Thursday, October 6, 2016

Chorchori and Sharodiya Shubecha

Autumn, this is that time of the year again. Every Bengali knows what it means, and how much importance it has in their respective lives. Some have nostalgic memories associated with it and some will continue making fresh memories with each passing autumn season. ‘Sharadoutsav’ is again reckoning from tomorrow with Shashti, the onset of Sharad kalin or Ashwin month Durga Puja according to Hindu calender. And with Durga Puja , a series of other festivals lining up now.

Puja invokes mixed feeling for me, makes me feel home-sick and happy as well. Although where ever we go, we find many places where we can get a glimpse of Ma Durga and absorb in Puja atmosphere. 
We do hope we can do this year as well. These 4-5 days, means – eating, cooking and more eating, get-together, outings and celebrating.
I have prepared a list of recipes for these special occasion.Yes most of them are Bengali recipes.You can have a look - here and an old post about Puja ramblings.

You all enjoy and have a wonderful Durga Puja holidays.

Today I have a chorchori recipe post with Ranga Aloo.Chorchori as it says, need no introduction. All you need is vegetables and stir/fry them and the vegetable medley is ready. This is eaten as first course. Here is how we made it ……..

Chorchori with Ranga aloo
Recipe requirements (serves 2-3 people)
2-3 sweet potato
2 medium size carrots
1-2 Cauliflower stalks
 2-3 medium size round brinjals
 1 medium size bitter gourd
1 medium size potatoes
 ½ tsp of turmeric powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
 1tsp of freshly grounded coriander powder
Salt as per taste
 2 pinches of sugar
For tempering
1 tsp of panch phoron
2 dry red chillies
5-6 tbs of cooking oil/mustard oil

Clean and cut potatoes, sweet potato, brinjals and carrots in to cubes.
Cut bitter gourd into cubes and marinate them with turmeric powder+ salt. Set aside in a separate plate.
If you are using vegetables stalks, like cauliflower, scrape the outer layer and then chop it into cubes. You can use other vegetable stalks as well cabbage, spinach or other green leafy vegetable stalks.
Heat up a fry pan/wok/kadai, Add in few tsp of cooking oil to it, stir/fry bitter gourd pieces for 3-4 mints at med-high flame, take out and keep aside.
Add in more oil and add panch phoron , dry red pepper, let it splutter.
Stir/fry it for 1-2 mints at med-high flame.
Add in carrots, vegetable stalks, sweet potatoes and potatoes pieces. Add brinjals pieces at the end.
In a small bowl  mix in all the dry spices- turmeric powder+red pepper powder+coriander powder +salt with bit of water and  mix it well.
Add this spices mixture to the above fried mix and keep on stir/fry for about 3-4 mints.
Now add in fried bitter gourd pieces and mix well. Splash some water over the stir/fried vegetables so that it doesn’t stick at the bottom.
Cover and let it cook further for about 8-12 mints or till the vegetables turn soft.
Serve and enjoy with warm cooked rice.

Happy Cooking Friends 

Shobayi ke Sharodiya Shubecha and Preeti .....Happy Durga Puja

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