Friday, August 28, 2009

Duporer Tiffin Khabar-Lunch Box Recipes -6

You all know about the Lunch-Box recipe series here is another day and time for a new recipe mixed together with some old recipes.You may want to look into the last post then go Here

Lunch Box Recipes
Potol diye pona macher jhaal
Recipe Requirements
4-5 Parwal /Potol/wax gourd
Few tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
3-4 tbs of oil
Salt as per taste
Cut the parwal/potol along lengthwise into half.
Clean it well and then marinate with turmeric powder/holod and salt.
Heat up a saucepan ,add oil and fry the fish pieces and then add more oil to fry the marinated potol pieces.
Now in that saucepan which you were using to fry all, add 1cup of water,1-2 tsp of turmeric powder,red pepper powder,chopped tomato and salt ,if you feel you may add litle bit of oil also.
You may add in 2-3 green chillies as well for extra spicyness.
Add in fried fish and potol pieces, cook till the gravy thickens alittle bit or the potol is cooked.
Have with warm cooked rice.

Note(Amaranth) shaker chorchori
Recipe details can be found from here Notey Shaker Chorchori ,This is an old post about Notey Chorchori.

And a simple dal which you can see here Simple Moong Dal .

Thats it and will post more recipe in lunch-box recipe series soon.
Ok Friends ,Happy Cooking !!


  1. Hey, welcome back girl! Lunchbox looks good!

  2. Good to see you back Jaya! Ami aaj e aloo potol diye rui macher jhol korechi. :-)
    Tomar lunch box series amaye onek help kore menu decide korte. :-)

  3. Tiffin looks nice with full of delicious recipes. Thanks for the tips. I will make it soon.

  4. awesome recipe, This Lunch Box Recipe looks so simple and healthy


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