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Wheat Bulgur Pilaf with Chick Peas and Runner Beans

I have a little fascination for glorious sunsets.

Sunset view from our apartment window in London.

Lovely memories.

And sunset at Thames river.

When most of the food blogging world is talking about wheat Bulgar and each day you can see many recipes floating out in internet. This recipe is nothing special, but a very quick fix meal idea but has many good health benefits. In case you want to quick fix a meal after a hard day at work or running around for your family then this wholesome healthy meal can be ready in jiffy. This saves your time in kitchen and you can utilize that time unwinding yourselves with your loved ones.

Wheat bulgur is excellent for a vegetarian meal. It has more fiber, protein and vitamins than rice.
Wheat bulgur which is available in most of the grocery shop abroad are parboiled and dried and it takes very less time to cook also probably because the bran has been removed.
Wheat bulgur is an essential part of meditarean cuisine especially in tabbouleh and Kibeh.Tabboueleh you all know is a salad preparation with lemon juice, chick peas, olive oil and probably mint or cilantro/coriander leaves.Kibbeh is a kind of croquette stuffed with minced meat and deep fried. No, I am yet to make kibbeh.
The texture of the end product resembles quite a lot like couscous.
The wheat bulgur used in this recipe is coarse variety; you can get fine and medium variety as well. Whatever left-over you have you can well incorporate into this pilaf. However fresh ingredients add more flavor to it.

(This recipe was saved in my draft for a long time)

Wheat bulgur pilaf with chick peas and runner beans
Recipe requirements
1 large cup of cooked wheat bulgur
1 cup of cooked chick peas
1 cup of chopped runner beans
½ cup of cooked green chana
1 potato cubed, slightly pre-boiled
1 onion
2 garlic pods
2-3 tsp of ginger chopped
Tempering and seasoning
2 tbs of cooking oil
2 dry red pepper
½ tsp of mustard seeds
  • Cook wheat bulgur according to package directions.
  • Now heat up a saucepan, add cooking oil, and temper it with mustard seeds. (Tempering with mustard seeds is optional)
  • Add in chopped onions, ginger, and garlic and fry it well till the onions turn reddish-brown.
  • Now add in cubed potato, runner beans. Stir/fry the vegetables well for 4-5 mints.
  • Now add in cooked chick peas, green chana .Add in chopped tomato if you wish to add.
  • Add in the seasonings-red pepper powder, little bit of turmeric powder and salt.
  • Cover it and cook till all the above are cooked well.
  • Now slowly starts mixing this cooked mixture with the cooked wheat bulgur.
  • Sprinkle some lemon juice over it (optional)
  • Serve warm .A healthy wholesome meal ready in probably 15 -20 mints.

  1. You may wish then add in some garam masala as well.
  2. Chopped green chilies add extra heat to the dish.
  3. Sprouts like moong, green chana can also be added.
  4. A side dish of spinach sautéed with butter can also be served with this wheat bulgur pilaf.
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. hey Jaya,
    The pictures are breath taking ...
    the pulao looks comforting.

    P.s.(spell check for green chana)

  2. Would love to have this wonderful looking filling bulgur pilaf anytime, beautiful clicks,real feast to eyes..

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  4. Delicious and tempting meal..very healthy..nice recipe dear.

  5. Beautiful pics ...looks so fab n so the pilaf ..yum

  6. Thanks Suparna will correct it :D..


    I really apprecite that thanks..

    how are you, thanks for coming..

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  7. The photos are absolutely breath-taking Jaya!You really seem to miss your London days badly,ain't you?Your apartment must have been a beautiful one which such a beautiful vista clearly visible...lovely!
    That was an amazing recipe...thanks so much for sharing!:)


  8. Beautiful photos, Jaya! How have you been?

  9. Dear Jaya
    How are you? I cant visit blogs most of the time , so missing out a lot.
    Thank you so much for sharing the sunset photos. I feel good that you did not make the setting sun as the theme...there is more to a sunset view than the sun itself.
    let me see what all I missed during last several months.
    Bhalo theko tomra sabai

  10. W3,
    yeah little bit but life goes on isnt!!..thanks for coming ..Tumaar real name ki W3?

    good to see you ..I am not spending much time on net so miss going to my fav blogs ..will catch up with you ..
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    Ushnish Da,
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    I myself is busy these days with my family , daughter's new school etc so cant spend much time on blog hopping ..bhalo thakben ..Delhi te weather kemon?


  11. wow breathtaking pics of sunset, even I hav fascination for sunset than sunrise :)

    bulgur pilaf is so filling and yummy, appears at least once a week in my table for lunch

    hosting event: summer coolers

  12. kemon acho Jaya ? Anekdin kaajer chap e blog ghora ghuri hoy ni. Tumi ki ekhon Kolkatay ? Chobi gulo darun hoyeche.
    Ami Bulgur kini ni, tobe Dalia ta khub kori, anek ta ek i, tai na ?

  13. Sandeepa,
    Bulgar ta ekto taratari hoye..garam jole bhejale aro taratari hoye jaye ..kinto dalia jeyita eyikhane paba jaye (India te) seyi ta ke pressure cook korte hoye nahole ekto shokto lagey khete..Kolkata te achi ekhon..
    Bhalo thakbe..hugs and smiles

  14. beautiful pics! Bulghur pilaf looks so filling.

  15. Thanks mandira ..kemon acho? hugs

  16. Thanks all for liking the pictures.
    Forget to mention that all pics taken with our new 12 megapix camera except the sunset at Thames river which was clicked way back with our old 4 megapixel camera..No, I still dont use DSLR for all the pics taken so far in this blog..Hope to do so someday :D..hugs and smiles

  17. Hi
    I am settled in kolkata and was nice reading thru ur blog.Came across it when I googled for availability of Bulgar wheat in kolkata.Btw would you know where I could get bulgar wheat in kolkata?

    1. Not sure where you can get it , but I would say ask in/look out in Spencer or Big Bazaar outlets..many times they do stock them ..and thanks for stopping by....


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