Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

Hello there! Knock –Knock somebody there!! Or is it only my voice echoing back to me. Coming out from my hibernation, this post is all about my ramblings, nothing specifically concerned about food and recipes.
Ok it’s almost one month now since my last posting. You all must be wondering what I did during this break. I went back to home for a very short trip. That itself gave you plenty of reasons about my absence from blogging, isn’t?
When you are out of the blogging routine for quite sometime, you don’t feel like to log into the net and start the work process again. Even I am struggling to write something exciting here. Blame it all over the current state of my mind and my feeling of being homesick. However, going back to home gave me plenty of time to relax and unwind.
The timing also coincided with the FIFA world cup, and when we (read all Bengali) talk about football, we are really uncontrollable .Every street; every Para has their own team to support. Some even stay all awake late until night to catch the action live. Some of them even wear team jersey and all the fanfare to support their teams. Even in remote villages people do know the names of many footballers across the continent. My general knowledge has improved over this period of time and thanks to my DH, DH’s cousins Brothers and my FIL, I know Kaka is from Brazil and Messey is from Argentina. And the goal that Argentina did in a match against Germany went to offsite with three players near the goal post. Wow! I can’t believe I am writing this.
Ok, I am not going week on my knees, kind of teenage crush you know. I have passed that phase of life many years ago. Wish I can rewind those years like a video tape. DH was teasing me constantly, going head over heels about Messey, while catching up with the highlights of the Argentina –Germany match. But I have still left with some of my supply of adrenaline inside my body, so it’s all but natural.
Well I have planned to take many snaps during this trip, but things don’t always turn out the way you plan sometimes.

These are some of the snaps I took during my last two days there. Luckily it rained in Kolkata, so a big relief from the scorching heat waves there.
Well this teddy was wishing all the things we needed for our journey. So this cute teddy deserve a mention in this post, isn’t!

Taking a quick nap is always refreshing, and if they turn out cute couple like them, I think its worth of giving a space here. That place has been their small resting area for over a couple of years now. We get to see them almost daily during afternoon taking rest like that.

If you get to see two shalik bird together then it’s always a great amen. While growing up, when ever we have seen one we would always start looking out for the second one as told by our grand’s .Luckily both these were enjoying the weather after a cool splash of rain and so did we, seeing them together.

Now bricks can be used to cross the puddle and reach out to the swing.This looks so peaceful isn’t, but trust me if it’s evening time, children scream here and play like anything. Meanwhile, I will be watching them from my window with a cup of tea or many times would go out with daughter to enjoy swinging also. So, by the time it’s evening many will cross and reach to the swing with the help of those bricks and will enjoy rain or barish.

This reminds me of the song “Choti si kahani se, barishon ke paani se, sari vadi bhar gayi .”
And indeed there was this huge puddle made after a heavy splash of rain. This place is full of action during evening time. It seems even the swing is enjoying a much break from the scorching heat.

This coconut tree has been there in the park and every year yield green coconut or daab in Bengali.

Alright, finally I ate what Indian summer is all about. This year we have seen one of the best mango crop productions. Wish I was allowed to carry some of them here. Dasheri ,landga and himsagar variety were available when we reached in Kolkata. So, no more complain from my side anymore, peace for now.

I also tasted these, one of my favourite fruit. Ansh phol in Bengali, a kind of berry fruit. They almost do resemble like Litchis but they are different as per taste go. Does anyone know the English or any other regional name or scientific name of this fruit. Do let me know.

Alright then, that’s it for this post, hope I can regain my momentum to blog again. See you all soon.


  1. Welcome back Jaya! Bari eshe ghure gele ... wow! Khub enjoy korecho tai na? Khub bhalo. :-)

  2. aj amio ekmas baade login korechi...khub sundar lekha..pics gulo dekhe amaro homesick lagche...satyi kolkatay thakle worldcup er moja pawa jai...i miss the worldcup frenzy

  3. Sharmila,
    hain, mone hochilo aro ekto din katale bhalo hoto :)..

    of! chari dike sodhu world cup er charcha chilo..sotti Kolkata te je ki anando hoye gele , bodhaye shobde bolte parbo na ;)..

    hugs and smiles

  4. You're never too old to have a teenage crush! :-D

    Glad you went home for a break. I think those fruit are 'longan', at least they look like that.

  5. Sra,
    yes, I googled and found out that they are indeed longan( related to Dimocarpus longan or Euphoria longan) of saponidacea family or lychees family..
    thanks for coming by.
    hugs and smiles

  6. HYE JAYA. THIS IS SHAHLIN FROM MALAYSIA. I AM SOOOOOOOO HAPPY TO FIND UR BLOG ACCIDENTLY.u can see the capital letters carry important feeling huh. hahaha i love indian cuisine. i usually eat tandoori chicken in shop. i tried to do it but the taste is not same.so i continually eating out. i seldom eat all the pulao rice because it is expensive here. now i found u so i can start to prepare my own meal at home :) start from the easiest one of course.

  7. Shahlin,
    Warm welcome here.
    I am so glad you liked recipes here.Enjoy your stay here :-)..
    hugs and smiles


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