Friday, October 31, 2008

Vegetable Rice Pulao and Raita

I was tagged by Joyeeta long back, but couldn’t fulfill the promise I made to her. Its time now to write about some interesting philosophies of life. I guess it gives suddenly a lot of opportunity to write.All said and done, I feel some questions looks good only on book but when implemented in real life ,it turns out to be ,other way round. I have stick to the basic humane nature while answering about them.

1 -What have you realized recently ?
We have being given just one life by God and it’s up to us how we can make it better for ourselves and for others.
Life is too short; spend it spreading love and laughter .Smile and the world smiles with you.

2-Have you given first kiss?
Ahem! Yes

3-If you are stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take
I think I would like to take with me Joyeeta,Sharmila,Mandira,Sandeepa,Sia,Vani,Pooja,Sra,Swati,Uma,Vijaya and My sis Tanu ,provided they are free from their daily obligations .

4-Where is the place, you want to go to the most
Its difficult to pick just one place, there are many places where I wish to go, one is Kashmir.
Other is Bhutan
Sea Beaches of Bali and the list will go on.

5-If you have one dream, what would it be?
Dreams are just an extension of our real life wishes and desires that needs serious consideration and execution .If one dream gets fulfilled ,start seeing another one, never stop dreaming , Often Big things starts with a small and tiny dream.
One dream is to see my hubby and daughter attain what they have wished to get in life.

6-Do you believe in seeing rainbow after the rain?
Yes, definitely and I have seen couple of them.
Life’s sorrow ,agony and pain is rain ,when it comes down it washes away everything , and the Dreams, happiness and zest is rainbow ,once comes up looks so beautiful and soothing to watch .Life is all about Ups and Downs , To every rain there is a little rainbow hidden ,its just that we have to look and find it .

7-What are you afraid of losing the most now?
My loved ones, they are very precious to me.

8-If you win $1 million, what would you do?
I am not a saint, so I cannot donate the entire sum to charity, will spend the maximum on family,would like to buy a big house,fix a big sum for the education of my little one and if left will donate to Ramkrishna Mission near our home.

9-If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yes and I have already done it.

10-List out 3 points about the person who tagged you
Sensitive, self-confident and friendly

11-What are the requirements you wish from your other half
This is very difficult to answer honestly.
Requirements are very Human nature, If we bound ourselves with requirements, there would be expectations and if the frequency of expectation is not matched, there is bound to happen disharmony. Before thinking of my requirements, I would place myself in his shoes and ask myself what could be his requirements; I think this can greatly reduce the bar of requirements and expectations and hence the disharmony I was talking about.
I think I would love to spend little more time with him as ours is a very busy life, spending time qualitative rather than quantitative will fulfill all the requirements.

12-What type of people you hate most?
I think people who manage to live life in a dual way, what they pretend to be in public or in group ,usually don’t turn out when interacted on one-to one basis.

13-What is the one thing you can’t live without?
Music, if there is no music there is no melody and if you take melody out of life, life reaches the dead end.
14-If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather keep quite?
Realization is more important .If I realize it’s my fault, I will definitely check it otherwise I will leave it to other people to decide.
15-Now people has started stealing questions too?
What?I dont get that.
16-Are you a shopaholic or not
Of course! I am .
17-Find a word that best describes the person who tagged you.
Sensitive and Honest.

18-If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change
My short temperedness.

19-What’s the last shocking thing you have heard and seen
Each and every day innocent people are killed on streets in bomb blasts this is most shocking to me.
20-Would you have rather love and no money or money but no love
I will love to have both, can’t help it, I am very Greedy.

Now to the recipes we cooked last week.
Here is the recipe for Vegetable Rice Pulao and Raita

Vegetable Rice Pulao
Serves-4-5 people
4 cups of cooked rice ( I used seddu Chaal (Boiled rice or Parboiled Rice ) a great substitution for a normal Rice ,for this purpose )
2 onion chopped finely
4 tsp of ginger paste
4 cloves garlic minced
3-4 cloves
2-3 pods cardamom
Half inch stick cinnamon
1 tsp of cumin seeds
2-3 bay leaf or tej Patta
½ tsp of red Pepper powder
1tsp of salt
1 tsp of sugar
3-4 tbs of ghee

In a hot Kadhai/heavy bottom pan ,add ghee/canola oil.add cumin seeds, tej patta let it splutter.
Add ginger paste,minced garlic,fry for 2-3 mints at high,add onions fry till they turn little brown.
Add cloves,cinnamon,cardamom and fry for 1-2 mints.
Add red pepper powder and salt-sugar, add the cooked rice and gently mix the fried spices with rice evenly so that rice is coated well with spices.
Transfer the entire content to a hot pot, take out before you serve.
Optional-If you wish you can add chopped beans,tomato,capsicum shredded carrots or some dry fruits like cashews ,raisins or dates.This Taste Great with bondi raita.
2-3 cup of fresh home-made yogurt
1 tsp of cumin powder
Salt as per taste
Dry Bondi (available at any sweet shop)
Whisk in yogurt, cumin powder and salt ,add dry bondi and enjoythe yummy raita. This is very healthy as it has no oil or any other tempering.
It just feels heaven , enjoy.
I am sending this rice dish to Sri's Place for Rice Mela ,visit her wonderful blog for more details. Cooking For All Season
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Jaya, I'm flattered, thanks. I would come with you to escape my daily obligations! LOL!

  2. Sra,
    We are just visiting each other at the same time.Its just a telepathy or what??LOL..
    great to see you dear and trust me we will have lots of fun.
    hugs and smiles

  3. Thanks for thinking of me .. it will be the daily obligations that I will be happy to run away from
    And great looking pulao ... can I have that plate now? :-)

  4. Nice to know so much about you through these Q&A.Delicious pulao.

  5. Sharmila,
    You can have it right now!...
    I wish sometimes Life to be easy without any obligations..LOL

    thanks for coming by.

  6. This is my first visit here.Nice to knw u.Got an award for u @ http://seduceyourtastebuds.blogspot.com/2008/11/looks-like-i-did-good-job.html

  7. Loved reading those Jaya...I'm ready to write up those anytime:) The pulao looks delicious! An award is waiting for you in my blog:)

  8. thanks PJ and Indranee..
    hugs and smiles

  9. nice reading your MEME .. i love pulao .. looks delicious

  10. Hi Jaya, first time and nice to read your Post... The pulav looks great you ahve a nice collection of posts...

  11. Enjoyed reading your meme... it was very cute!
    Pulao looks great as well.

  12. Nice reading and delicious looking pictures! I would love to have a plate right now.

  13. deesha,
    warm welcome here and thanks

    warm welcome and thank you a lot for liking the pulao.

    good you had a nice time reading the meme LOL...

    thank You

    OH! thanks you just made my day , wish I could send it across to you ASAP..LOL..

    hugs and smiles

  14. Pulav looks yummy Jaya! Love the boondi raita...

  15. Hi Jaya,
    Just returned from a very satisfying trip to India...:)
    Great answers, honest as usual...it is lovely to know you and have you as a friend.
    I have to go thru these yummyy food recipes...one by one!!
    mukhe jol eshe jachhe..!! :)


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