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Sweet Corn Khasta Kachori and Black and White Wednesday

It’s generally simple roti/chappati for us on most of the nights as part of our dinner menu.And occasionally some parathas especially aloo, or gobhi or methi or gajar etc as winter has started in our neck of woods. And even once in a while keema paratha.I have seen my ma and ma-in-law making enormous efforts during winter to make koraishutir kachori/green peas kachoris.So, every winter when we do get fresh green peas pods, we have seen many afternoons being spent shelling peas together amidst some gossip and tea.

But with fast paced life, everything has become so instant. Instant mashed potato, dissolve warm water and it’s ready. Instant coffee, dissolve warm water and a cup of cappuccino is ready. Put frozen potato bites in oven and it’s ready in minutes. Green vegetables all neatly chopped and cut and sealed in a bag, ready to be eaten or stir/fried.
You need mango in winter, no problem, get back home canned and sliced mango or use a can of pureed mango, all available entire year. And if I have to list frozen food, my lists will never going to end. You need green peas, and then go to a supermarket and come back home with packaged frozen green peas or for that matter sweet corn.

Well, it does save time and our efforts in kitchen so that we can juggle our professional life and family time and do things which almost a decade ago was never heard off. Read here blogging and social networking. But with every milestone there comes some prices to pay.
When I try to recall some memories from past, I do miss those healthy interactions with family members, a little chit-chat, some neighborhood gossip while shelling peas, you know when all the kakimas, jethimas or mashimaas, cousins, nieces etc would gather around a table and start shelling peas amidst all the talking.
Then somebody would come up with hot fried onion fritters and tea. Or even sometimes would be healthy sibling rivalry where one would compete with brothers and sisters about piling up heaps of shelled peas at a stretch.

Small Pleasures, but it did give us great happiness; and I am sure which a frozen packet of green peas or sweet corn can’t bring along with it.
This time, I didn’t have options, so end up using frozen sweet corn for these Khasta Kachoris.

( "Kachoris" are kind of a pastry stuffed with any dry filling mainly vegetables and then deep fried in oil.Although the shape is different but it's quite similar like a Mexican Empanadas is or perhaps a Italian Calzone is  , but it's then deep fried and not baked.)

You can make it and pack it when you are traveling in trains or by car.And even give them in your kid’s lunch-box as once -in –a- while- savoury treat.

Sweet corn khasta kachuri/kachori 
Recipe requirements
For The stuffing of kachuri

Roughly 3-4 cups of frozen sweet corn
1 inch ginger
1 tsp of cumin powder
2-3 green chilies
1 large onion (optional)
1 tsp of red pepper powder
¼ tsp of grounded turmeric
2 tsp of dried oregano or carom seeds powder (Ajvain in Hindi, Jowan in Bengali)
½ tsp of salt
Pinch of hing/asafetida

For the dough
3-4 cups of whole wheat flour/atta
1/2 tsp of baking soda
1-2 tsp of cooking oil (moyen )


  • Take sweet corn in M/W safe dish and Microwave at high for 1-2 mints till they turn soft.
  • Let it cool a little bit, transfer sweet corn in the mixer jar, and add in ginger, green chillies, onion, red pepper powder, grounded turmeric, cumin powder.TIP- you can add in freshly toasted cumin seeds if you wish to get a nice aroma of cumin. Many a times I do like to add whole black pepper when I am not using green chilies. That addition of black pepper gives a different flavor. Pulse through till they turn out little coarse. I do generally like to make a coarse paste rather than smooth paste as it leaves some crunchy bites after the kachori is fried. If you do wish to make niramish (vegetarian kachuri during one of the festive season, then skip adding onions)
  • Now add 2-3 tbs of cooking oil, add the above made coarse paste. Add hing as well.
  • Now fry the paste for 8-10 mints till it becomes dry and leaves oil by the side. If you need to add more oil then do so.
  • Take out when it’s almost dry and have become quite dark. It will take 10-15 mints at med-high flame. Check in between if they do not get stuck.
  • Now knead the dough for the kachori.Take about 4-5 cups of whole wheat flour or atta. Generally a Bengali kachori is made with refined flour, but I have always seen in my Upean friend’s home, they do like to use atta/whole wheat flour for making kachori. I end up using atta in this case.
  • Add in about ½ tsp of baking soda and salt to make the kachoris all crunchy and kasta.If you think you want a soft kachori then do not use baking soda but knead the dough very well up to a palpileable consistency.
  • Add 1-2 tbs of oil (moyen ) and knead well with splashing little bit of water in between. Set aside and cover it. Let it sit for 2-4 hrs before you start making kachori.
  • Divide the kneaded dough into small balls, size of a golf ball. Roll one small ball with rolling pin, place the stuffing in middle and seal the sides working with your palms. Again roll while dusting with some flour, into small disc.
  • Ok, now after that, heat up a saucepan, add oil up to half. I do not have any kadai or wok, so end up using flat saucepan. However, I would strongly suggest using kadai/deep bottom pan or wok for frying kachoris, as this gives ample space to kachoris and they do fry well.
  • Now take out when both the sides have become golden to light brown. Place them over tissue paper so that it soaks up extra oil. Keep on frying rest of the kachoris.Serve warm with some chutney or aloo ki sabzi.

Sweet Corn Khasta Kachuri and hot tea, heaven !!

"Kachoris" are kind of a pastry stuffed with any dry filling mainly vegetables and then deep fried in oil.Although the shape is different but it's quite similar like a Mexican Empanadas is or perhaps a Italian Calzone is  , but it's then deep fried and not baked.)

and kachoris in B/W mode.Today is wednesday so sending this to Susan's Black and White Wednesday.....

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Brilliant idea,Jaya!Koraishutir kochuri bhishon favorite kintu sweet corn o amader khub pochonder jinish.Will give this a try the soonest possible...jodi bhalo hoy tahole blog'e post korbo,with the credits pointing to you definitely:)Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Thanks for the recipe Jaya... and for coming over to my space...
    You probably would have seen him in one of our famous bridges.. I caught him on the Tower Bridge on Sunday...

    Glad I m introduced to ur space.... We love bengali cusine...
    following u right away..

  3. Thank you Jaya.....
    This recipe is very new to me. Kachoris are favourite tea time snacks, but never made corn filled.
    Very nice.

  4. lovely kachoris.you have a nice blog.you can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

  5. Ei tumi blog korcho. Ami bhablam break e acho tai ar check korini. Khasta Kachori sottiy khasta hoyeche

  6. Sudha,
    hain bhalo hobe, baniye dekhte paro..

    Yeah may be you are right..same here and thanks for coming by..

    Lata Di,
    Thank you for coming here..means a lot to me..


    Kitchen Queen,
    thanks for introducing your self here ..would love to come over to your place..

    Hain, ga jherey alissi bhangiye abaar kicho likhte shoro korlaam..shit kaal e kicho bhalo lagey na..typical Bengali syndrome you see ;-D...

    Thanks for coming by
    hugs and smiles

  7. Love the idea of adding sweet corn into Kachori .. Will surely try this :)


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