Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Aamshotto(mango leather)-Chocolate Oreo No bake Cheesecake -Kid Friendly recipe

We are having half-term holidays now, and mothers like me probably are finding it hard to keep their kids engaged with productive activities. Right, well in that case, cooking can be fun as it gives kids options to be creative, imaginative and having ample scope of fun-filled time.

Last Sunday, while I was fixing individual dessert bowls for us – no-bake blueberry cheesecake, my dear daughter liked the thought of having individual bowl of dessert, so each one of us can have our personal choices. And she told me, she will prepare her dessert bowl the way she likes to eat. Well, I don’t see any reasons to stop her, so I gave her full freedom to fix up her own dessert bowl.
And I never realized that, this can be such a scrumptious combination- aam-shoto (mango leather), mascarpone,Oreo and chocolate. I had some of the left-over stock of aam-shoto, which I got it while coming back here from Kolkata, and not to mention we all are having aam-shoto in every possible way and sometimes even as it is. She dry-grinded some Oreo biscuits in a mixer-grinder,as those are her favorite and I just happen to add some oats granola so that it becomes even more filling. Then again with mascarpone cheese, she blended her favorite Oval tine powder which made the cheese+chocolate combination in a more healthy way. Then she began layering all those and ending up with aam-shoto (mango leather).She even clicked both the pictures and here I am doing the last part of writing up the recipe and uploading it to the blog.

Try it in Diwali this year as sweets, and I am sure it’s definitely going to be a crowd pleaser especially with kids; after all it’s a kid –friendly recipe prepared by a kid only.

Aam-shotto (Mango leather) and Chocolate Oreo no-bake Cheesecake
Recipe requirements(measurements approx and serves 1-2)
Ror the toppings
Aamshoto- mango leather pieces cut into any shapes triangles or squares
2 tsp of oval tine or any other hot chocolate drink powder
2-3 tbs of mascarpone cheese
1 tbs of thick yogurt
2 tsp of icing sugar
For the base
3-4 tbs of oats granola
4-5 Oreo biscuits
2 tsp of butter spread
First, dry grind the oats granola and Oreo in mixer to make even crumbs. Rub in butter spread to the oats Oreo crumble. Keep aside.
Now mix in mascarpone cheese and yogurt with icing sugar and oval tine powder. You may use bourn vita or any other hot chocolate drink powder as well.
Now take a clean dessert bowl, spread the oats+oreo crumble evenly and press it firmly with a spoon.
Scoop out the mascarpone cheese+yogurt+Ovaltine+icing sugar mixture and spread it evenly over the cheesecake base.
Now layers aam-shoto or mango leather and chocolate pieces. Garnish with chocolate shavings. Enjoy the dessert now or if you wish to chill, refrigerate in for 3-4 hrs.

An eazy-peezy no-bake cheesecake is ready.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Very interesting cheese cake, yummilicious!

  2. Love to finish that whole cheesecake rite now,irresistible and seriously tempting.Love that cute writing..


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