Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paka Amer Ambol/ Mango Sweet Chutney

There are some days I have to cook twice or may be three times a day.It just happens when our cook do not appear or is on leave, but then I mostly forget to take pictures. And then you all know assembling props or some preparations for a picture takes time .It’s just not happening right now, the energy level gets drained as there are other chores to look after too.And add to that the hot weather here. And past two days were very hot days. Temperature stuck on 35 or 36 deg C but feels like 45 deg C.
But these are not excuses to justify my looong absence.And when you are out of action for a while, you tend to give excuses for not showing up there.Hopefully that period has passed for good.

Sometimes all you need is a “me time therapy”. I know that will sound selfish, but this “me time therapy’ helps me to rejuvenate my energy level. This can be anything, going for a short walk around our housing complex or going out to get some fresh vegetables from vegetable market or just watching these pretty, tiny neighbors in our community garden. Do you have your "me time therapy" often ? How do you mean to spend  your "me time therapy".

Well ,life becomes somewhat alluring when you have these pretty looking neighbours.Isnt ?

These are Indian male house sparrows I guess. You can catch them anywhere near your homes, school or office. They have adjusted well to the human invasion into their territories, wonder we as supreme creations of God when will be able to take responsibilities of our actions.

Invasions in any forms are not welcomed, and if they could have their own voices, perhaps,  they would have conveyed it long before to us!!

As for the time being, live and let them live peacefully with whatever we have left with us so far here in earth.

Now to the recipe --

What you do with the ripened mangoes that are slightly sour in taste but looks one of the most delicious samples. I tell you make them as chatni or amer ambol, and I can guarantee that you won’t go back to making amer ambol with raw green mangoes.

There have been many times, we got some great looking mangoes thinking they are have fully rippened but later found out that they are not sweet enough, slightly tangy and sour, instead of eating them, we make them in to sweet chutney/chatni or paka amer ambol.It takes very little time to cook this way and it just tastes so heaven on earth.

I do think the season for fresh, juicy mangoes is getting over soon.By mid August the real beauties will vanish from fruit markets or perhaps will be sold on high prices.
So, before it vanishes, do try this simple, yet delicious chutney

Paka amer ambol/ Mango sweet chutney
Recipe requirements

2 ripe mangoes
½ tsp of turmeric powder (holod)
1 tsp of black mustard seeds (shorse)
2-3 small dry red peppers (shokno lonka)
Sugar about quarter cup roughly9adjust according to your preference)
Pinch of salt


  • Wash and clean mangoes, cut into small pieces
  • Now heat up a kadai/wok/saucepan. Add mustard oil, temper it with mustard seeds and dry red pepper.
  • Add the sliced or cut mango pieces; add sugar, salt and turmeric powder. Stir/fry for 1-2 mints.
  • Add about 1 and half cup of water, cover the pan and let it cook for 5-6 mints. As mangoes are ripened, it takes a little less time to cook as compared to raw mangoes.
  • This is something out of the world as far as taste and flavor is concerned.

You can try this Chatni/ambol with Himsagar, Dasheri, Chousa and Fazli varieties of mangoes as well.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. great to see you Jaya. garome sottii najehal abostha.
    paka amer chatni kakhano khaini, tabe dekhte darun. fridge e pore ache duto aam, khub tak bole khete parchina. bhebechilam mango lassi banabo kintu akhon tomar chatnii banate habe dekhchi.

  2. wow dear love it...sounds so so flavourful and so different

  3. It looks really nice.


  4. I have the same feeling as you about this 'me time therapy', Jaya and I believe every person should have this time for himself or herself!Amer ambol looks so inviting - I love it both with kancha aam as well as paka aam:) lovely to have on a hot summer afternoon!


  5. Sayantani,
    eto din e nischoyi amer ambol baniyecho..kemon laglo? garam e bachader beshi koshto hoye ,taar por school daily..

    thanks ..


    yeah we all deserve a "me time therapy' often to freshen ourseelf..
    Thanks all for stoping by..
    hugs and smiles

  6. perfect timing. I have a few paka aam in the fridge. :)


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