Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beet Shaker Chorchori

Memories of wonderful growing up days ,keep coming back to me.One thing which I can recall is , How I would occasionally peek into my Ma’s Kicthen to see her all charged up and cooking …..what she would be cooking for lunch/dinner ,her menu planing ,and all the green vegetables that she had so passionatley grown in her small kitchen garden.
Her kitchen would smell of fresh vegetables,herbs and tempering with panch phoron and sometimes a sound like’Chank-Chonk”,Although I was never a fussy eater but somehow I always skipped eating ,when it comes to any chorchori Recipes.

One thing which I can perfectly recall is that ,her carefully picking up tender leaves of beet, cauliflower,radish and many more such high fibre vegetables.
I would enthusiastically ask her what she would do with it , she would say “eyita Chorchori Te debo”( will going to add up in chorchori)

That conversation would end up there,as I didn’t have that much of patience to ask her , how to when to or why to?..there were many more other things to do then for me except for cooking or taking interest in it (read watching TV , or gossipying over the phone etc which I find so weird sometimes now).
Anyways That was yesterday , today I crave for her flavourful and delectable chorchori recipes which she used to cook with almost any vegetables or with their tender twigs.
These tender leaves can very well be incorporated in any Labra,Chorchori or Chenchra recipes..Please don’t ask me the difference as I am also trying to figure it out myself..

Now to the recipe for beet shaker Chorchori

Beet Shaker Chorchori
Serves for 4 people
Beet with tender twigs/stalks and leaves -2
Potato- 1
Kanch kola/green banana-1
Half of begun/brinjal
Jhinge/Ridge gourd -2
Seasoning and flavouring
2 tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder/or 3-4 green chillies
2 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of cumin powder
2-3 tbs of mustard oil
1 tsp of salt
½ tsp of sugar
1-2 tsp of panch phoron(fennel,cumin,mustard,fenugreek,onion seeds(kalo jeere)

Cut and chop all the vegetables and beet leaves n tender twigs/stalks,in equal size preferably in long pieces.
Clean them in water .
Heat up a kadhai/saucepan,add mustard oil, temper it with panch phoron.
Now add in all the chopped vegetables except brinjal,fry at med-high for few mints.
Add salt, and all the dry masala powder-red pepper,turmeric,coriander,cumin powder,add in sugar also.
Sprinkle little bit of water and stir/fry the vegetables well till the masala powder is evenly coated over the vegetables.At this time add in brinjal pieces ,stir them well with the rest of vegetables.
Cover and cook at low for 7-8 mints or till the vegetables are evenly cooked.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. That's an unusual colour for a dish and an interesting combination of vegetables. When you say beet twigs, do you mean the green stalks coming out of the beetroot which have leaves on the other end?

  2. sra,
    yeah thats' it ,the heart shaped tender leaves that grows out of the green stem..beet ,well is a root vegetable and twigs are supposed to grow over the trees/sherbs for that matter(which I forgot to mention) :))...hope it helped...
    hugs and smiles

  3. Love the look of this dish, J! The combi of veggies sound great!

  4. I have never had something like this, looks beautiful and delicous.

  5. Curry sounds fantastic, drooling..

  6. Chotobelaye shaak khele chul barbe 'guchi guchi' shune shaak kheyechi. Tobe ekhon shaak ar daata shotti khete icche kore. Ki bhalo dekhacche tomar plate ta Jaya! :-)

  7. Wow...that's an whole lot of goodness...looks yum...

  8. Beet r kacha kala, eta kakhano tatse korini, tabe ebar test korbo :).
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  9. This sounds very interestingly delicious,though Im not sure to be able to find all those interesting veggies.. :) Mia

  10. aarey aaj ii aami bhabchhilaam bolbo je blogroll update korte tomar, tumi aagei korechho..good.

    aami shotti bolte shak chorchori kono din bhalobashini, kintu ekhon ke jaane keno shob rokom shak/chorchori khete khoob ichhe kore. tumi khoob lobh dichho Jaya!! :)

  11. Never seen beets prepared like this, lovely color! What an interesting name too :)

  12. vani,
    combi is good and it's healthy also:)..

    yeah ,it is pretty unusual but this tastes great ..

    thanks dear for coming!!

    choto belaye onek rokom kore amader ke maa eyi bhabhe hi shaak chorchori khabato..tobe ekhon bapaar alada :)...

    good to see you here and thanks..

    hugs and smiles

  13. Lubna,
    yeah this is very healthy ..thanks for coming here..

    :) ..nischoyi taste err test koro barite ..janio kemon hoyeche:)..

    i am sure there must be some Indian grocery or Asian grocery near your area ...may be you wll find it there ...and this combi of veggies are very healthy :)..

    blogroll update korlaam , amaar onek kaaj pending ache blog E , recipe index update kora aro ekta kaaj ..samaye hoye na aar:)..

    lobh dilaam nago ...ami bhabhchilaam choto belaye ma koto rokom kore shaak chorchori banato ..ami bodhaye taar 20 percent o banai na ...

    so good to se you here,and yeah this is very unusual combi but this taste great specially with the red colour due to beet,great with warm cooked rice ..

    Hugs and smiles

  14. i know Jaya, maayeder kotha mone korle theek taai mone hoy, it seems like in today's modern world, we accomplish more than our moms did, but the satisfaction, patience, smile and love with which they accomplished every task is nowhere present in our lives. We do everything in a haste, with an urgency to get to the next task and just get done with it. In trying to simplify lives, we have actually complicated it much more. Shaak baanate gele onek time laage (shaak bachha, dhoaa etc) aar bodhhoy taai hoye othe naa aamader..at least that is the problem with me.
    Sorry onek lomba comment likhlaam...:-)

  15. That looks very delicious & colourful...and thanks for sharing it..will try it soon

  16. Awakening,
    theek bolecho,very true .... amader at least amaar 30 perecnt o patience neyi kaaj korbaa taratari thakhe..tobe aajke ami palong shaker ghonto baneyechilaam,chobi naye ni , shob samay bhalo lage na chobi niye tole blog e post korte(eyikhane palong shak hi bhalo paba jaye),meyer bhalo leghche ..eyibaar mone hoye twice a week banate hobe :).....

    do try it and let me know how it turn out :)
    hugs and smiles

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  18. drun hoyeche charchari dekhte... amar chai :)

  19. First time to ur blog.. The name of all the dishes is so different and offcourse the dishes too.. Looks gorgeous and very different combo of vegetables.. absolutely mouthwatering,..

  20. You have a nice way of combining other spices with panch phoron, am on to it already. thanks for the authentic bangla touch!

  21. Mandira
    thanks for coming ..

    thanks for coming here..

    Thanks for liking it, did you tried it?.
    hugs and smiles

  22. Yes! Finally someone writes about b.


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