Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ever Versatile Easy Chicken Noodles Soup and Some pictures of Snow

It snowed heavily here yesterday, and nothing can be comparable when it comes to enjoying snowy weather. We went to a park nearby, all covered or should I say packed up very well and enjoyed throwing snow on each other. Below are some of the snaps we clicked on our small walking journey. Hope you all like as much as we enjoyed clicking them.So, sit back with a cup of tea and enjoy this virtual walking tour.

It is Christmas in the heart which puts Christmas in the air.

Red and White –Two colors which defines the very nature of being in Christmas mood.

Green and White-Another colors to define Christmas mood.

Now who would have thought of cleaning this much of snow, and then drive?

As many trains, tubes and bus came to a complete halt today, this little make-shift train in children’s park is all decked up with white snow if it could get some passengers. Where are you all?

Anyone out there if you really care to sit in here.

Hello!! My name is Mr. Snowman; hope you have a splendid Christmas and happy New Year.

Frosty and desolate but snow can even glorify a dry tree as well.

If you are a regular reader of this blog, You know when I say - We have been here too . Another Moment captured in our memories forever.

Alright then,
Now to the recipe- very simple chicken noodles soup to keep us warm in this cold weather here.

With this kind of weather a bowl of comforting soup lifts your spirit and energy level also. After a long walk, we were tired and this comforting bowl of soup was just the kind of food we were craving for. There are no special ingredients to make it. This is another ever versatile soup recipe that we like to prepare. Use vegetables as much as you can.

Noodles Chicken Soup

Recipe requirements and method
About 1 egg noodle
Vegetables of your choice
I used 2 carrots
Some3-4 beans
1 medium size potatoes
2 medium size tomatoes
Half an inch of ginger
2 garlic pods
About half a cup of green peas
2 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of salt
2-3 chicken legs or chicken wings or chicken breast  cut into large bite size cubes
Half cup of shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese
If you have pressure cooker. Then it’s as easy as it can be.
Add in about 5-6 cups of water in pressure cooker.
Now add all the chopped vegetables-potato, tomato, beans, carrots.Add in ginger and garlic.
Add in seasonings-salt and black pepper.
Add in chicken legs/pieces.
Lock the pressure cooker and now put the pressure cooker to high flame. Let it whistle once. Now lower the flame and let it simmer with lid for about 8-10 mints. Take off from the flame.
When the pressure subsides, then unlock the pressure cooker lid.
In a separate pan, bring some water to boil. Add little bit of salt and then add 1 cake of egg noodle and cook.
Add in this cooked noodles over the hot chicken soup. Alternately you can cook all over very low flame with a large cooking pot over 30-50 mints or till the chicken are well cooked.
Garnish with mozzarella cheese and enjoy in this cold weather.

Well since it’s festive time, made this Black Forest Cake too. If you wish you can find the recipe Here.

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To all those who haven’t received verification e-mail, I do deeply regret it and apologies for this mis-understanding. I do not wish this should have happened. However I can do very little on that as this is managed by feedburner.Is there any other way we can fix this problem, do let me know friends.

Hope you do enjoy winter and festivity.Stay warm.

 Happy Cooking Friends and a Very Happy Christmas.


  1. Beautiful snow clicks..Wat a comforting noodles chicken soup, very inviting..

  2. Dear jaya
    Very nice clicks. I am planning to go to the Himalayas to see snow and you must be getting fade up with snow every year..
    I like this recipe, but I will use wings and legs.
    Merry Christmas

  3. thanks for sharing such nice pics,..soup looks perfect for the weather,..and the cake too good,.;-)

  4. Priya,
    Thanks for liking the pics and the soup..hugs

    Ushnish da,
    Oh!we do like to see snow a lot..the only thing which is annoying is we dont have public transport running here..a complete shut-down sort of ..Hain Chicken legs are just the kind of meat for this kind of soup..Thanks for coming ..

    Thanks for liking both and yeah we do need more such soup to keep us warm and going ..
    thanks for coming

    hugs and smiles

  5. We got snow but not that much. Nothing can be more comforting than a Chicken noodle soup for a cold wintry day.

    As for feedburner, I suspected there was a problem because of the inactivity. You cofirmed it. It seems to be fixed now I think because of all the subscriptions I am seeing lately,

  6. Noodles looks so comforting..lovely pictures.

  7. Enjoyed the pix. Have been hearing about the snow in London, take care.

  8. Indo,
    I am still left with the problem , lets see if this gets sorted out soon.Yeah chicken soup is just the kind of comforting food we need here in this type of weather..hugs

    thanks for liking pics and soup..good to see you here..

    yeah, there are some places which are badly hit and we don't have much options but to stay in home now..You know the temperature out is 0 deg C but feels like -4 deg C..and there is further prediction of light snow in night..Doh!!
    Thanks for coming..
    hugs and smiles

  9. nice pics...u r making me feel cold with the snow and warming me up with the soup.....black forest is the perfect finish to it.

  10. Jaya

    I am so sorry amar ar ei bar goppo lekha holo na. Ei season ta bhishon busy jai. Ami je draft gulo polish kore post korbo sei shomoy o hoche na.
    Friday theke long weekend jodio.
    Tomader to bhishon snow hocche. Khub sundor chobi tulecho.
    Stay warm and have the Happiest New Year

  11. The soup warmed my heart after looking at the chill-filled pictures.

  12. Biny,
    yeah we did enjoy the cold weather with a bowl of warm soup..thanks for coming..

    thats fine,ami jaani .. eyi rokom kono bapar neyi, enjoy the long weekend with loved ones :-)..

    thank you for liking the soup and pics..Canada te to besh bhalo snow hoye bodhaye ..

    thanks all for coming, enjoy the weekend..
    hugs and smiles


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