Friday, September 12, 2008

Pineapple Chutney and Panch Mishori Dal(Five lentil Dal)

The festive time of the year, with Durga Puja round the corner, Everything is soaked in the spirit of festivity .
The Parar (Street) Thakurer Pandal have been put up, at least the Frame work has been going on full swing. People patiently joining long bamboos, woods and clothes , nailing them and then putting the frame , on which the décor will be made , some good wooden works and many more interesting things .

Pandal is the home (abode) for Goddess Durga for those important four days of shashti right after Bodhon to saptomi, ashtami and navami till VisarJan(immersion of Goddess in Ganges) .

These pandals are pre –planned and well coordinated to give them huge shape or even made into replica of world famous monuments , buildings or even incidents .Each Puja Pandal is based on some theme also and is a pure delight for artists and common people as well .These are such sheer passion and creativity personified .

There is a small village Dinajpur where people are making and carving patterns on the lengths of bamboo and over 1000 such designs are required for a Puja Pandal in Kolkata .
And then Some of them making bird nest like the tailor Birds do, That is going to be used for the décor of a puja pandal .Now that’s the epitome of creativity.
If you pass any street, road, you will come across at least five puja pandal. Under different youth organization often called here as Clubs like chaltabagan jovok sangha or a Balak vrinda sangha .

We see the fully made , lighted puja pandals , but we literally never realize that it required so many hands to join them and put the gorgeous large Puja Pandal come alive.
People are now going for the last minute shopping .Visit New market , College street and there is just mad rush every where .Even Local TV Channels are showing the reverse countdown with each passing days .All geared up and ready to welcome Maa Durga with all the much fanfare and gaiety.
Festivity brings many fond memories also, that include pandal hopping and gorging street foods.While we would be dressed in crisp new clothes and trendy shoes and then the entire schedule would be planned to visit most happening Puja pandals .We would often end up discussing which puja pandal appealed to us most , sometimes even ending up on a sweet little fight .Those were so lovely days , days to enjoy and cherish .

This year also we all are looking forward to the much awaited festival of shakti puja , the victory of goodness over evil , victory of light over darkness .

Jago Jago Jago Maa

Jago Jago Tumi Jago

Jago Durga Jago dasha Praharono Dharini

Abhaya Shakti Bhalo Prayadayani tumi Jago
Jago Tumi Jago .......................

These are Part of lyrics of a devotional Song that is included in MahishashurMardini .

Let’s invoke Goddess Durga to bestow us her blessings and Show the right path that leads us to peace and Tranquility.

Now to the Recipes........

Annaroser Chutney/Pineapple Chutney

Pineapple 10 15 pieces
1 tsp of mustard seeds
1dry red pepper
2bay leaf
¾ cup of sugar ( add as per your taste)
pinch of salt
1 tbs of mustard oil

temper hot mustard oil with mustard seeds , dry red pepper , bay leaf add pineapple pieces , sauté for 1 mints and add salt and sugar , ½ cup of water , cover and cook at low for 10 mints or till the pineapples are cooked .Taste before you serve .

Panch Mishori Dal/Panch ratan Dal ( Five Jewel Dal)

Lentils are good source of protein and provide essential nourishment.
Here is a simple recipe for panch mishori dal (five lentil stew ), that’s often being made in our house , but never occurred to my senses to post about it .Five Jewel lentil stew is a combination of urad , masoor, arhar/toor ,moong and chana dal and which is tempered with cumin seeds ,ginger paste and green chilly .Sometimes chopped onions are also added , but we generally don’t add onions to it .

Panch Mishori Dal/Panch Mel dal /Panch Ratan Dal

¼ cup arhar dal /pigeon peas
¼ cup moong Dal/split greem moong
¼ cup chana dal/split Bengal dal
¼ cup Urad dal
¼ cup masoor dal

Tempering and Flavoring
1tsp of cumin seeds
2 bay leaf
1tsp of turmeric powder
1 ½ tsp of red pepper powder
2-3 green chilly slit in between
2 tsp of ginger paste
1 tomato chopped
½ tsp of aamchur powder (optional)
Clean the lentils and then wash thoroughly in water 2-3 times .
Transfer the entire lentil mixture in Pressure cooker and add 2 -3 cup of water let it cook for 2 mints at high , discard the white froth that gets formed .
Now add little bit of more water , enough to submerge the lentils .
Add turmeric powder and salt, cover the pressure cooker , one whistle at high and lower the flame , let the lentils cook for 7-10 mints at low .
Let the pressure subside and then open the cover, check if water is required, if so add a little warm water . Add the aamchur powder ,if you dont feel like, skip it .

Flavoring and tempering the Ghee
Meanwhile heat up a kadai , add ghee , add cumin seeds , bay leaf , fry for some time .
Add ginger paste, chopped tomato and green chilies , fry them for 2-3 mints .
Transfer the masala /tadka to the cooked gravy and cook at low for 2mints.
Serve with warm cooked rice.
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Am looking forward to Pujo too. :-)But we have one pujo bari per location .. no parar pujo.:-(
    Anaroser chatni is a fav .. I dry roast some paanch phoron and grind it and sprinkle it on the chatni when done ... awesome flavour.:-)
    I make paanch misori dal a little differently to be eaten with Baati.Good to see you back with recipes.:-)

  2. Otii uttom...this post invokes so many emotions Jaya. So nice of you to post the pictures, it reminded of my own Durga Pujo days in Delhi. We too had parar pujo, they are no match as compared to Kolkata'r pujo celebrations but since I have only been in Delhi, I loved every bit of the aayojon/preparations, aamar baba jatra korten...and I did dance programs every year, so the rehearsals were such an integral part of Pujo for me. Life seems absolutely empty without art, culture and tradition. Thanks for this lovely post.
    The aanarosh chaatni looks so yummy. Sharmila is right about the great flavor of roasted paanch phoron. Paanch mishali daal kokhono baanayi nii aami, wiil give a try. Sorry for the long comment :)

  3. Both chutney and dal look delicious Jaya!

  4. Sharmila,
    parar Pujor alada moja ,Ki Naa!
    Yes I know Panch Phoron can add a different taste , but its just easy simple and quick chutney LOL...

    Thanks and same to you dear ...

    Feel at home..
    Koto Bhalo Laglo shune tumaar Baba Jatra Korten , aamar Kaka O theatre Korten pujor 4 ta din e, Koto anando kore chi ..ekhon onek change hoye gheche , Modern songs and DJ and dandiya LOL..
    Quite true life is empty without Creative art and culture ..

    Thanks and do try these recipes , you will like it ..
    hugs and smiles

  5. I've heard so much about these grand pandals. Hope you are able to post some pics of a completed pandal.

  6. Jayashree
    ya so true , so much to explore in terms of these puja pandals, here is my last years post link where I have captured some great pandals


    hope to catch some of them this year too ..thanks for coming here
    hugs and smiles

  7. What I love best is the haldi kumkum sessions at various houses!! It is a time to visit people, chant, meet up and enjoy! The pandal near my house also gets done elaborately - rather too much!! I do not like the politics that has got mingled with the puja - pollutes the air!

  8. Wonderful chutney and dal...really enjoying the approaching festive time:) Best wishes to you for the coming pujas...enjoy!

  9. Harini,
    I guess people politicize every single thing that involves our sentiments ....I just love to watch the pandal near our home taking up shape and becoming Live ..Thanks for coming here and enjoy this festive season and best wishes .

    hope you also have a nice time during puja , best wishes
    hugs and smiles

  10. thatz one healthy recipe .. must be very tasty N rich in proteins

  11. Pineapple chutney looks gr8 and five dal recipe is something new and soon i will try my hands on it.
    First time here u have yummy recipes in your blog. Will visit again.

  12. time for dussera... oh how i miss india :(

  13. You have such a lovely write up today... it must be so nice to see all this happening... I so miss it.
    Have a wonderful Durga puja.

  14. Hi,
    Vegetable Platter
    welcome and thanks for coming here.this dal is very healthy and nutritious .

    kitchen flavors
    welcome here and enjoy your stay here , do try the dal and let me know how it turns out ..

    thanks for coming here , and yes its time for some festivals again .

    Thank You , and it gives me great satisfaction also to see all things which are part of festivals , I just used to miss all of these when We were in US .

    hugs and smiles

  15. the chutney and the dal look so delicious Jaya! Lovely write up. Enjoy your puja dear! Best wishes.

  16. Hi Jaya

    I miss my days in Calcutta..Puja was a great time..new dresses ..pandals.. lot of hustle bustle in the market..
    Love the chutney!!

  17. Both the chutney & the dal look great, Jaya! Am in the mood to cook Bengali today. Will be scouring through your site for recipes :)

  18. Uma,
    Thanks You!

    Good to see you back and thanks for coming by.

    enjoy your day with cooking Bengali dishes and do let me know how it turn out .......

    hugs and smiles

  19. jaya..nice pictures..and those dishes brings back calcutta memories..:)

  20. This was such an enjoyable read.

  21. You have been awarded dear...check my blog pls!! :)

  22. Sri,
    thanks for coming here

    thanks dear , even I really enjoyed writing it all about , close to me heart ..

    will check out your site soon ..

    Hugs and smiles

  23. I have heard so much about Durga Puja from my better half who grew up in WB. He always tells me we shall visit Cal during Durga Puja, but I haven't yet. Love the pineapple chutney recipe, and the Panch Ratan Dal. Hope to see more Puja sweet dishes here..

  24. nice recipe nd nice blog,..first time here

  25. I'm trying this for lunch today. I think I'll try to shoot it, but I don't think it will be as pretty as your picture!


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