Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tea and My comfort zone

Tea or Camillia sinensis is considered to be a refreshing drink.
The degree of processing the leaves determines the quality of tea.
Green tea is less processed. Black and red tea is partially crushed; dried and fermented .The length of fermentation determines the color on leaves will be black or red.
Tea has cancer fighting properties, as it has polyphenols which acts as antioxidants.
More about here tea Benefits dotcom.
While I start my day with a cup of tea in early morning, I feel rejuvenated and ready to take on my life.
Ginger tea is another tea with medicinal value which we like to drink .This tea gives an instant relief to cold and cough. Sprinkle some black pepper powder when ready to drink, soothes the throat and clears the mucous also.
Ginger tea
Serves for 1 people
1 tsp of tea (while we use mixed, some green leaves and black)
½ tsp of ginger paste (use fresh ginger instead of processed)
¼ cup of hot milk
¾ cup of water
½ tsp of sugar
Boil the milk first, keep aside, meanwhile in a separate vessel heat up ginger paste and water, add sugar and tea, stop the flame take out in another vessel and cover it.
Now Filter the tea and add hot milk to it .

Enjoy with reading your Favorite Book.

This is my comfort zone where I relax and enjoy my time with a cup of tea.
This is also going to Jugalbandi Due for Click-July Coffee and Tea , visit here for more details . Click -Coffee and Tea .
Happy Cooking Friends and Always Enjoy Your comfort zone .


  1. That first pic evokes lovely visions of a leisurely life. Wish I had such greenery around me.

  2. Sra,
    Thanks for liking the pic, and yes this greenery is a pleasure to watch from my window , and sometimes a relaxing time with a cup of tea ,is all what you need to charge up your life Batteries ..
    hugs and smiles

  3. Love the concept of the first pic Jaya... a perfect morning!

  4. Hi!I don't remember where I came here from ... but am already hooked.Your 'Note shaager chorchori' and 'neem begun' has got me crying 'bari jaabo' already.Feels good, reading your blog. :-)

  5. Sig,
    good to see you here .thanks !

    welcome here and feel at home ..I know home is what the real comfort is ..Hope you try making note chorchori ..
    hugs and smiles

  6. ahhh... just if i could get sometime to enjoy book and coffee(in my case)... that first pic is lovely jaya...

  7. Sia,
    books and cup of tea/coffee is such a great relaxing therapy ,isn't ! thanks for coming here ..
    hugs and smiles

  8. HiJaya Di,

    The recipie sounds delicious as ginger is my favourite herb.
    I couldn't helpspottinh the book of "The Japanese Wife"; I have seen the flm recently and I loved it. Where can I find the book?

    With great regards,


  9. Patrizia Di,

    Thanks .."Japanese Wife" is one short story from this book..there are other 12 short stories also ..BTW other ones are much more intriguing and fascinating..

    Not sure where you live ..but any bookstore in Kolkata has this book..many a times you can get good books at reasonable price from park street in Kolkata or the leading bookshop Oxford..Crosswords these days has opened their bookshops in leading shopping malls in Kolkata..Hope it helps..
    Thanks for stoping by


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