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Cherry Banana Pancakes-Bideshi Influence on Shakal'er Jol Khabar

Thanks to modern discoveries/technologies like Boeing-747,these days time required for visiting New York or London for work or for leisure for that matter is equal to visiting your grandparent’s native village or perhaps may be less. With these rapid changes in our lifestyle, our food habits also gets somewhat accustomed to the influence of the local , international food cuisine. As Indian’s are traveling much more these days for career or for holidays, we are much more aware about the local food habits as compared to our fore-fathers. And rest whatever is left,which is still undiscovered,unknown comes to be alive with many different TV cooking shows or travel and food series, that are featured in many different TV channels now. Slowly the unknown world is coming close to your drawing rooms without much effort. We, the children of 70’s and 80’s for that matter are more aware about many different cuisines or food habits as compared to our fore-fathers.

I can’t imagine my father or my father-in-law having croissants for breakfast some 20 years ago. But even if I insist on trying them now, perhaps they would still dismiss this as ridiculous. For them, a staple traditional Bengali breakfast meant something like this –Click Here. This traditional breakfast would be good any day as compared to what those “Bideshi Jol Khabar” would be.

And when we talk about Bideshi/phoren influence on our lifstyle, isn’t having toasted bread and drinking tea is all but a part of a proper English breakfast? If I can presume-for 21st century children having a pre-packaged muffins,cakes,croissants,donuts,brioche and French bread would be a daily affair and an easy option .Pop it in M/W –count to 10 and viola you are ready with your breakfast. And who want to sweat it out in kitchen and make aloor torkari and paratha from scratch on a busy working weekday when things can be so easy and instant.

Hope in that new era, our children should at least know little bit of , if not all about our traditional food habits as compared to knowing every bit about international cuisines.

This post is very much influenced by Bideshi culture. Pancakes or crepes make their way to our breakfast table many a times now. However, if you do not see a point in making them from scratch then go ahead to the supermarkets, get premade/frozen-packaged pancakes, POP in M/W and count to 10 , and you will be all ready with your breakfast.

And in case you decide otherwise, that you want to make it all by yourself and want your 21st century children to be aware that this can be made in home and can be served with the warmth of your love ,then I would say go ahead what are you waiting for.

There has been a past post on blueberry banana pancake –Click Here for detailed recipe. This time its Cherry Banana pancakes with a surprise addition of custard powder.

Recipe requirements for Banana Cherry Pancakes

1 and half cup of self raising flour

1 medium egg

About quarter cup of milk

3-4 tbs of custard powder

2-3 banana made into puree

About half cup of cherries pitted and chopped


Mash bananas with the help of fork or spoon in a large mixing bowl.

Add in one egg.

Add in custard powder and self raising flour /cake flour. I have started using custard powder in our pancakes recently and was amazed by the new flavour it imparts to a mundane banana pancakes.

Now gently start mixing with the help of milk. Make a runny batter of the above.Gently fold in chopped cherries.

Prepare heavy cast iron skillet or tava.

Heat up it well, drop some water if it sizzles then the tava is ready for making pancakes.

At medium flame or gas mark 4 or better 3, add some oil just to smear it well over the skillet.

Scoop out one ladle full of the runny batter; gently smear it over the skillet.

If the bubble starts appearing, flip the side and fry it for 2-3 mints.

Take out in serving platter and serve it with some sweetened condensed milk or with some cream or maple syrup.

Enjoy with your loved ones

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  1. cherry banana pancake looks divine ...love the combination very much ...all r my favorite ingredients ...thanks for sharing dear


  2. Loved the read....truely said..lovely pan cakes...loved the presentation....

  3. Woww cute looking and irresistible pancakes..

  4. Nice combo for a pancake, healthy as well as delicious..

  5. Satya,

    thanks,hope you do try making it.

    thank you liking the presentation part :-)..

    thanks for coming.

    yes,this is healthy but not if I eat it with loads of condensed milk :-D..

    hi and warm welcome ,thanks for liking it..

    thank you all for droping by here..
    hugs and smiles


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