Friday, February 27, 2009

Methi Matar Malai

I have always preferred Non-veg over Veg Food in eating out , but when it comes to methi malai matar, I couldnt resist myself from gorging this delicious creamy dish.

I googled and Found out many recipes on Methi Malai Matar .However this got me real intrigued .This is Vee’s recipes Methi Matar Malai .
I have changed certain ingredients as I was little short of those, but next time I am going to add them also (Hope Vee doesn’t mind that)
I preferred fresh Methi leaves over dried or known as Kasuri methi leaves.For that matter methi leaves need to be blanched before being used in the gravy.

I think there is a difference the way this dish is being cooked in Rajasthan and in UP.
This is very similar to the way our neighbourhood aunt, a typical UPian, used to make, she would generally send us this dish on Sundays, and she would insist, we should ate this with roti or parathas.
Then there were occasion like Marriage or birthday celebrations in the neighbourhood when we would be invited and we would end up eating all vegetarian food .It was a real treat for us eating these delicious vegetarian food or dishes.
Then there are other delicious vegetarian dish which are rich and creamy like paneer makhni,shaak aloo,palaak paneer and kashmiri dum aloo to name a few, that we always like to gorge on .

being a Non-vegetarian ,you can say I always have a soft corner for these delicious ,spicy and creamy dishes.
So Let’s go to the recipe for methi malai matar , which I adapted from the above link.

Methi malai matar
Recipe requirements
1 bunch of methi leaves
1 cup of matar/peas
1 onion chopped
1 tsp of turmeric powder
3-4 green chilly or 1 tsp of red pepper powder
1 cup of milk
3-4 tbs of cream or half cup of fresh home made malai
4 tbs of mustard oil
Heat up kadhai, add oil
Fry the onions till translucent or the rawness is gone.
Add the peas/matar, and dry masala like turmeric powder, red pepper powder or green chilly.
Blanch the methi leaves for few mintues in another saucepan.
(Cook the cleaned leaves with little water for 3-4 mints till the leaves shrink in volume) and then add to the above , stir fry for 4 mints .
You can add in dried methi leaves or kasuri methi also.
Now add up milk (add according to the preference of gravy, for thick add less).
You may add in fresh home made malai or cream for that extra richness and trust me this bring out the real taste of the dish ,so just dont compromise on that.
Cook the gravy for 5-6 mints till the peas are cooked.Frozen peas will take little less time
Add up few tsp of ghee and serve with the roti.
1-I have added little sugar to the above gravy also to balance the bitterness of methi leaves.
2-Yogurt(home made yogurt) is absolutely no if you are adding milk to the gravy , it will turn out a disaster.
If you feel you can add thick creamy yogurt and little bit of water for milk replacement , but I am not so sure how it will taste with methi.

Happy cooking Friends


  1. I love the color of this dish, always looks delicious. I must try too, good one girl! :)

  2. Fresh methi diye e bhalo lage Jaya .. ami ekti baar banate try korechi ... tobe milk ar posto bata diye. Tomar version ta ekbar try korbo. :-)

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  4. Asha,
    this taste evn better, do try it..

    exactly fresh methi diye hi bhalo khete hoye..

    thank you!!

  5. I love methi malai matar. This looks delicious, Jaya!

  6. Yeah while eating out, we too opt for mostly non-veg :D
    This looks delicious though

  7. jaya, no idea how i missed so many posts! i made methi matar malai last week and licked my bowl clean. that's how much i love this dish :)
    and lauki raaita in ur previous post is bookmarked to be tried soon :)

  8. great recipe! ami chari dike eta dekhchi, kintu kono din korini. I love methi!

  9. I liked this recipe very much. I will defenitely try out this tommorow
    itself. Please visit our Indian Cooking
    Recipes site. We have collected some of the Best Cooking Video
    Recipes for you.

  10. Sra,
    hi I am fine ,good to seeyou.

    thats so nice :) ...

    Thank you re! aar amraa non-veg khai kinto veg fried rice diye hehe..

    yeah thats exactly I feel about it ...
    do try lauki raita and let me know how it turn out..

    hain exactly net E onek recipe ache methi matar malai , do try you may like it.

    warm welcome and I will check it out ...
    hugs and smiles

  11. Thank you for this recipe. My first time working with Methi, and fresh peas. It was just wonderful.

    Sara Jane (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

  12. thanks dear Sarah for trying out this recipe and stoping by here ..
    hugs and smiles

  13. I love this dish and have made it several times for a satsang group and for friends. Instead of sugar, I added agave nectar to sweeten the peas slightly. Thank you so much for posting it!


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