Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Till'er Naru/White Sesame and Linseed ladoo /Till and Alsi ke Ladoo

Sometimes it’s good to watch the world go by through a window.I mean take a mini-break  from life’s very own nitty-gritty and in my case from food blogging.Now it’s just that when you decide to open up the main door,then walk along with the crowd outside , you realize that you have been out of the form , out, from the habit of walking,running - juggling or flying or what ever way you want to put it.But then it’s the feeling of joining and continuing which should be pushing you hard to have that courage of opening the front door and then start walking again with the world outside.So, here I am after a short hiatus , trying to take some baby steps with this initial post of Till and Alsi ke ladoo aka sesame and linseed ladoo.Don’t ask me what I did during this period.Really you sure, you don’t going to ask me that , nevertheless even if you don’t, I will still bore you with all those stories, may be in coming weeks or so…

I can’t recall when was the last time we had this severity of rain during winter season, so far it looks as if we are in Indian monsoon,yup, the only difrence is, it’s soggy and sheepishly cold and damp.When we started to go huff and puff with continous rain , here comes last two days with bright sun shining and comforting us,and we thought oh! yes finally- that real winter has arrived,the kind of winter which is so synonyms  in our neck of the woods,  where we would again relish oranges, wearing monkey caps or sitting leisurely cozying up or lighting up the “angithi” / which function like fireplaces to warm up, and trying to enjoy the “Delhi- ki -Sardi –type” winter.Well winter comes with fair share of festivals also - "Makar Sankranti" which is way passed now.As these ladoos were made back then along with Shoro Chakli etc .But then today being Saraswati Puja, so thought of writing it here….
I know you all will be making khichuri, chatni and payesh and chorchori etc.But then if you are into making gota sheddo as that is what I was making before I started typing this post, here is the archived post from here.....
So without adding much, here is till and alsi ke ladoo..I have used sunflower seeds as well.But if you don’t like  linseed/flax seed/Alsi/Tishi  or sunflower seeds , you may make it purely with white sesame or black sesame seeds as well.Gur/jaggery is used in place of sugar.But then  if you wish you can even use half sugar and half jaggery in combination as well and that is what I really prefer.

Sesame and linseed ladoo/ Till aur Alsi ke ladoo/Till'er Naru
Recipe requirements( approx measurements)- makes roughly 14-15 ladoo 
About  one cup of white sesame seeds
Quarter cup of linseed seeds
Quarter cup of sunflower seeds
About two small block of gur that should yield approx half cup of thick melted jaggery
Half a cup of powdered sugar
1 tsp of crushed fennel seeds/saunf/mouri
1 tsp of freshly grated ginger
3-4 tsp of ghee

Take a pan and add in sesame seeds, linseed and sunflower seeds.Start dry roasting them for about 7-9 mints at low flame, make sure not to burn them.I have slightly toasted them until a nice whiff of sesame seeds hits you senses.
Once it’s cooled,then pulse it coarsely in a grinder just once, many times I don’t do that even.Do not make it like a powder unless you wish to make Pinni types.Although if you do make then then you will need more sugar to sweeten them up.
Now in a pan, add in coarse sesame seeds+linseed +sunflower seeds.Add in sugar and ghee to it and start mixing it well.You may well actually skip linseed and sunflower seeds but these two seeds are healthy and packed with nutrients, especially linseed or Alsi in Hindi  /Tishi in Bengali ?? as we know it.
Now add in crushed fennel or you may use fennel powder as well.Add in a tsp of fresh grated ginger.You may actually use “Sonth” /dry ginger as well in place of fresh ginger.
Now add in melted jaggery to it and keep on mixing, stop when it starts to collect well.
Take out the mixture in a large bowl and after 5-7 mints, when you can handle the mixture stuff, start making small rounds.These laddos are soft, and they de-shape quickly.Although if you do make seed powder and make ladoos, they retain shape just like pinni.

Whatever way you prefer, try making them, they are absolutely delicious and healthy.And it says- these till ke laddo or till’er naru as we call in Bengali gives the heat to the body required for this type of cold wintery days.

And Saraswati Puja r Onek shubecha ….


  1. Very inviting and delicious to look at til nadu. It is my go to snack whenever I feel hungry and there is no time to prepare.


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