Friday, September 4, 2009

Duporer Tiffin Khabar-Lunch Box Recipes-7

For the past few days ,I was thinking to post these as they remained dormant in my drafts for about two months now.There are couple of more ,will post them also soon.

So far Jhinge posto (ridge gourd cooked in poppy seed paste) and korai'er dal /biurir Dal/Urad dal ,remained my fav food for a vegetarian meal and I would never feel bored eating it anytime.Anyways,I guess sometimes a simple meal satisfy you more than any rich and masaledar food,isn't?

Lunch Box recipes
Jhinge Posto/Ridge gourd in poppy paste
Recipe Requirements

Ridge gourd 4-5
Poppy seed paste 4-5 tbs
1 tsp of panch phoron
Turmeric powder1 tsp
Red pepper powder 2-3 tsp+ 2 green chillies(you can avoid adding green chillies if you want a less spicy version)
3-4 tbs of cooking oil
Heat up a saucepan ,add oil, add in panch phoron
Add in cut ridge gourd/jhinge pieces , fry them well at med flame.
Add in salt,turmeric/holod,red pepper powder.
Again go on frying
Add in poppy seed paste(grind 3-4 tbs of poppy seeds with few peanuts in coffee grinder,adding little bit of water whenever necessary)
Cover and cook at low for 5-7 mints.
Note –
Usually it’s not necessary to add water while making jhinge posto ,as ridge gourd is high in water content so the juices come out nicely when it’s simmered slowly .But if it becomes necessary like if you feel the gravy is drying up after you added poppy seed paste ,just sprinkle little warm water over it.You may cook at the end at high flame to dry the extra juices if you feel so , but don’t forget to stir it continously.This will turn out like a mushy –mashy jhinge posto.
You may add in potato pieces also.

Korola Kumro
Recipe link Here
And a simple Korai'er dal to accompany the lunch box

Korai’er dal(Urad dal)Wash in ½ cup of urad dal very well.
Transfer it in pressure cooker ,add 1-1/2 cup of water .
Discard the white froth foam that is formed
Now add in turmeric powder and salt.
Cover the lid and one whistle at high, then quickly lower the flame.
Cook at low for 7-8 mints.
Open when the pressure subside.
Now heat up a kadhai,add oil,temper it with fennel seeds,2-3 bay leaf and 2-3 tsp of ginger paste or you may use fresh chopped ginger pieces also (a must for urad dal making)
Now grind in 3-4 tsp of fennel seeds in coffee grinder ,add it in the above cooked dal.Top it with 1-2 tsp of home-made ghee.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Hi Jaya,
    A perfect Bengali lunch :) would love to try the dal from urad dal looks so comforting.
    Keep the posts coming dear

  2. Jhingo posto sounds really good! Never made dal with urad before.

  3. I am so jealous that you have such a delicous lunch box. Can i join you please every day for that delicious looking lunch.

  4. Yay! Jaya phire eshechey dupurer khabar niye ... shobai boshe poro!!!
    Je kono shomoye e dekhi na keno ... tomar eto jotno kore shajano tiffin box dekhei khide paye. :-)

  5. hi jaya,
    wow that was two lovely veggie recipes.. thanks a ton, will try the urda dal shortly, so simple.

  6. That's one lunch box...looks so filling..love the sabzi

  7. A lovely meal indeed!Definitely my kind of food!I just came back from visiting Paris and found myself eating indian dals and rice every evening at the indian quarter! I am currently finally trying to do some myself,and its coming out not too bad..!:)slowly..I hope to get there! Mia

  8. Suparna,
    yeah urad dal is very good too specially for veg meal..thanks for coming here..

    i do think you shuould try making dal someday , you might like it..

    good to see you here..and dont be so J ...you are always so welcome here for home-made lunches..

    hain dui-ekta post draft e ache ..baki post kore debo soon...
    sajano !! sajano shob kicho hi bhalo lage ..phool thekhe niye bachader ar khabar O...

    i am glad you liked them...pls try and let me know ..

    thanks for coming dear!!

    so you have been to paris ..lovely, have heard it's a baeutiful place !! ..you are cooking ..OMG that is indeed so good..and I guess dal is a way better option than any non-veg food anytime.best wishes ..thanks for coming by..

    hugs and smiles

  9. Thats a perfect meal dear..looks very satisfying!

  10. Jaya,

    Aito shundor othochho simple tomar presentation gulo hoy je mon bhore jaaye...onekdin pore likhte shuru korle, bhalo lagchhe khoob. Keep them coming...aamar toh dekhei khide mite jaaye.

  11. Ridge gourd with poppy seeds is new to me....

  12. That's exactly the right thing for a Bengali lunch. Jhinge posto is one of my favorites, I have it almost once a week:)

  13. Parita,
    thanks dear!!

    onek din pore lekhbaar samay peyechi.....obosho seyi saad ashe na eyikhan kar torkari te :(...amaar sonaar bangla te ja saad bhora torkari/pati paba jaye , seyi ta khob miss korchi..

    Kitchen flavour,
    if you liked it ,then try making it :)....

    hain niramish lunch er option hole ..amio eyita hi prefer korbo :)...
    hugs and smiles


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