Monday, April 28, 2008

Rasmalai in summer

Scorching Sun , hot humid , summer has come so has the heat wave , while most of the Indian cities are feeling the heat with mercury rising to 41 deg Celsius in Delhi Need I say more as Indian Summer is famous for its hotness , people throng to the cooler regions the hills to spend the hot summer .
while we are here in kolkata , so we occasionally go to the banks of Hooghly river at Outram Ghat ( named after English General Sir James Outram ), and chillax with jhaal muri and watch the sun set .With the small boats , fisherman catching the days fresh fish , and the water ferries transporting people back to home with an occasional horns sending hints that their family heads are coming home with handful of fresh summer mangoes or Rasgullas . On one side is huge Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu and on the other is Hooghly Bridge or Vidya Sagar Setu and in between is Hooghly River or the (part of Ganges known here as Hooghly river ), a true depiction of Mankinds win over nature . Hours are past before we realize that the birds are flying back to home and so is ours time to go back to home and relax with home cooked meals.

People are so fond of eating sweets and Rasmalai is one such popular dish , Rasgullas are soaked in thick milk ( called the cream or malai )and served with lots of dried fruits .Ras means syrup and Malai means cream .Well there is one which is made specially in sweet shops and there are ones made in homes , I must admit at this point , both have different taste and flavor , but it is the home made which gives you immense satisfaction that at least the effort was worth it........

Serves 4 people

Rasgulla -4 cut into half
4 cups of milk
¾ cup of cold milk
3-4 heaped tbs of sugar or as required .
3-4 heaped tsp of custard powder
½ cup of mixed dry fruits
Bring the milk to boil , and then lower the flame .Let it simmer for 7-8 mints.
Meanwhile add custard powder to cold milk and stir well .
Add sugar and stir well till sugar dissolves completely .Add dry fruits also .
Drop the custard and cold milk mixture in simmering milk. TIP – Always use cold milk to dissolve custard powder , and also
Stop the flame while adding custard and milk mixture this way the lumps don’t get formed and stir well .
Again start the flame and cook 3- 4 mints .Stop cooking the milk and take out in a separate bowl .Add half cut rounds of Rasgullas , store in refrigerator till custard is set.
Serve as desert or eat as evening snack.

Here is the link to a new food event Fun and Sun being hosted by EasyCraft , visit here Fun and Sun Event .

Happy Cooking


  1. Rasmalai is my fave too, great chilled fpr Summer. Looks delicious Jaya, good one!:))

  2. Ya, Asha Rasmalai is always a delight to eat ..how is the weather there ...

  3. Hi Jaya

    I didnt get ur earlier mail dear...am adding it up to the roundup rightaway


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