Saturday, June 6, 2009

Niramish Jhol(Veg Curry)

Have you heard about Tetris Effect?
Well those you are addicted to Video- games, I guess now play station etc...They must all know.
That game recently turned 25 years, quite a milestone right.In common term, the block game that used to be part of initial mobiles and handy, small, portable video-games.
When we were growing up, our main way of spending summer vaccation time was to play Tetris or Mario (remember the cute little chubby Mario ...walking down the tunnel,eating mushrooms etc on his way ,then jumping over the islands and castle,with a typical music playing at the background) eh! What I am saying these are the things of past now, with the advancement of technology and many more new inventions …there are many new ways to play and spend time...Recent is Play Station.
These remained things of past, as I don’t have that much of patience to play and pressing the remote buttons...Left-right-up-down…yeah age is catching up fast.
What were your preferred ways of spending summer time when you were growing up?
I would be very eager to know.

Meanwhile you think, let me quickly write up this simple niramish Jhol, which is good for summer, and easy to digest also.
You get all the summer vegetables like parwal,ridge gourd,green papaya,green bananas ,brinjal and the end result is amalgamation of simple vegetables cooked in a very light gravy.

Recipe requirements
Serves 4-5
1 raw /green banana
Some slices of green papaya
2-3 ridge gourd
2 potatoes
4-5 wax gourd (parwal)
2tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of cumin powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
Tej pataa -2
1 tsp of panch phoron
2 -3 green chilly Salt as per taste
1 tsp of sugar
3-4 tbs of mustard oil
2-3 tsp of ginger paste or gota ada chopped into small pieces

Clean and chop the vegetables in equal size ,this helps cook evenly.
Now heat up a kadhai,add oil
Temper it with panch phoron ,tej patta and ginger paste
Add in all the vegetables fry them at mid-high for 5-6 mints
Tip- You may fry the parwal/wax gourd first and then take them out
Next you may add in potatoes and then rest of the vegetables like green papaya, banana etc..
Ridge gourd takes very few mints to cook.
Add in salt and all the dry spice powders like turmeric, red, coriander, cumin and little bit of water.
Add in sugar also , and fry them some more time or till the vegetables get coated well with the spices.
Now add in 2-3 cups of water. (TIP-at this time if you need to add brinjal/aubergine/eggplant do so) ,and one boil at high ,then lower the flame and then you cover it.
Cook for another 7 -8 mints or till the vegetables are cooked.
Take out when done,serve with warm cooked rice.

Note -
You may add in whole green chilly for extra bit of spice.
You may add in zucchinis/yellow squash or other vegetables when above vegetables are not available to you.
This gravy with vegetables stays good for 2-3 days when stored in refrigerator ,so if you wish you may make it in bulk and store it.

This is typical simple Bengali lunch meal.
On the right side is
Masoor dal bhate- pressure cooked dal without turmeric powder.
Mashed with green chilly, salt and mustard oil
Then is fried fish egg fritters recipe is Here
Then the Niramish jhol
And last a simple fish curry.
I am sure vegetarians can easily avoid the fish and it’s preparations like fish curry and egg fritters but can relish a simple jhol with rice.
This is easy on stomach and good especially in this hot summer months.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. The curry looks so yumm. And the last pic with all the food is just so mouthwattering.
    I used to love Tetris years ago when i was mad about gameboy.
    Now the craze is finished.
    Well in summer holidays as my parents had a huge placce with coconut trees all the kids from the neighbourhood used to come to our place ( it will end up having some 12 kids) and we used to play hinde and seek, badminton and other games.
    Even when i go back home the neighbour aunties still talk about that period when we kids had so much fun during the holidays which the kids don't have now.

  2. it looks nice and light. recently, i made another jhol from your blog, vegetarian. it was nice.

    i have loved mario and luigi from the time they were black and white. I still look for those games - i go crazy about them in phases. and yes, tetris was favourite too.

  3. nice curry .. I used to play tetris a while ago & I love mario too .. such nice games

  4. hi jaya,
    lovely read,love the topic u've touched upon :)
    I am not much aware of play station games so not ventured that side... though my niece and nephew are so damn crazy about it :)

    Oh! my childhood days were fantastic, I had so many friends (some are in touch even now :))
    we used to play lots of out door games like hop scotch, hide n seek, some crazy games like police and thief ;) hopping and dodging and the list is endless....I loved my childhood days so dearly..

    I was so tom boyish then jumping over the compund and climbing the gate to get into other houses ;) to hide while playing hide and seek ....ooo I was a crazy little springy thing ;)so were my friends!!!lol

    Btw niramish jhol looks lovely jaya it's so simple, I love the veggies and simple spices that go in to make it...
    Enjoy the weekend

  5. Thats delicious veggie dear..never made any curry using green papaya..

  6. arre kii shundor khabar shajiye chhobi tulechho Jaya, khoob bhalo mone koriye daao tumi the way we used to eat (used to bolchhi karon aami eibhabe poribeshon kori naa, korte shikhini, non-bengali badite onek bochhor katiyechhi to taai)!

    aar aamader shomoy toh aamra shudhu bairei khelte jaantaam, video games bole bostu tii jaana chhilo naa :)

  7. Ami ekhono tetris pagol. Google er chobi ta ki cute na? :-)
    Tomar post ta je torkari tar opor, sheta ami bhalobashi na ... kintu tomaye onek thanks je amaye mushur dal bhater kotha mone koreiye dile ... kalkei bhaater shonge banabo. :-)

  8. Thanks Jaya. Lovely dish, I am missing all the wonderful veggies we get in India, surviving on the carrots and cabbages here now! ;D

    Have a great time there, see you in Fall! :)

  9. jhol ta dekta darun hoacha . Ami akhon khub miss kori maa er hater Jhol . Will definately try this one . & the thali looks super delicious .

    & yes ...chotobelai khub kelechi .
    Kintu sobche kharap lage akhonker baccara sudhu Paystation nea bose thake . Kono Outdoor game nei .

  10. Happy,
    summer activities means going out and have fun and that is what is absolutely missing these days here...
    we used to go to our granparents home too and really i miss those wonderful days ..it was so nice to read about the good time you used to have with your cousins...thanks for coming here..

    this is indeed very light ,good for this kind of heat here ..today was extremely hot..thanks for trying the vegetarian curry ..which one you tried ?
    black/white mario ,good to know that too:D..

    thanks dear!!

    so you were tom-boyish hain :))..that was so good to know ..and thanks for sharing your wonderful memories with us ..i wish my lil one too enjoy this type of exposure!!....thanks for coming here...

    green papaya ,you shoul try it ,hope you will like it :)..

    ki kori bolo , amaar in-laws ra ekto traditional so they like being served like this ..even my mil says "amaar obesh tui karap kore dechish" LOL..
    ei games keltaam choto belay tobe baire lkelte jaba aar bondhoder sathe hadoo-hadoo ,khela ,aar hide nseek kela khob bhalo lagto..aaj jokhon ..i bring my lil one to park daily ,i see her playing with her friends..it reminds me of my childhood days :))..thanks for coming here...

    yeah that was cute and it made me nostalgic also ,the reason i wrote about it here...
    tume jhinge (ridge gourd) avoid korte paro ,baki shob veg diye yita banate paro ..kerom khele masoor dal bhate?
    thanks for coming here...

    OMG! it's being so long to hear from you,how are you ? ...i know you dont get much fresh veggies ,cabbage ,cauliflowers and carrots n,it makes cooking some times dificult also ...thanks for coming here..

    mayer hathe'er ranna ,aar tar swad hi alada hoye ..jhol ta eko patla dike rekhechi kenno ..ut's good for my lil ne and seniors in my family specially in this hot weather here..

    thanks you all for coming here ,it was nice tailking to all of you ..
    hugs and smiles

  11. Looks so delicious. Goes great with rice! Love the look of your thali. Tempting :)

  12. My mother used to make us learn cooking, embroidery and practice our hand writing as well as playing with friends. Not to mention regular visits to the Lake. I like the combination of vegetables, never had the combination.

  13. Pooja,
    thank you dear!!

    that was very goood indeed :)), practicing hand writing that we too used do ,but never ventured into embroidery ....
    another thing was to learn n write our mother tongue ..that was compulsoary n my maa would used to sit with us too ,helping us in learning...thanks for coming here..

    hugs and smiles

  14. Summer hols, mostly reading books, visiting mamar bari and lots of games with friends and those dreaded handwriting practice. One summer we put up a play etc. to entertain the adults much to their dismay :)

    Lovely jhol

  15. Wow lovely thaali.... All the veggie in the curry call it healthy for sure!!! I love tetris, the tetris day was celebrated a few days back!!! I have the game in my mobile every time I travel in train my best pass time is play that!!!

  16. Thanks madam.You saved me .Thanks a lot from getting myself starved on a holiday.I will follow your blog .


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