Friday, October 3, 2008

Happy Durga Puja

This is the best time of the year, Festivals, socializing and holidays.
Durga Puja , Bengalis one and only festival is just gearing up .
The last minute finishing touch has been given to the Idol and the pandal (worshipping venue) are all well decorated.
Today is Panchmi and people have gone to get the idols from Kumar Tuli , many who are more eager have already got it on Tritiya , well they are playing safe here , avoiding the last minute rush .
Carrying their Idols in trucks and small metadoors , blowing conchshells ,chanting, shouting “Durga Mai Ki Jai “and blowing whistle ,clapping and singing the songs that life has suddenly bestowed on them. These 5 days, they will be relieved with the burden of their livelihood and problems that they face in everyday life.
Their faces ,all lit up bright , and as we waved to them , they also responded with more chanting and shouting “Durga mai Ki jai “we also joined them in chanting !
Such is the magic of Maa Durga .

They are bringing maa Durga and her children(Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswati , God Ganesha and God Karthikeyan) to home and in their parar pujo pandal.
These 5 days,worshipping the idol, going out late till night for pandal hopping, getting together , catching on some forgotten things ,little joys of life or even some friends and relatives is the only criteria .

With these festive mood, I will be taking a short break from blogging , Hope you all my well wishers , readers and friends ,have a good time during festival.
Cook some delicious food and enjoy the festival.

Sharodiya Shubecha
Puja Greetings
Happy Durga Puja and Dushehera


  1. Happy Durga Puja to you too Jaya!
    Have a good break!

  2. Festival Greetings, Jaya :) Have fun....:)

  3. Puja greetings, Jaya! Enjoy the festivities!

    On another note, I shudder to imagine the crowds at the Kalighat temple.

  4. Sharodiya shubhecha and happy durga pujo to you and your family!

  5. hope you have a blast Jaya at your padar pujo...Maa Durga'r chhobiti khoob shundor hoyechhe. Post some more pictures when you are back...:)

  6. Vijaya,
    Thanks and yeah I need this break for a change .

    Thanks and same to you ..

    Thanks , you also have a good time during Puja.

    yesterday night we went to Pandal Hopping and OMG it was mad rush ..yeah kalighaat would be one such place specially during Ashtami and Navami.

    Once I resume Blogging I will try to post some more Pics .
    This pic is taken last year and its the ChlataBagan Pujo in Kolkata.

    Thanks all for coming by.
    My best wishes for a wonderful season of festival .
    hugs and smiles

  7. Happy Durga Puja wishes to ypu. Enjoy your break and festival.

  8. Happy Durga pooja and come back soon.....
    Enjoy and God Bless..

  9. Hope u had a great puja Jaya...wish u Shubho Bijoya!

  10. First of all Subho Bijaya. This is the first time am visiting your blog. It is very lovely. Stumbled your blog too. I hope you would like my blog. Also added you to my blog roll.

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