Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Leek and Potato soup

I know you all will be wondering what happened to this lady. Sshh! lots of happening but then I will leave it to that only, lots of happenings! Well, it just that I don’t blog about much or update the blog, that doesn't mean I am off on cooking or off with my other daily responsibilities. Cooking is an integral part of me now, cooking and feeding three hungry souls and tummies.
We also had a nice break from our mundane daily life and a holiday; a long awaited one, to one of the most beautiful places on earth, Switzerland. Now that we are back many moons ago, we wish someday we will get another opportunity by God’s grace to re-visit the place all over again. Now, who doesn't like to have a quiet holiday away from the maddening rush of the city, some where near in the laps of mountains and valleys, lost and hidden…

Anyhow, as of now a glimpse of Switzerland that I had to share with you, there you see mountain peak Matterhorn, playing hide-n-seek with clouds. Now start dreaming and gushing……

Summer has started and within this period, last week UK saw some of the hottest summer days, something that it is so unruly of British summer here. This week as it seems weather will be moderate, and let’s hope in India; summer turns out bearable soon, as what ever I am hearing from my family back there, the heat is unbearable. Stay safe, avoid day time extreme sun-rays exposure, drink lots of fluids to re-hydrate and replenish yourself. Protect little kids and senior citizens from extreme heat. Now, waiting for monsoon to arrive soon.

I am also including in this post, a simple leek potato soup recipe. We have been utilizing leeks in many ways, like in leek Chorchori, leek/potato/mushroom stir/fry, leek rotis/paratha and leek- carrot –pasta bake etc, but then if we talk about leek, then how can I forget to add leek and potato soup here.
Sometimes a simple bowl of hot piping soup is all, which is needed to feel warmth and cozy inside us, and if you are like us, believing in simplicity and nutritious meals, then go ahead and make it immediately.

A very easy and simple soup with leeks
Leek and Potato soup
Recipe requirements
2-3 large leeks
2 medium size potatoes
½ cup of whole milk
1 tbs of butter
1 tsp of crushed black pepper
Salt as per taste

Clean leek stalks in running water to get rid of mud if any and cut them roughly. If still there is traces of mud, then soak the cut leek stalks pieces and leaves in ample water for about 10-15 mints, and then drain it later on. Cut potatoes into cubes.
Put a saucepan over medium heat, and add in butter.
Now add in chopped leeks and potatoes.
Stir/fry them for about 4-5 mints or until the leeks shrink in size and starts releasing water.
Add salt and black pepper to the above. It would be nice if you can use freshly crushed black pepper corn.
Add in milk and about 2 cups of water now. Let it slowly simmer and cooked into a mushy textured soup. Now you can pulse through half of the soup mixture or can puree it entirely depending on your preference. We like to puree half the soup mixture and then retaining some chunks of cooked potatoes and leek leaves.
Serve warm with cream or butter and garnish with dried herbs of your choice.
Refreshing leek soup is ready.

Let’s cheer our favorite teams in football world cup currently being hosted in Brazil...May the best team win…

Happy Cooking friends


  1. Hello Jaya, good to hear from you..nice to know your trip and your schedule..soup sounds so healthy..

  2. Good to see u back Jaya, can guess how busy you might be.. Leek potato soup is a classic soup here, we love it anytime.

  3. thans Nandoo, Sri and Priya for coming by ..hugs


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