Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chole Chaat

What does love mean to you?
No, just don’t roll your eyes, and start thinking there, there she goes again.
Now if someone asks this question.There is so many emotions gets attached to it.
Does his/her presence make you excel in other fields of life also or is that it hinders the growth in other directions.
Do you start behaving like loner stuck with cupid’s arrow, flying high, with a zero level of connectivity to the real world.The world that surrounds your family, friends or professional life?
But what about love between mother and a child, love between two brothers or sisiters.Love between kids and parents??
The more you go deep into these feelings, the definition of love changes with each relationship and even time!
The love Budha endowed upon the unknown people who were suffering from pain and anger.
The love Mother Tressa showered on poor, suffering people.
Love is endless and eternal and ...I am still searching for words to define “Love”.
It will be great if you share what you feel about love.

Menwhile I will engage you with this recipe for chaat.
I have used some boiled chickpeas, carrots as base ingredients; now this can be well substituted with other beans or even vegetables also,with a dash of salt, cumin powder, red pepper powder and less oil, this came out real good.

Chole Chaat
Chick peas/kabuli channa/sada channa/Garbanzo beans, boiled 1-2 cup
½ cup of carrots grated
1 cucumber
1 green chilly
Following as per your taste
Cumin powder
Red pepper powder
Chaat masala
Any oil olive/canola/mustard/refined sunflower oil
Chop the onions, cucumber, grate carrots.
Prepare the dressing
Whisk in oil, red pepper powder, cumin,chaat masala and salt.
Add in to the boiled chick peas
Add in chopped onions, cucumber.
~You may add any other vegetables also that are available in season.
~Trust me, this is very filling, so it can be substituted as low-cal food for diet purpose.
~Also there is no need to add other dressing such as mayonnaise or sour cream.
~If you feel, you may add in for extra zing, but it’s always healthy to use fresh yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

~We often make this and top it with some sev or roasted peanuts, and it’s a great evening snack with muri (puffed rice)
~This is also healthy and so it can be given in your kid’s lunch box. Having unhealthy cake pieces, brownies or chips is not at all good.
So next time you pack the lunch , do include this one .
~You may add in some boiled potato cubes, corn or some paneer slices to it for variations.
From this post , I have started a new label ,"Low-cal Food".
I will be adding many more recipes to that , and also there are some old recipes which are low -calorie food recipes, do somebody know how should I add them to this Label now.Do help me out,it will be great to know.
I often plan out things that I would participate in every food events ,cook accordingly and Blah-blah ...but I am unable to do so.
There are other things in my real world which keep me busy.I often peek into many round-ups of food events , that I dont participate in and I must admit I enjoy them reading also.
Now there is these two lovely food events going on in blogging world ,and I am sending this lone entry to both of them.
This is going to this month's JFI which has Chick-pea as highlighted ingredient , originally started by Mahanandi .
and to also
Visit the links for more details.

Happy Cooking Friends.


  1. Profound questions, eh, Jaya? Hmm ... by now you'd have guessed I don't know what to say. :-)

  2. Chana chaat is my favorite!

    Thats a humongous topic & very deep. In short I would say ( there are various forms of love...) ..its something or someone or thoughts of which makes u feel good, happy, comfortable....more at peace with yourself.

  3. Darun Jaya! Amio erokom banayi ... kintu black chana diye. Boil kore fridge e rakhi .. ar pore thanda chaat banai. :-)

  4. Sra,
    yeah , some questions always remains unanswered , and this is may be one of them :)...
    I just remembered the song from film "Khamoshi" the old one ..
    "hamne dekhi hai en akhon ki mahakti khusbo" ...the poet described the feeling so truely isn't :)

    peace is really a part of being in love...when we spread love then,there is no place for hatred , and so peace in mind and heart and the medium may be a person or even something :) ..

    yeah , I also like making it with kalo chana ...aamar fridge e te rakha hoye , porer dine khete aaro bhalo hoye , bodhaye ki bole "moje" jaye ...hain na!
    hugs and smiles

  5. hmmmm...with lots of fresh lemon juice, this tastes soo good in the evenings, after a hectic day in the summer!!! :)

  6. Chatphat question with chole chat...tht's a nice combo :-)...Love is what we feel in that very moment for me..sometime it's very sweet, sometime very exciting and sometime very boring ;)...

  7. Ekdum lovesick mood mein ho kya? Some questions cannot be answered but have to be felt and love is such an emotion - it obeys no law, no definition and no barriers!! How does one express it in a few sentences? But I love you for simply being there, supporting me in my events and sending me entries though I know I haven't been able to visit as regularly as I would love to!! Thank you, dear Jaya:)

  8. Joyeeta,
    yeah! these are always so refershing after hectic work ...muri diye khete khob bhalo lage ...

    love can be boring! , yeah may be sometimes when you dont need that much of extra sugar in life LOL...

    love is what binds us together ..
    ah! that so sweet of you ...
    even if you find it difficult to visit here regularly , I simply understand that ..for friendship is just another pure form of love ,isn't ?
    hugs and smiles

  9. Hi jaya,
    so much thinking about love makes me hungry :) but then any kind of thinking does!! Nice dish for JFI Chickpeas. thank you very much for sending this in,

  10. To me love gives us life, energy, and immense happiness :) There are many different definitions each one dependent on the relationship with the person you are in love with. It is the most natural and beautiful thing we have, the more we give the more we get, so always give 100%

    Excellent question one which cannot be answered in a few sentences, but over a nice spicy chaat and limbu paani ;)

  11. Hmm that needs a lof of thinking girl, Loved your chole chaat

  12. MS,
    thanks for stoping by ..
    thinking about love makes you hungery hehe :)...

    beautiful thoughts!
    giving is what love is without thinking much what it gives you back ....

    thank you for stoping by ..

  13. Nice chaat! Resembles our sundal a bit :-)

  14. chole chaat looks very delicious..love the photography

  15. I read this post again:) Nice post:) Somehow I had missed that part - how to add the low cal labels to your old posts. You may have found out by now, but just in case you haven't -

    Go to edit posts, open your old post. In the add labels section you will find 'show all'. Click on it, find 'low cal label' and click, and then just hit the publish button.


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