Monday, April 9, 2018

Coffee Timeout - Pulp By Papa Palheta KL

One lazy Friday afternoon we decided to go for a cup of coffee near our vicinity. This café went unnoticed for a while. Pulp by Papa Palheta in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur is very near to us. 
This designer café is tucked away in a residential neighbourhood, away from hum-drums of crazy shopping malls here. 

The crowd is mostly locals and some from the adjoining industrial area or the office going public. Most of them like to come and unwind after a day’s work in office during weekdays. 

And on weekend the general Instagram public will make a beeline for their coffee. Actually you can find them on weekdays as well. So, yes it’s a very lively and sought after place for coffee lovers and shutterbug crazy people.

I and dear husband were not expecting something out of the world there, but a nice and cosy atmosphere was a welcome change to our mundane routine. 

We got our share of coffee latte, flat white and hot chocolate with a brownie and banana cake slice.

We were satisfied with their blend of coffee. We are not very picky about our coffee either, so yeah for us it was just perfect.Dear daughter also liked her cup of hot chocolate.

We spent almost an hour there sitting, chatting and enjoying our cup of coffee and dear daughter with her share of hot chocolate, also kept both of us entertained with her enticing banters thrown in between.

They also serve big bites aka main entree and breakfast options, in case you have a very hungry and growling tummy. I haven’t tried any of those, so can’t elaborate on their taste and freshness. 

But I was impressed with their range of desserts to go with our coffee. They also house various varieties of coffee that you can buy from them. 
They also serve cold brews in case you like cold things. I was intrigued with their cold brew coffee latte, spiked with hazelnut milk, maybe next time it’s due for me.

The brownie was moist and soft, kind of melt in mouth and the banana cake slice was also fresh and soft. Their desserts scored well for me. In fact, I liked the brownie way better than the banana slice.
The inside of the coffee house reminded us about the old art printing press there.There were some apertures for brewing fresh coffee.

They have remoulded it into a café in the same art printing press premise about four years ago. The décor is nice. Although, it hasn’t got much of seating space as compared to the Instagram and hash-tagged public it receives day in and out. 

Pic Credit- dear daughter

I would suggest to go on weekdays, where you still can enjoy their freshly brewed coffee and sit with your favourite book without interruptions. Another issue is parking which on weekends seems a hassle. 

They also run coffee workshops on many days just in case you need to know all the details of coffee making procedures and coffee beans.

Picture Credit- Dear Daughter
Overall a nice place to spend some time with a cup of coffee with your friends and family in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.All pictures are captured with our smartphones.

Picture Credit- Dear Daughter
Please stay tuned for my best place to eat list in Kuala Lumpur for a family in coming weeks.

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