Monday, September 30, 2013

Red Currant Jam

As usual I was doing my weekly grocery shopping in a supermarket here, came across a packet of red currants- red delicious edible small rubies. Now, I don’t know what drew my attention towards them- the colour with which it was glowing or the fact it was way cheaper than most of the other berries displayed out there. I picked it up, and then the first thing that came to my mind was making red currant jelly or jam out of it. I came back home then I put the music on at youtube and then started slowly taking out other things from my "haat-bazaar" bag.

After I had put all the vegetables in refrigerator making and creating spaces in between, I put red currants over my window sill( if you have been with me over these couple of years, you do realize that’s the most active part of this blog, I happen to take almost all the pictures for this blog over there).

And I thought they indeed look very pretty, like scattered priceless red rubies. These red rubies were looking so delicious that I couldn’t resist the temptation and popped couple of them in my mouth, but wait, it turns out they are sour, I mean very sour. So, I was right, there is no other way I can imagine eating them, so it is red currant jam for sure. I was skeptical; really don’t know how this will be received by my folks. But it seems so far they have tried to include in every possible way, over breads, with biscuits, over Oreo or with mascarpone cheese, with ice-cream topping and with yogurt shake, milk shake and well I don’t need to tell now that it’s well almost finished.

Then suddenly I realized ok I have to write the recipe here, in case somebody else is having a tempting time in super-markets to try them, to all those don’t fret or shy away, red-currant jelly or jam can really do wonder to your mundane breakfast table, trust me on that or there is always a better way of using it up with masala lamb steaks the more traditional way.

Red Currant Jam
Recipe requirements
250 Gms of red currant
250 Gms of granulated sugar
1 tsp of lemon juice


  1. Wash well red currants in running water. With red currants no need to pluck the stalks, just put all in the simmering pot and soon it will be all mushy and watery.
  2. Now put them in a large pot and let it simmer. Just press gently with spatula so that red currant turns into mushy texture. Leave it for cooking.
  3. After about 10-15 mints when they release water add in sugar and mix well. Let it come to one rolling boil and then put it to simmer. Discard the white froth which will be formed from time to time.
  4. After about 10-15 mints when the red currants have all mixed well with sugar. Turn off the flame. Add in lemon juice and stir. Remove it from the flame.
  5. Sieve through a soft muslin cloth or a cotton towel. This way seeds can be discarded. Collect the juice. You can do this step overnight if you are using more quantities. I generally don’t wait and like to strain out the entire pulp using a tea strainer in several small batches.
  6. Now put small quantities in a strainer and press it forcefully so that you can collect maximum pulp out of it. Discard the residue that is left after wards.
  7. In a large bowl after collecting all the red currant pulp, mix it all well. It still will be warm.
  8. Meanwhile you are collecting the red currant pulp, sterilize a glass jar or wash them very well with soap water and then pop it in oven for 3-4 mints till it gets dry. And don’ forget to take it out.
  9. Now fill in the red currant jam in to the sterilized jar.
  10. Once it gets cooled refrigerate it for best results. Consume within 6-7 days for good results.

Note- Many jam recipes use pectin as a setting agent, I have never used that so can’t tell about it. But when ever I have used lemon juice, it has quite worked for me so far. This is one of those jam recipes one wants to make again, and again and it’s scrumptiously delicious.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Red currant jam looks simply awesome. Wonderfully prepared.

  2. Jam looks so good and colorful

  3. Wish i get a bottle of this glossy and attractive jam..


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