Friday, October 9, 2009

Duporer Khabar- Pomfret Fish Curry

On this particular october morning,the view from my living room window is splendid.After a spell of gloomy rainy days ,its feels so wonderful to see the warmth of sun shining.
Autumn colours have started showing up here,a tinge of orange and yellow is what I look forward to in a particular fall season.But sometimes it gets little painful if you have a big backyard to clean up.
Days are becoming shorter in this part, usually sun comes out at 7.30 and it goes down early too.
My day starts at 5.30 in the morning and ends at 10 in the night.Well life suddenly has become little hectic with the additional work that needs to be done on your own here.In this trying and testing time I now recall how free I was at home, with my house maid doing all the honour .
Back to reality , daughter has started her school ........but I can see her little discomfort when she comes back from her school......she kept telling about her friends back in home.Somehow I feel our little children suffer most , out of these uncertain relocations.They become mute spectators and suffer most.That makes me even more ire about things here.Anyways life doesn’t mean always bed of rosses……..but I wish I can make it at least for my lil one.

Now to the recipe for spicy pomfret curry
I have heard so much about Goan Curry that I was so eager to try this .Yes ,this is greatly inspired by the Goan fish Curry and our own Bengali prawn malaicurry.The regions are different but somehow there is a marked similarity in the ingredients and upto the certain extent the method of preparation.
Coconut milk forms the base of this curry and together with some chopped onions/ginger/garlic and few dry red peppers ,adds a nice balance of sweetness and hotness.
And how far it’s authentic , that I don’t know ,but the dish was throughly enjoyed by my Lil one,which remained my biggest concern till now whenever I prepare anything.

I made it as part of my duporer Khabar , with it also made Shorshe darosh,Moonger dal.

Pomfret Coconut Curry
Silver pomfret -2
½ tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
1 medium size onion chopped
½ inch ginger chopped finely
2-3 garlic cloves
2 bay leaf
Coconut milk ½ cup or coconut cream paste 3-4 tsp
1 small tomato chopped
3-4 tbs of cooking oil/vegetable oil

Clean the fish, cut open and take out gills etc..clear the gut with running water.I have used frozen fish that needs to be thawed before being cut and marinated.Make the fish to half,this helps in frying up the fish evenly.
Marinate it with salt and turmeric powder,keep aside.
Meanwhile chop onions,ginger and garlic and tomato.
Now heat up a deep bottom pan,add oil and fry the fish pieces to a nice brown colour.Take them out.
Now at this point, add some more oil, add in bay leaf, chopped onions/garlic/ginger and fry them very well ,till the colour changes.
Add in dry red pepper teared in between, turmeric powder, red pepper powder.
Fry this masala very well .Add in tomato(if you don’t like it ,there is no need of adding it)
Add in lilttle water and fried fish, let it simmer there for 4mints.
It’s time to add coconut milk. Add and let it simmer for some more time till the gravy thickens a bit.
I have used coconut paste for the above recipe,which is available here, just add in 3-4 tsp of the paste,that works fine ,and if you get fresh coconut milk ,nothing is better than that.
You may also like to see another recipe ,then visit here

Pomfret 'er Kalia

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Aww. don't worry about your daughter, Jaya. Kids adapt fast. She will be fine soon. Hugs to you!

  2. Oh looks so delicious, i bet it would be tasty too.. I just stumbled on your blog and will love to try out some of your recipes... I have a book blog "I Read" at http://sumanam.wordpress.com/, visit me sometime..

  3. How can you torture me with those pictures, especially the one you have served rice and the fish.. DELICIOUS.

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  5. Tomar khabar table dekhe khide peye gelo Jaya. :-)
    Eta ekbar try kortei hobe ... ja darun dekhacche! :-)

  6. Jaya, thanks for visiting me.I love your blog! I think I will be a regular here...
    And I understand about your daughter, I went through with my 7yr old everytime we moved, and believe me thay are the first one to adjust before us adults... we give them little credit for their capability.
    Oke ek maash somoy dao, ore friend list tomar cheye boro hobe...

  7. Jaya,
    Don't you worry about your little one. I know how exactly she feels about this new school, I had changed so many schools because of my father's transfers. The first few months are really awful, but once she starts making friends, she'll definitely start forgetting her old friends :). Just give her a little company and make her talk about school. I think that helps, my mom used to do this to me.

    The pomfret curry looks really goods, and the platter is so tempting. :)

    Have a good time.

  8. I know how tough it must be to do everything by yourself - I've lived in a place where no help was available even when I was willing to pay. So I used to take it easy (not do much) :) The house was much smaller then.

  9. Now that looks delicious...the coconut makes it more crunchy and mouth-watering...just don't worry about the new settings...you will slowly get adjusted to it!

  10. Fish Curry darun lagche. Sottiy bachchara school theke mon kharap kore ele khub koshto hoy. Kintu abar bondhu hoy jabe dekho

  11. Vani,
    yeah hope so :)....

    hi and warm welcome ...you have good place there ..thanks for visiting here..

    oh! LOL...wish i can pass it to you :)..

    let me check more n get back to you ..thanks for stoping by and letting us know about this wonderful site...

    oh!LOL..nischoyi banio r janio kemon holo

    thanks for coming here...

    hope lil one adjust herself well here :).....

    yeah thats how I try to ....tumar bapi ki army te chilo ....

    i have lived in US for 2 years ,it's just that i have to adjust myself also with my lil one here lol...and i cant affrod to have a home-maid here no way ...place is way too expensive here :)...

    Flying star/Kalyan Da
    yeah curry was good ,although i dont get the fresh coconut ..i bet this would have tasted much more flavourful with the fresh one ...thanks for coming by

    hain meye ta adjust korche sathe amra O ...

    thank you all for your concern ,I am touched ..thanks for stoping by
    hugs and smiles

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  14. Lisa,

    thanks for stoping by..and yeah turmeric specially ground turmeric is good in any curry, rice or soup preparation.It has immense medicinal value also..
    hugs and smiles

  15. will comeback with the result, thank you Jaya


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