Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Aila Strikes Kolkata

Yesterday was horrible for us.Horible in the sense that we were hit by cyclone Aila(it happened after 28 years in kolkata)
The wind speed was heading at 90 to 120 kmper hrs.We couldn’t even open our windowpane due this tremendous speed.But all said and done, there are many cases of tragic death and loss of property due this cyclone.We were confided in our homes, offices, schools were shut down.
On a lighter note, it is probably the monsoon this time that has pre arrived relieveing all of us of this extreme heat here.
Below are some of the pictures I tried to capture, wind was very fast and furious so, it was even difficult for us to go out and see the situation in real.

This tree came crushing down over children’s swing in our complex, luckily there was nobody present there at that time, otherwise God knows what would have happened.

Its sunny and clear today and everything is calmed down ,but Aila has leaved it’s presence felt for many hours yesterday.

Life has slowly started to move again here..........


  1. I was about to ask if all is well & saw this post. Saw the footages on the news on the tv. On a lighter note ... have lots of tele bhaja and muri and enjoy! :-)
    I so, so miss the thunderstorms and massive rains back home. :-(

  2. Hi Jaya,
    Oh god! those are scary images :( thankfully all are safe and sound. It's a relief to know that things are getting back to normal.
    Take care.

  3. Glad you are ok. that tree that's uprooted looks really big. Glad no one was around then! Take care, Jaya and be safe!

  4. You know Jaya, its bad for whoever was out at the time and suffered any loss or injuries but otherwise this stormy weather (dont we call it kaal boishakhi jhod?) is so romantic...!! :)
    I love the black clouds hovering over and the wind and the smell...(I keep praying for everyone's safety though)but I just love this pre-monsoon weather!! You are lucky..sorry for being so silly!! :)

  5. Sharmila,
    yeah what else can we do ,siting in home LOL...it is al right and normal now...

    It was indeed scary,wind was blowing high and making intense noise and sound ..kind of a scary movie you know..everything is normal now and we are safe..but there are many poor people whose homes were destroyed due this thunderstorm :(..

    yeah it is indeed large, luckily there was no one there ...it still is there ..my daughter went to Play there ..came back with her detailed stories about that tree lol..yeah i am touched by your concern..

    No ,absolutely true there ..there are many who lost their home ..and were devasted...anyhow now everything is normal at least from where i am ,i can see that ..may be in the interiors of the village ..this has struck heavily..
    yes,it is "kaal baishaki" and you know my neighborhood ladies blew conch shell(sankh) ..bole j eyite jodh-jhapta ke shanto kora hoye!..
    romatic hmm..isn't rain in fact monsson is associated with love and romance ..hain..it reminds me of Kalidas and his messanger clouds ..oops i am also sounding silly now!! Thanks for coming here..

    thanks all for your kind concern :))...and we are safe now
    Hugs and smiles

  6. joyeeta,
    it is in fact late "kal-baishaki" ..this time we waited for kaal baishaki in april but it took a massive thunderstorm of category 2 to stirke in end of may ..baishak maas to shesh hoye geche mone hoye ekhon jyoshtho chalche...

  7. hmmm you are right Jaya, it must be late kaal boishakhi :)
    thank goodness everything is back to normal now. isn't it amazing how nature shows its moods and feelings thru extremeties in weather??

  8. What a disaster involving loss of lives! I can very well imagine how you all felt that moment. Glad that you are okay.

  9. Joyeeta,
    yeah thats why I felt that we shud respect nature and stop abusing it..otherwise it takes just a psunami or this type of cyclones to end lives so easily..

    yeah now it is alright now and slowly life is coming to normal..but there are many places where electricity and water supply is hindered due this..
    thanks for your concern dear..

    hugs and smiles

  10. Cyclone Aila has caused devastation and massive human suffering in West Bengal. As always, GiveIndia and its partner NGOs are ready to help those in need. Visit


    to make an easy online donation that is tax deductible if you are a tax payer in India, the US and the UK.

  11. take care jaya.......this is natures own way of telling it's strength............hope it doesn't happen again n everybody starts respecting nature.

  12. Oh my God Jaya! I had no idea..are you ok..?the people around you?Was anyone hurt?It is terrifying to be under such power..I can only imagine..

  13. Sangeeta,
    I am touched ..thanks for coming here..

    everything is fine now...power supply has restored ...but the worst place that get affetcted is "Sunderban" many tigers have washed away and killed..people are really devasted there ....
    we are safe and fine now...thanks for coming ..
    hugs and smiles


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