Sudhin Dasgupta
    Lyric: Sudhin Dasgupta, Vaskar Roy, Potit Paban Banerjee
    Playback Singers: Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey, Anup Ghoshal
    Cast: Uttam Kumar, Madhabi, Jahar Roy, Bikash Roy, Tarun Kumar, Subhendu Chatterjee, Anubha Gupta, Jyotshna Biswas

  12. Biny,
    hi and thanks for your support.And that's the way it should be...you too keep blogging and cooking.Good to see you here.

    Ushnish Da,
    thats soo sweet of you ..ami aajke hi konjchi Oyi boi ta , Uttam kumar'er boi bhishon bhalo lagey amar..

  13. Jaya, pls visit my blog and read the latest post....I have raised a voice against plagiarism....Hope to hear from you....

  14. Oh my God Jaya,
    I m so scared and sad to read your post and Pree's post today. It awful. And these people who are copy cats like this are nothing but shameless..You dont feel disturbed.
    I love your blog and know that originality and truthfulness always wins in the end...
    Take care

  15. Hi Jaya, came here from Pree's blogspace. These copy cats have become a threat in the cyber world. My work (even some literary works) has been reproduced with some changes and I've given very little heed to it. Feel sorry for these people who have no brains and depend on others.
    Very sad to see so much been copied from you.
    To mock them is a mockery to oneself. They get pleasure for avery short time for at the end of the day the conscience will bite.
    You have a nice space and there is so much to go through.
    Good sharing of something...more like an alarm bell...enjoyed the read and time to teach them a lesson.

  16. Jaya, ami akta forum khulchhi may be I will post it about that today or 2morw....ami chai tumi tomar ei experience niye akta post lekho..jeta amra okhane post korbo...Tumi nijeo post korte paro...kintu tar jonnyo atomar email id lagbe jeta kina tomake author hishabe add kore debo....amake email koro -silencesings1@gmail....
    Pls try to give the screen shots of the orginal and copied stuff...

  17. Darn darn darn.. more and more and more. Shameless people will remain shameless, whatever you do Jaya, for if they had a teeny bit of guilt left in them, they would not carry on with their life as if nothing happened, and undisturbed and more over going and commenting in blogs too!!!

    disgusting practice.

  18. This is the very first time I am coming to your site(through facebook) and am shocked to read all what you have mentioned.
    Feel scared and sorry for what is happening in the blooging world. By this rate we might loose some very fine bloggers from the food world. And will be left with the copycats and their copied work.
    I pray for loads of courage to be showered upon you to face this unruly situation.
    Best wishes.

  19. Dear Jaya,
    Prothome janai Subho Bijoyar antorik preeti o subhechha.Ami tomar blog'e esechilam Durga pujo niye tomar shundor write-up porbo bole.Tokhon chokh gelo plagiarism niye tomar post'tar dike.Believe me,it really hurt me to see how blatantly the person had copied all recipes out there!Its atrocious, shameful and utterly disgusting!Blogging should be a taken as a creative forum where one can create a space with one's OWN creations.There's simply no point in copying someone's else'e stuff and filling up your own space!That may attract hits for a very short time but that will never stand water in the long run.I can understand your angst but thanks for bringing this point up.Etao bole rakhi je I really like your posts and would love to se emore such coming form you.Cheer up and reign supreme!:)Bhalo theko!


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