Monday, August 13, 2012

Round-up- "Cooking With Whole Grains"- Healthy Diet Food Event

Here is the round-up of "Cooking with Whole Grains".All in all I received 26 -- 29 entries.I have tried to include all the recipes that I have received and according to the order I got them,  still I am human and error can happen.Do remind me if I have not included your entry.For next month's host and the theme, don't forget to check Priya's Event Host Line-up.

From Supriya's Kitchen -   1.Appam ,

2. Lacha Paratha and

3. Aloo Paratha

From Paricash blog

4.Masoor daal paratha

5.Oats desert 

6.Broken Wheat Upma

7.Healthy breakfast

8.Ladoo paratha

From Nisha's Kitchen

9.Whole Wheat dosa (Kodhumai Dosai)

and 10.Eggless Whole Wheat Bread Steam Pudding

From     Priyanka's Simple and Delicious  - 11.Milk- Dalia Breakfast

13.Peppered Moongdal Chapati

14.Vegan Multigrain Waffles

15.Oats Mixed Veggies and Moongdal Khichadi

16.Eggless Wholemeal, Banana and Flaxmeal pancakes

From Valarmathi's  Simple and Yummy Recipes

17.Jeera Rice- Cumin Brown Rice

and some more healthy recipes 

20.Cous-cous peas tikki

21.Whole Wheat Paneer Buns

22.Oats almond Sesame laddos

We also made these laddos, and they were super delicious- here

23.Wholewheat Custard Sponge Cake

and some of the recipes here in Spice and Curry

Updated to include 3 more entries - 

Alright finally we have reached to the finishing line.It was such a pleasure hosting Healthy Diet Food event.Thank you Priya for giving me this oppurtunity.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Thanks Jaya for the round up. Chobi diy ni ami na, ? Pathachi darao, noyto tumi chaile nije nite paro

    1. Ami update korey debo pics niye ..thanks


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