Thursday, October 28, 2010

Event Announcement - Of Chalks and Chopsticks-6th Edition

When Aqua asked me to host Chalks and Chopsticks -6, I was delighted as this food -event is very close to my heart.Thanks Aqua, it's really a privilege for me to host this lovely food-event at Spice and Curry.
So, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am pleased to announce that Chalks and Chopsticks -6th edition will be hosted here on Spice and Curry for the month of November.
Now regulars know it very well about the rules and regulations, but let me again write it down for those who have just joined us or wish to join in.

So, let me re-iterate Aqua’s rule here

1. Write up a story/fiction based on food. Story can be based on real incident or completely fabricated /imaginary/fiction. Food Story can be based on any genre- humour, romance, mystery or thriller or even paranormal facts.

2. The story you write should be original  and related to the food you will be cooking for that post.

3. There is no word limit for the story, but it should be finished in one post.

4. Archived post are welcome, provided you link back the Aqua's Announcement post --http://servedwithlove.blogspot.com/2010/04/of-chalks-and-chopsticks.html  and This announcement post -http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2010/10/event-announcement-of-chalks-and.html and re-publish it . 
But I would love to see you write fresh post for this event.

5. Post written for this event can be shared with any other food-event.

6. Link back this announcement-(http://spiceandcurry.blogspot.com/2010/10/event-announcement-of-chalks-and.html and also to the Announcement post by Aqua.

Now the ball is in your court, write your fabulous story and cook delicious food, post it and send me your entry by November 30, 2010.       Amend it to new deadline that is 20th of Dec 2010.

To send in your entry

You can leave a comment on this post with the URL of the related post from your blog/website, and specifying the recipe name.

Or you may use the contact me form with the subject line -Chalks and Chopsticks-6th Edition .If I fail to respond to your submission within 3-4 working days, do remind me again. Hopefully you don’t have to.

Alright then, looking forward to your lovely entries and making it a grand success.And come-on it's festive season isn't, cook delicious food and participate in.You can send me more than one entry, if you wish to.

Meanwhile if you need some ideas, then here is the list-

  1.Chalks and Chopsticks-5 th Edition  hosted at Seduce your taste-buds (PJ)
2.Chalks and Chopsticks-Edition-4th hosted at Desi Soccer mom (Jaya Wagle)
3. Chalks and chopsticks-Edition-3rd hosted at When my Soup Came Alive. (Sra)
4.Chalks and Chopsticks-2nd edition hosted at BongMom's Cookbook.(Sandeepa)
5.Chalks and Chopsticks-1st edition  hosted at Served With Love.(Aqua) .

So, what are you waiting for,  join in and enjoy this festive season with Chalks and Chopsticks-6th edition.

Deadline is being extended to 20th of Dec 2010.And if you wish you may add this logo also.


  1. Ok! I haven't been blogging but I hope to participate! Been so busy that I feel rather burnt out.

  2. So thoughtful of you to link up the previous round ups Jaya! Thanks for hosting :)

  3. Priya,

    I would love your story to include in this edition.Take your time.

    my pleasure..
    hugs and smiles

  4. Hey Jaya.. just posted my entry:


    Hope it looks ok. Thanks for hosting this event! Cheers!

  5. hii,
    heres my second entry
    cheers and merry christmasc

  6. wow what an interesting event to explore our foodie imaginations! lovely!


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