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Namaskar and Welcome to Spice and Curry Recipe Index.

Recipes listed here are mainly Indian and specifically from an eastern region of India, known as Bengal. There are few experimental, some kid friendly and low calorie recipes also. Take your time and browse through, if you find anything worth of trying ,then do so and let me know how it turns out for you.

Meanwhile if you need to ask any question, then ask in the related post so that everybody can take benefit from it. I will try to answer to my capabilities.And most of the recipes listed here and the core of these recipes have always been, love for good homely food, please see the recipes as mere guidelines. Enjoy your stay in Spice and Curry.

 These are all tiffin-box recipes (assembled)/Duporer khabar

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  1. Lentil soup with Bengali touch- a simple urid dal /korai’er dal with a soupy texture. A perfect bowl of soup to warm up the cold evening.Recipe Link
  2. Creamed Spinach tomato and Chestnut soup- a  healthy soup to warm up a cold evening with toasted chestnut for a change.Recipe link
  3. Traditional pati sapta- Pati sapta made from scratch with basmati rice. If you are little experimental then can check kheer patisapta recipe as well.Recipe Link
  4. Mungfali ki chikki/badam chakti/peanut brittle- Well these are quick snack preparations in case a hunger pangs strike you at odd hours of the day. Give it to your lil ones lunch box as sweet treat or pack it in your travel bag, where ever you go these will remain with you ready to be eaten.Recipe Link
  5. Runner beans cooked in mustard sauce- shorshe runner beans, an easy side dish to make in hurry.Recipe Link
  6. Aloo Marrow’er Ghaint- Marrow is a kind of vegetable belonging to squash family I guess, so the texture this end up is kind of very mushy in any sabzi.Marrow ki sabzi or ghaint in Bengali is one flavorful recipe that can be very well paired up with luchi or paratha.Recipe Link
  7. Vegetarian oats aloo ki tikki- Oats are a healthy option, a very basic aloo ki tikki is enhanced and made healthier by adding quick oats to it. And who doesn’t love tikki chaat right? Recipe Link
  8. Eggless Banana Chocolate Muffin- this is one of my DD‘s favorite muffins and is eggless too.Recipe Link
  9. Poha ladoo/rice flakes ladoo- When some cravings suddenly creep up, have this healthy crunchy poha ladoo.Recipe Link
  10. Oven baked tilapia in coconut milk and tomato sauce- a very quick fish curry with coconut milk and tomato sauce.Recipe Link
  11. Mango flavored sponge cake- a simple vanilla sponge cake is made more flavorful by adding mango puree to it.Recipe Link
  12. Cream of chicken and mushroom soup- a classic soup made in comfy of a relaxed home environment, a soup to fill your heart with much warmth in the cold season.Recipe Link
  13. Gajar halwa- I don’t think I need to add any write up to it!! Recipe Link
  14. Pineapple banana coconut coffee cake- one of the best cakes I have ever made in my entire life.So you can guess about that cake.Recipe Link
  15. Sea bass with cauliflower- an experimental take on traditional bhetki phulkopir torkari as the texture of sea bass is quite similar to our very own bhekti fish.Recipe Link
  16. Fish keema curry- Mach’er keema with loads of spices and flavors.Recipe Link
  17. Fish shammi kababs- a classic kabab recipe with fish as the main ingredient.Recipe Link
  18. Banana blueberry walnut loaf- very delicious breakfast bread.Recipe Link
  19. Keema kofta curry- Chicken mince balls in spicy and tangy sauce.Recipe Link
  20. Spicy sea bass and lentil curry- Masoor dal fritters and sea bass fish curry with tomato, a perfect way to brighten your lunch table with warm cooked rice.Recipe Link
  21. Choto aloor dom- Baby potatoes in spicy tomato gravy.Recipe Link
  22. Wheat bulgur pilaf with chick peas- inspired by Turkish cuisine.Recipe Link
  23. Bori sojne data diye pona mach’er jhaal- Fish curry with wadis and drumsticks.Recipe Link
  24. Lobia curry- black eye bean in spicy gravy.Recipe Link
  25. Koi mach’er jhaal- To me Koi fish is quite exotic as we don’t get fresh supply of this fish back home, but we do get it easily here.Recipe Link
  26. Paka amer ambol- ripened mango sweet sour chutney.Click here
  27. Mach’er dim ‘er jhal- fish roe curry a very flavorful recipe.Click Here
  28. Tartar sauce- made with Indian touch, can be a great dip with shammi kababs .Click here
  29. Curried mushroom tortilla wrap- When in no mood to cook, these wraps saves my day. .Click here 
  30. Carrot soup- a healthy soup to brighten our day.Recipe Link
  31. Fried rice with yellow peas and carrots- left –over rice is used in a very innovative way of frying and spicing it up with yellow peas and carrots.Click here
  32. Tomato chicken- a very tangy and flavorful chicken curry in spicy tomato gravy.Click Here
  33. Wheat flour ladoo- Atta ladoo a healthy alternative to besan ladoos in case you wish to try it out.Click here
  34. Apple pear oats smoothie- a request and a cute one from my DD and the result was this smoothie.Click Here
  35. Sea bream fish curry- never made anything with sea bream before i tried making thisSo, was not sure how it will end up but to my surprise this was something a really great discovery for us, the fish and the curry which it goes with it.Now a frequent in our menu plans.Click here. also completed five years in food blogging.
  36. Dal chicken pilaf- This recipe is inspired by kedgeree where fish is used with lentils and rice. Instead of fish I have used left over pieces of roasted chicken and dal.Click here
  37. Egg curry made easy- dim’er jhal a classic Bengali recipe with absolutely no fry method.Click here
  38. Sweet corn stuffed paratha- paratha with spicy sweet corn, an easy paratha for dinner or breakfast whatever way you prefer.Click here
  39. Sweet corn kasta kachuri- traditional Upean nashta/breakfast recipe with sweet corn.Click here
  40. Pan fried spiced haddock sandwich- a very filling lunch with haddock fish and Italian herbed cheese bread. A flavorful sandwich when you run out of options and are looking for some experimental recipe Click here.
  41. Pearl barley soup- a very healthy and easy breezy soup for a very cold evening.Click here
  42. Kolkata biryani and kosha murgi- my take on this very famous meal combo.Click here
  43. Salmon fish curry- salmon fish curry with potato and red bell pepper.Click here
  44. Chocolate chip muffin- an easy muffin recipe for any festive season.Click here
  45. Christmas fruit cake- a non-alcoholic and kid friendly recipe for the traditional Christmas fruit cake recipe.Click here
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