Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Holi

It does feel somewhat out of the routine, when it has been almost one month and I haven’t updated here.
But then there were many times I tried to write a post but somehow ended in a block, author’s dilemma had struck me hard. Well I thought perhaps it will take its own course, so I left writing it down. Anyhow it seemed I have finally made it and here I am with this post. With Holi today, if I don’t end up capitalize this opportunity, then something is wrong with me. Hold on, no assumptions, we all were down with cough and cold for a while, and it’s although a mere cough and cold , but it still knocks you down internally, leaves you feeling miserable and then the chain reactions of falling sick,starts in a family. And then top it up every work needs your support and has to be done by you. Anyhow all’s well if ends up well and soon.

Officially it’s spring time here in UK, but we are far away from seeing some real spring time. Last weekend it was very cold as compared to other years in winter, perhaps one of the coldest days in this winter and this weekend again, cold weather will cast shadow all over the holidays’ plans.
But Holi – a festival of colours, is synonymous with spring time, with flowers blooming, trees loaded with spectacular bounties, sun shinning and lots of colors in air. The whole atmosphere jazz up for you, isn’t? With this positivism, one always tends to soak up the spirit these festivals bring with it. And festivals in an Indian home mean lots of home-made sweets and savory things. As you all know, being raised in a joint family, this festival time one tends to feel home-sick. Anyhow tried to make some of the things for the family although in very less quantity, just enough for couple of us.
Thandai, namkin/nimki, besan ladoo, kaju fry, makhana fry and our evening snack was ready. If you would have come to my home, perhaps you should be getting these and also a special dahi vada chaat.

(Recipe is adapted from here) without "bhang"
Soak dry fruits like –1 cup almonds, ¼ cup cashews and ¼ cup of pistachios overnight in ample amount of water.Next morning peel the skin of almonds and pistachios.Soak 4 tbs of poppy seeds for 3-4 hrs.
Make sugar syrup with 1 cup of sugar and ½ cup of water, add according to your taste preferences.Even if you find the sugar syrup less sweet, you can adjust later on while adding milk.Take it off and let it cool.
And make a smooth paste in mixer-grinder with other spice- 3-4 green cardamoms, 10-15 whole black pepper, and generous pinch of saffron –about 2-3 times. And make a smooth paste-"ghol" in Hindi, while adding up the sugar syrup from time to time. When all is done store this mixture paste in fridge. Make thandai with this paste and cold milk,water and ice cubes, in appropriate proportions and adjust sweetness if required according to your taste buds.
Dahi Vada Namkin Chaat
Ok for this, please don’t ask me the tsp and tbs of each and every ingredients as I have done it andaz se to be precise. So, mix and match the ingredients and enjoy the dahi vada namkin chaat.There are many good recipes for dahi vada in net, and I don’t think to write it down again. Better if you add mong sprouts or plain soaked green mong or kala chana to this chaat assemble. Sprinkle generous amount of imli ki khatti chutney, and mirchi ki thikhi chutney- I mean sweet and spicy tamarind chutney and sweet chili honey chutney. These two sauces are available now in many superstores. Add in freshly churned  cumin powder and red pepper powder for extra spice. Crush some fried namkins over each dahi-vada, and then top it up with aloo-sev or aloo bhujia and some fresh coriander leaves.Enjoy.

for Besan ladoos- Recipe is here
For namkin/namak para/nimki- Recipe is here
and this was our last years post on Holi - Holi with Gulab jamun

So here’s wishing you all a very happy Holi.May festivals of colors bring loads of colors to your life and spread happiness all around you.

Happy Holi