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Hassle Free Chicken Curry

Hassle Free Chicken Curry (Murgir Jhaal)

Cooking methodically and step wise needs whole of efforts and time , however when life seems to be a roller coaster ride with toddlers , there are bound to happen some new and hassle free methods .
This Chicken curry is the result of that , whenever I am in hurry , I fix this chicken curry with warm cooked rice , No stirring and no frying and standing in kitchen when the humidity is roaring high , all you need is onion/ginger/garlic paste , little bit of yogurt , coconut paste and let it marinate for at least 3-4 hrs .
Shift the entire marinated stuff to the Kadai /heavy bottom saucepan and cover and then forget about it , do spend time with your little ones or go for a walk, whatever you feel do, and after half an hour come back to the kitchen, check the curry , if the chicken pieces needs a liitle more cooking do so for another half an hour ,then take out in a separate bowl or bring the pot straight to the dinning table .
Without adding much, I will write the recipe now .......

Hassle Free Morgir Jhaal

Chicken cooked with yogurt and coconut paste
Chicken ½ kg
4 onions
8 cloves garlic
1 inch ginger piece
Make a smooth paste of garlic and ginger in a mixer
Coconut ¼ cups
Make a smooth paste of coconut and 2 onions.
Make paste of rest of 2 onions.
Yogurt 4 heaped tbs
1 tsp Turmeric powder
2 ½ tsp of Red pepper powder
4 heaped tbs of mustard oil
Clean the chicken pieces in little warm water, and now marinate with all the above, Salt , red pepper powder, turmeric powder, yogurt, mustard oil or canola oil whichever is available , ginger-garlic paste, onion paste, onion- coconut paste(If you have store brought frozen paste ,its absolutely fine ,go ahead add them to the marinating chicken ) .This Marination should be kept for 3-4 hrs ,not less than that .
TIP- If you don't get fresh coconut , then you can use coconut milk instead of ,Add at the time of cooking chicken but not in marination.
Add fried medium size potato if you wish to, however its not necessary..
Heat up a kadai/heavy bottom pan and add the chicken mixture to it, lower the flame and cover and cook for 1 hrs .Slow the process of cooking , it will taste more .That’s it friends , enjoy with warm cooked rice .

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. simple and nice..looks great..

  2. Murgir jhol has always been less time taking ... but this is a new way. And coconut in murgir jhol? Must try this. :-)

  3. Shreya,
    thanks for coming
    coconut in fish curry is what probably you have Heard , kinto chicken e dile khete daron hoye , try korbe bhalo lagbe..
    hugs and smiles

  4. Jaya, that looks delicious. Marinating the chicken with coconut would give it a completely new flavor. Have to try it soon :)

  5. Hi Jaya..Thanks for the tag ..will try to do it soon..
    I like your rhyming touch you add to your writings...
    I am a vegetarian but am sure for the others this dish would make lives easier for them in a certain way..

  6. Mandira,
    If you dont get fresh coconut , I am sure frozen or coconut milk will turn fine , aar plus point is ranna ghore dariye , khunti narte hoye ..LOL.Hassle free chicken turn out great every time we prepare it .

    thanks !
    Oh ! Vegetarian meals, I have always felt , are more delicious if prepared with correct amount of spices ..Thanks for coming by ..
    Hugs and smiles

  7. The curry look so good especially dipping it with a thick naan bread :)

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for coming, this will taste great with Naan Bread.
    Hugs and smiles

  9. this is quite an effortless murgir jhol...love the picture of it, too yummmy!!

    I have nver tried coconut..but have marinated the chicken pieces in onions grinded with green bell peppers and ginger/garlic paste!!
    The flavor comes out nice and a little different and since my kids do not eat veggies, its my way of sneaking veggies into their meals!! :)

  10. Joyeeta,
    How Interesting that sounds !Green bell peppers and chicken, but that reminds me of chicken jalfrezi , chicken and bell peppers cooked together .
    I guess a lot of Chinese dishes use this combination, I remembered eating a dish at some one Else's place made with spicy baby corn, green bell pepper and small boneless chicken cubes .
    Thanks for coming here
    hugs and smiles

  11. Something thats easy to make has always attracted me ! - its good for days when you are too tired to put something together !
    So looks like I am going to try this out !
    Best Rgds,
    Sam !

  12. jaya..that chicken looks so lovely..next time on my list ok!..:)

  13. there is a surprise for u in my blog.

  14. Hi,
    good to hear from you and do let me know how this hassle free chicken turn out for you .

    thanks dear for coming by .

    welcome and I am going to your place to know what's the surprise is ?LOL.
    Hugs and smiles

  15. Hi

    I wanted to try making this tonight, I have it marinating right now, my question is about the coconut Milk, do you use 1/4 cup? I've made chicken curry before but a completely different recipe using tomato sauce and corriander powder. Do you add any water when cooking it? Let me know thank you. :)

  16. Hi,
    adding 1/4 cup of coconut milk will be sufficient I guess , please add that at the time of cooking the chicken and not in marination.
    also there is no need to add water , the juices will come out slowly because the chicken is cooked very slowly for 1 hrs , once its half done , say after 1/2 hrs , just check in if the gravy is not stuck at the bottom of the pan , for which you can easily stir it ,the pieces which were up goes down ,which makes it cook evenly .Hope it helps you , meantime if you need to ask me anything regarding this , please feel free to do so ..
    hugs and smiles

  17. Often, hassle free is what we need in our lives.

  18. That chicken curry looks great, Jaya!

  19. Jaya I tried the coconut chicken!And what awesome taste! It turned out so well ... Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe. I'll be posting it soon.

  20. Cynthia thanks for coming here.

    Vani, I often made this when I am in No mood to cook LOL..

    Thanks for trying this recipe..

  21. All your recipies gives me encouragement to try out my new recipies...which i always think of but never try...you are really bringing out the chef in me

  22. I try avoiding coconut in my curry but your recipe looks so yummy that I decided to try it. Can you explain the coconut part please? Do I use the freshly grated coconut, everything and make it into a paste or just the juice? Thank you,,, really appreciate it :)

  23. I try avoiding coconut in my curry but your recipe looks so yummy that I decided to try it. Can you explain the coconut part please? Do I use the freshly grated coconut, everything and make it into a paste or just the juice? Thank you,,, really appreciate it :)

  24. Your recipe looks yummy! I always cook without coconut because I prefer healthy stuff but your curry looks so good I must try it. Can you please tell me if you use freshly grated coconut and you use everything or just the milk? Thanks, appreciate it very much. Happy

  25. Michelle,
    hi and warm welcome
    I usually like to add fresh scrapped coconut because that gives the real flavor for this curry.

    However I know this is not so easily available if you are living in abroad.
    For that matter there are two options-
    1-use canned coconut milk available easily or the coconut paste if that is available in your place of living .But just add it when you start cooking the curry but not in marination.
    2-you may use desiccated coconut also while marinating chicken.
    The main part is the marinating part, pls keep the coated chicken pieces with the marinating for at least 2 hr and then cook it at low slowly. If you have a busy life, then you may use the jarred onion/ginger/garlic paste also..That may work well here.

    To be honest ,I made this curry so that things can be easy specially for bachelors.If you need any more explanations ,dont hesitate to ask.
    hugs and smiles

  26. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Sorry if you hear from me twice bc I am new to this (grin)... Can you share with me the recipe for ginger and garlic paste, I would like to blend it myself.
    Thanks ,,,, hugs :)))

  27. Michelle,
    1 inch of ginger root + 3-4 garlic pods , blend/make a paste it in coffee grinder or the small grinder which ever make you have with little bit of water,just to rotate the blades thats it you are all done ,as easy as that .You can easily store left-over paste in fridge ..stays fresh for 3-4 days.Hope it has helped.
    hugs and smiles

  28. Hi Jaya,
    I noticed that a few of your recipes required 'mustard oil'. Can I buy it from the supermarket, if not, what can I replace it with? I also read in the net that it is not meant for cooking. Thanks

  29. Happy,
    In Indian cooking ,mustard oil is used almost for all the cooking.However ,if you cant find mustard oil ,then you can replace it with olive oil or more healthy option canola oil.I have been using vegetable oil also for all my cooking,living here in abroad.Hope it helps.

  30. my mom used to make the most wonderful chicken curry with fresh grated coconut. It was something we always asked for. I still remember the spicy-sweet taste, one of the best things I ever tasted. I never got to learn it from her. Will definitely try yours.
    Thanks for sharing :) !

  31. Meem,
    Thanks for your kind words here , hope you will like making this curry..hugs

  32. Looks great! Looks better than my curry recipe. I'm going to try yours!!

    Here is mine-


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