Tuesday, March 18, 2008


coleslaw is a popular side dish or salad in southern US cuisine ,its usually a combination of grated or shredded raw cabbage and carrots ,and sometimes shredded apples or other fruits is added ,although there are many ways a coleslaw is prepared ,but we liked the restaurant style that is being served in many dinners in US .

Here is simple recipe for restaurant style coleslaw .I have omitted the use of mayonnaise as these are not so much easily available here .However addition of mayo enhances the flavor of this southern side dish .
Recipe Requirements
½ cup of grated carrots
½ cup grated cabbage
¾ cup of fresh curd or better if you use Yogurt
½ cup of milk
salt as per taste
1 tsp of sugar
½ tsp of powdered yellow mustard

Mix all in proportions and chill in the refrigerator .
TIP-Cool for 1hrs and serve with fish meals…..

Happy cooking friends .....


  1. I love KFC Coleslaw! Looks great Jaya, I add Mayo and relish as well.I posted Coleslaw at FH few month's ago. Fruits in there sounds great too. Enjoy, I will see again in May!:)

  2. wow!simple and delicious recipe jaya:)thanks for sharing

  3. give me anything with yogurt minus sugar I will like it :).
    that is such a lovley looking coleslaw. I will try it without sugar soon :)

  4. Sagari

    Pooja ,
    oh ya u can try without sugar ,I do hope it will turn out good either way..

    simple but it taste great ,and chilled coleslaw in this summer time is great ..How is the weather there dear ..

    U take care and enjoy the break from blogging ,I am also planning to take a break soon ...will let all of u know ..
    never tasted KFC coleslaw ,I missed that I guess ...But we used to like our local Dinner that served coleslaw with the meals in US ..

    hugs and smiles

  5. I like using yogurt in coleslaw too - it is much healthier!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll! :)

  6. the coleslaw looks so good. lovely color.

  7. Hu,
    adding yogurt is more healthier than Mayo ...
    Its my pleasure to be on Foodies Blogroll ..

    even I also liked the colour of coleslaw ,its may be due to shreded carrots I guess..
    hug and smiles


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