Friday, August 22, 2014

Blueberry Muffin on a sugar high Friday

There used to be a series – way back something called- “Sugar high Friday” where food bloggers used to share recipes that were something to do with sweets and sugars. Now after such a long gap, I really don’t know if that food blog event is still running or not ( I am always on-off from food blogging world that, many things go missing from my reading list and now it is a habit.) but I really want to remember that food-event, even though this muffin recipe was made long while ago , nevertheless sharing is what I believe in , so an impromptu blog post of blueberry muffin recipe on this very Friday. Lets see if I can do it next Friday or coming Fridays, something that even I am not sure of doing hundred percent either.
Actually with so many food blog events, I somehow have started having a dizzy feeling when ever someone utters the word “event”. Don’t get me wrong but with so many food blog events and their successive tenure, I find them intimidating, the mere mention and I want to run away. If you all can be little patient with me, I want to rewind the clock and look back when there were limited food-blog events and people still have choices to come up with recipes, good recipes and within their comfort levels.  Now with each passing days the definition of food-blogging is also changing, this open social networking systems have allowed us all to mingle with each other outside our virtual domain. And with this the main focus of having valuable, homely recipes is lost; we don’t even acknowledge the original source from where one is taking up the original recipes or even ideas. And ethics have now become a passing fashion tag or should I say hash-tag.
Our world has squeezed into being hash-tags. #- holidays , #-recipes, # kids, # food-blogs  etc……

But then each one of us have their own  justified way of communicating with “readers” (and I won’t use the word – “followers” here) but honestly where you draw a line …..

I know something I won’t be able to get along well, nor am I willing to float along with the flow. So, here I am, old fashioned way sharing a recipe with out putting it or mentioning it in any other social- networking sites beforehand. Please feel free to write how your world has changed for better using social-networking sites if not less.
Blueberry Muffin
Recipe requirements
1 and ¾ cup of self raising flour
2 free range eggs
½ cup of granulated sugar
¼ cup of cooking oil
2 tbs of spreadable butter
1 tsp of vanilla essence
2 cups of  fresh blueberries
3-4 tbs of yogurt

Sift in self raising flour. Since we are using self –raising flour, we won’t be adding baking powder. In case you don’t get self raising flour then add in ½ tsp of baking powder and two pinch of baking soda to 1 and ¾ cup of plain flour.
Wash and clean blueberries and then coat them well with flour. If using frozen then generally I don’t really like to thaw them and I do add them as it is.
In a  big mixing bowl, mix in butter+cooking oil, and keep on adding sugar to this till all the sugar is used up. This should now look like a pale colour fluffy mixture. Add in vanilla essence.
Add egg one at a time mixing it through. It would be nice if you can take out eggs and yogurt prior to baking the cake at least about an hour.Add in yogurt also. If you see the mixture is curdling, then add in few tsp of flour to even out.
Now add in coated blueberries to the above mixture. Add in self raising flour and gently fold in, so that blueberries are evenly scattered within the cake batter.We need a gentle and caring hand for them , so just fold in.

Set the oven at 175 deg C. Now prepare the muffin tins. Line them up with muffin cases.Scoop out about a big dollop of this batter in a spoon and drop into each muffin cases. And bake them for about 15-20 mints or till they are golden on outside surface.This much yielded about 16-18 muffins, although I would assume them to be blueberries cupcakes rather than muffin.You can put a tooth pick in the middle, insert and take out to check if they are baked well or not.....if tooth pick comes out clean, your muffins are ready.You can put toppings or frosting as well.

If you want to make cupcakes or muffins in pressure cooker then here is this old post  -  way back in 2008.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Wow im already hungry n these make me more hungry :)

  2. I remember Sugar High Friday. I don't think many of the old events are around, except Weekend Herb Blogging and the more recent Black & White Wednesday.

    1. Yes Sra right there :-)....and all the new food- blog events, well I don't know how to keep tab on them ..so many of them that I lost my count now..for me it's better to just stay clear out of it :-)..hugs

  3. Adorable they are, just cant take my eyes from ur muffins..

  4. Blueberry muffins are tempting, can I replace egg. Any suggestions .


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