Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Chingri Macher Jhaal

Chingri Macher jhaal(Spicy Shrimp)

Spicy Shrimp (chingrir jaal)
Recipe requirements
Jumbo shrimp -5-6
Turmeric powder -2-3 tsp
Red pepper powder 1-2 tsp
Coriander powder ½ tbs
Salt as per taste
Water 1 -1/2 cup of water
Mustard oil 2tbs

Clean the fish ,with the tail intact and head removed ,Marinate the shrimp with holod (turmeric powder),noon(salt) for 1 hrs.
Heat a Kadai ,Add sarsher tel (Mustard oil),now fry Chingri (shrimp)for 3 mints at med –low,flip the side ,fry it another 3-4 mints ,chingri mach(Shrimp/Prawn) would turn pink in colour .
Take out and drain .In that oil itself add water ,Holod,red pepper powder,noon,dhone gorun(Coriander powder) and shrimp ,just make sure the flame is low .
Cook the above at low covered for 5-7 mints till all the water is soaked .

Well this is simple and easy to make , nothing so delicate or complicated but taste like royal , sometimes less is more or delicious.
Serve with groom bhaat.
Happy Cooking


  1. Hi Jaya, probably this is my first time here...I love that plate of food...btw, we too were in Kolkatta once...both my children were born there :-)

  2. Great to see you posting again! And that too with a simple yet delicious chingri jhaal! Yum!

  3. Darun lobh lagche...kemon acho ?

  4. looks gr8!!.....thanx 4 sharing....

  5. thanks for coming by Sunita,welcome here.
    asha,sandeepa,manisha,swaroopa,you girls made my day ..
    hugs and smiles'jaya

  6. kemon acho Jaya... it's so good to see you back and that plate of garam bhat aar chingrir jhal looks great... amar chayee...:)

  7. mandira kolkatar chingrir taste hi alada, jhano to ..eshe eyikhane khe aar ghore jao .
    hugs and smiles

  8. Wow i am drooling. Delicious prawn dish yummy

  9. I just read your old post from May 15th.
    Mu husband do concerts with the music from Tagore.
    Few of them are Gharam Chara, ore bhai, timi ki.....

  10. hey Jaya!, gr8 i live 10 min away from lancaster in a place called Lititz,hope to meet u, if evr u come back to the same place....

  11. jaya i love your kolkata pics very nice and shrimp looks mouthwatering

  12. those prawns loook delectable!

  13. swaroopa,we have moved back to india, anyways we will stay in touch thro blogs.
    Rachel its apleasure you came here.
    sagrika, kolkata is one such city you start falling love with each passing day ..
    happy Cook , i like Rabindra sangeet too ,but when you go dep into it ,you realize that it is saga that never ends,i like Puranoo sheyi diner katha ,aami chini go o bideshni and pagalaa havah..
    it rocks your hubby do concerts ,great
    hugs and smiles

  14. eto saab bhalo bhalo maach deke aar segulo na peye ami ebar bodhoy morey jabo--o bhagoban ki je kori !!!

  15. Thanks for this simple recipe.Its so easy that i being a bachelor could make it :)

  16. Hi ,
    This is exactly why I posted this recipe....
    Thanks for trying out...

  17. Thanks for posting this recipe. I live abroad away from home. Had this immense craving for maa's chingri machher jhol. Tried yr recipe and it turned out to be real good! I added some potatoes just like maa did and it only turned out to be better!

    Thanks n Cheers

  18. Jin,
    splendid ...good to know you tried it and it came out well ...nice that you have added some potatoes it does give a nice texture to the usual chingri macher jhaal ...
    just my suggestion ...
    you may add some green peas/pieces of carrots for a more colourful appearance and serve with some fresh chopped coriander .have it with warm rice ...thanks for stoping by


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