Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Phulkopir Data and Runner Beans Charchari

December starts with a bang and before we will realize a new year will usher in. All shops, shopping malls are well decorated and people are getting busy Christmas shopping, even gifting each other. Some even decorating their home with Christmas tree. We still haven’t decided when we will be putting up our Christmas tree compared to that, many already are giving finishing touch to their home and tree decorations. I  do like the festive season and the spirit with which it brings, but it always makes me little afraid of shopping  particularly in shopping malls , over crowded and long queue to toilets, makes it even more cranky expedition.

This weekend we were out in Oxford streets (actually most of the weekend we just love to hang out there for some time) and what rush and maddening crowd there. That sums up my assumption of Christmas shopping. And at night time when we were walking around in the street ,it all started to lit up with glowing, glittering lights and Christmas characters, that reminded us of Durga Puja Pandal decorations and huge portraits of light glowing God and Goddess.But next week, to avoid this maddening rush we would stay in home, have a cup of hot tea in comfy of our home and then probably watch a movie.
And then on Sunday will try to cook a full course Bengali meal as always.This Bengali charchari recipe was long due, just that it slipped away from my mind. I really doubt that it will suit the festive spirit as per cooking is concerned, as you all will be expecting cakes, biscuits, tarts, muffin recipes from me, little deviating from the festive spirit here..But whatever you cook, and where ever you eat that, it’s the people and their good intention, pleasant interaction, makes it worthy of memories.

I will try to do baking recipes when it will be Christmas Eve, for the time being let’s feed our souls and body with some vegetables and this Charchari recipe is one such great way of incorporating nutritional value to our food. I had some tender cauliflower stalks very fresh and green, just couldn’t throw in bin this time, and then freshest of runner beans, and a full bag of carrots, my folks are not much eager to eat gajar ka halva, so that needed to be used also and with all those fresh vegetables - a Charchari recipe was made in jiffy.

Now to the recipe

Phulkopir danta(cauliflower stalks) and Runner beans'er Niramish Charchari
Recipe requirements(serves-3-4)
  • Tender stalks of cauliflower/phulkopir danta
  • 1 Carrot
  • 3-4 Runner beans
  • Small red radish about 1-2 cups chopped or half large muli/white radish
  • 1 medium size potato
  • Seasoning and for phoron
  • 1/2 tsp of turmeric powder
  • 1 tsp of red pepper powder
  • 2 tsp of coriander powder
  • 1 tsp of panch phoron
  • 2 tej patta
  • 2 dry red pepper
  • 3-4 tbs of mustard oil
  • ¾ tsp of salt
  • Two pinch of sugar
  • ½ tsp of ghee

  • Clean, wash and chop all vegetables in equal size of about 1 to 2 inch in length.
  • Now heat up a saucepan/kadai.Add in mustard oil, now temper/phoron it with panch phoron, tej patta and red dry pepper.
  • When the panch phoron starts spluttering, add in all the chopped vegetables- cauliflower stalks, carrots, radish, potato.Keep on stir/fry for 4-5 mints at medium high flame.
  • Now add in all the seasonings- turmeric powder, red pepper powder, coriander powder, salt and sugar.Coat the seasonings well all over the fried vegetables.
  • Add in about half a cup of water and cover the saucepan with lid. Let it cook for 7-10 mints at medium flame or till the potatoes are cooked well and you can mix and mash the vegetables easily.
  • At the end add in ghee. Enjoy it with warm cooked rice or Roti/ruti/phulka.
  • Many other vegetables like-Snow peas, Baby corn, Brinjal, Butter-nut squash, can also be added to this Charchari recipe.
  • Add in fried Fish head and fish bones to make it Amish Charchari.

Happy Cooking a have lovely week days ahead...


  1. I totally agree i was telling Hans too that the days are going so fast etc...the dish looks so healthy and delicious too with all that veriety of veggies.
    Do you know there is a bloggers meet in London in feb 23rd oragnized by Indian bloggers living in London.

  2. Love december all coz of those beautiful christmas decoration everywhere.Already everyone is at holiday mood and waiting eagerly for the festivals.

    Lovely medley of veggies, charchari looks fantastic.

  3. One of my bong friends used to serve me a large bowl of this kind of chorchori as a snack :-)
    Loved it so much but somehow never could make it like her. Your version looks yummy, fresh veggies make me happy always.

  4. Perfect dish with dal rice. ei shite pray e khachhi. tomar chochori ta bhison bhalo hoyeche dekhte. kemon acho?

    today's recipe:

  5. looks so yummy mixed veg

  6. yummy and droolworthy curry.U have a nice blog.U can visit my blog and give ur valuable comments.

  7. Be it Durga Puja or Christmas the main thing is it brings happiness ..Enjoy this festive mood Jaya..And do enjoy bengali spread on weekend. Chorchori ami ekta bati niye boshe emni khe nite pari

  8. Never made a veggies from cauliflower stalks...its looks so tempting and its healthy too. Bookmarked it, will definitely try it!

  9. Thanks all for stoping by..hugs

  10. I've been coming here for three days, drooling over this and going back. This is on my list to try!

    1. :-)..try it and you will love to make it again..hugs

  11. I love veggies....This one is a welcome idea to add more wholesome food to your menu.

    1. yeah veggies are healthy options and provides great nourishments..thanks for coming by..hugs


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