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Omelette'er Jhol(Omelette Curry)

How do you prefer eating omelette.With chopped onions/ginger/tomatoes/green chillies/cilantro or even in a typical frittata way.When I think about omelettes,it relates to Spanish Omelette,Indian Dhaba-style omelette ,which I must admit is very lip-smacking.
Omellete is thought to be originated in ancient Persia and the word comes from the French word lamelle meaning thin strip then it got abbreviated and became amelette.This later got changed to omellete when it made it’s way to Britain.
It is said that when British people came to India, they also brought their famous "Breakfast omelettes" with them.If you want to dig out more, then visit Here

Omelette is what we would be serving when our friends visit, especially during the evenings and it is a kind of customary in every Benagli home to serve Omelettes and Chai/tea with some fried papads.
Friends this is my father’s and father-in-law special way of eating eggs.They just love it with rice or even with rotis.
This is simple, quick and easy and also makes a great meal with rice.A very simple recipe for a lazy afternoon or when suddenly friends arrive, unannounced.
Omelette’er Jhal (Omelette Curry)
4-5 egss
2 -3 medium size onions+ 1 onion for omlette
3 gralic pods
1inch ginger
1 tomato
2 tsp of turmeric powder
2-3 tsp of red pepper powder
2 bay leaf or tej patta

Chop all onions, ginger and garlic.
Now heat up a kadai/saucepan, add mustard oil (shorsher tel)
Add in cumin seeds(jeere)+ bay leaf, let the cumin seeds splutter.
Now add in chopped garlic,ginger (loson/ada)sauté for few mints
Add in chopped onions(peyanj).
Sauté for 3-4 mints till onions turn nice brown in colour.
Add in cubed potatoes fry them till they turn little brown, add in salt
Now add in turmeric(holod), red pepper powder(lal lonka goron) and little bit of water, lower the flame
Again fry them well till potatoes are evenly coated with spices.
Add in chopped tomatoes.
Add in water, now cover it and cook it at low till poatoes are soft.
Meanwhile the jhol/curry is getting ready,fry the omelettes, it’s easy I guess.
Drop your fried egg omelettes in to the curry and stop the flame.
Take out in a separate vessel.
Enjoy it with garam bhat or roti.
Omelettes soak the gravy much faster, so it would be great if you add little bit of more water while preparing the gravy.But if you dont like much gravy(kind of makho-makho in Bengali) then avoid it completely.
You may add in green chillies/Serrano pepper/jalapenos instead of red pepper powder.
Garam masala or gota moshla like cardamoms/cloves/cinnamon adds the special zing to it.
You may add in ghee on top when you are serving it,calorie-conscious may skip it.
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Wow that curry with eggs look so good.
    I have never had like this with omellette.
    I would love to try this.
    Especially with chapathies.

  2. Lovely omelette curry! Looks so delicious. Love this traditional dish!

  3. OMG Jaya, this is my oldest daughter's favorite :)
    I make it so often, and add begun, phulkopi also to the jhol!! :)
    Tomar ghorer simple ranna gulo aamar khoob bhalo lage, aamio eirokom ranna kori.

  4. This is my favorite, almost du-tin bar each month e kori

  5. egg curry looks delicious...

  6. Very interesting recipe, Jaya! Looks delicious!

  7. Darun recipe Jaya! Khub quick mone hocche. Ami eta nischoi banabo ... bhabchi dinner e ruti diye kemon hobe. :-)

  8. Ah! A favorite family dish we all love....am making this tomorrow!!!
    BTW, Jaya Di, I think most Bengali households use pressure cooking, don't they?
    I plan to invest in a pressure cooker myself, so in case you're using a pressure cooker for a recipe, can you add a bit of details on how many 'ceetees' and high/medium/low heat?

  9. Happy,
    yeah it will be great with chappatis also..do try it ,you may like it..

    thanks dear!!

    That's great ,I am sure with begun,phulkopi it will taste evn more good..exactly simple is the key:)...

    and it's easy also to make with two kids ..I am sure it saves your time in kitchen so that you can spend quality time with family ,hain theek to :)....

  10. Parita,
    thanks dear!!

    thank you dear!!

    absolutely it will be tasty with roti also....

    that's a good option..
    you can make meat,chicken ,stews,soups,dal and even cakes in the pressure cooker..
    rough idea will be
    meat and chicken -one whistle at high and low the flame ,cook at least 15-20 mints..sometimes even people give 5 whistle at one go..but that I avoid doing it...as it creates alot of pressure inside it..
    dal onewhistle at high and then low the flame cook for 2-4 mints..(moong/arahar dal)..korai er dal (7-8mints)
    Rice for every 1 cup of rice-1 cup of water..1 whistle is ok...although i dont make rice in pressure cooker...it's better to avoid the starch (jetake amra maar boli bangla te)since i guess you are working ..dont have time to cook..you may get the thing done inpressure cooker or even rice cooker...
    this is a rough idea.. you may look into kosha mangsho recipe,steamed cupcakes etc for these tips even more..
    hope it helps you ..

    Thanks for coming here...

  11. @ JayaD: thanks for that whole lot of tips....i will surely have to use them while using my new pressure cooker! Kosha Mangsho is a mutton dish...can we make a chicken substitute of the same?

  12. Hi Jaya,

    Thanks a ton for the latest chicken curry...and also this omelette curry....Am going to try the latter for dinner tonight... Though I am not fond of eggs..my husband loves it...I just love all your simple recipes. Keep the good work going.


  13. Amarnath,
    Sure why not ....just cook the chicken with spices and transfer in pressure cooker...one whistle at high ,then low ,cook for 10 -12 mints ,its sufficient I guess...or you may refer the latest chicken curry/shrimp pulao post...hope it helps..

    yeah sure do try it out and let me know your pucca bong hubby's reaction :)....
    thanks for coming by...

  14. WOW ... I also make the same thing but without potato . Will try next time by adding some potato pieces . The curry looks really tasty .

  15. hi jaya,
    had heard about this from my hubby :) I shall make it sometime coz he loves this kinda jhol. tempting snap :)

  16. I admit it too, its lip smacking!!! Spicy tasty and a yummy curry I love to have a few green chillies in them!!! Looks divine!!!

  17. hi jaya....this omletter jhol is my fav.....we call it omlette curry as any other non bengali would.....all your jhol recipes look perfect like the niramish jhol too...i am reminded of their taste just by looking at them..:D

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