Monday, July 30, 2012

Lauki/Dudhi and Bean Sprouts Sambhar,Chettinad Tomato Chutney with Aloo Charchari and Dosa

One thing about Monday that I hate, ok hate is a very strong word, lets say I don’t like is, it comes right after Sunday, my favorite day of the week. But as I have always said weekend go past so quickly and moments are passed just like blinking of an eye, but the euphoria still hangs on our mind .Fighting my Monday blues here I am typing this post. Not sure what made me write this post as there are many other recipes saved in my drafts. This recipe is like a gate-crash recipe well inspired by that Indian girl at the Olympic opening ceremony. And why not it’s the Olympic season that is going on so thought of inspiring me with some extended cooking .Good at least, if extended weekend is a distant dream for the time being, extended cooking is happening here. Some points scored may be. And I wish extended weekend happens soon.

Yesterday we were on a trip to south India. Oh! I mean to say we made south Indian platter for our lunch in comfy of our home. Here comes a surprising element but with a Bengali touch. I mean there was this lauki/ bottle gourd/  bean sprouts Sāmbhar, Chettinad tomato pachadi and dosa on our platter and then there was this Bengali style aloo charchari on one side. What an amalgamation of region,cuisine and flavor, but well worth it.

Now let’s hop on to recipes for this post - (actually it's four of them)

To be honest this is the first time I am using bean sprouts with lentils or dal, and I really find it extremely satisfying. And in future if I make dal I would definitely keep on adding this small pack power house for health benefits.
We all know lauki/ bottle gourd is a frequent in Sāmbhar, so don’t need to add much on that. Now to the recipe -

Lauki/Bottle Gourd Bean Sprouts Sāmbhar
Recipe requirements (Serves 6-7)
 2 cups of toor dal/arhar dal/aror dal (I used the oily toor dal)
About 2-3 cups of chopped lauki/ bottle gourd/bitter gourd pieces
2 – 3 cups of bean sprouts
1 large tomato
2 tbs of tamarind paste/ sauce available in bottles
For seasoning
1 tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
2-4 tsp of madras hot curry powder/ or Everest Sāmbhar powder
Salt as per taste
Pinch of sugar
1 tsp of ghee
For tempering
1 tsp of mustard seeds
3 dry red pepper
1 stalk full of curry patta
pinch of hing(asfoetida)
2 tbs of cooking oil
Wash the lentils/ arhar dal/toor dal  very well in water.
Put the pressure cooker to heat. Now add in washed toor dal. Add about 2 cups of water, enough to submerge the lentils. Let it come to a boil. Discard the white froth that is formed.
Now add in turmeric powder and salt, put the pressure cooker lid on. Let it whistle once, stop cooking. Take it off and then let it cool off. Once the pressure subsides, open the lid.
You have to add little bit of more water- about 2-3 cups of water.
Add in madras hot curry powder or Sāmbhar powder which ever is available. Add in tamarind pulp.
You may use tamarind syrup/sauce also, available in many superstores now in abroad and most probably in India.
Now prepare the tadka/seasoning
Heat up a saucepan, add cooking oil, let it heat up properly, otherwise mustard seeds wont crackle. If the seeds don’t crackle well, it may turn out bitter.Add them now.Add in hing.
Now add in 3-4 dry red pepper, and curry patta.I didn’t had curry patta this time.
Now add in  chopped onions or pearl onion whatever is available. Add in chopped tomato, lauki/ bottle gourd/bottle gourd pieces and bean sprouts. Keep on frying them, add in red pepper powder and adjust salt. After about 6-8 mints of frying. Transfer this tadka to the cooked toor/arhar dal.
If required add in more water depending on the consistency of Sāmbhar you want. If you need a runny/watery or thin one, then add about 3-4 cups of water otherwise  about 2 cups (approx) is essential.
Let it simmer slowly; add in ghee at the end. Serve hot with dosa.

-Bean sprouts add the healthy quotient to Sāmbhar and lauki/ bottle gord is always good for stomach.

I was more inclined towards making a hot and fiery sauce that could go along well with dosa.So zeroed down the famous Chettinad Cuisine, as it's known for it's hot and  spicy food.Chettinad tomato chutney went very well with the dosa and lauki /bean sprouts sambhar.I had bookmarked Sailaja's recipe way back , but just forgot to make.Any it's better be late than to be sorry oh! I forgot completely.A keeper recipe for us for sure.

Chettinad Tomato Pachadi /Chutney
Inspired and Adapted from (Sailu's Recipe)
Recipe Requirements
2 large tomatoes
2 white onions
2 green chilies
½ cup of cashews or peanuts
For tadka/tempering
6-8 very hot dry red pepper (often the small ones are fiery hot)
1 tsp of mustard seeds
2-3 tbs of chana dal
1 tbs of urad dal
Curry patta
1 tbs of cooking oil
Put a small saucepan to heat, add in cooking oil.
Now add in mustard seeds, dry red pepper .Let it crackle a little bit.
Add in slit green chilies. Add in cashews. (I didn’t had peanuts, cashews come in handy in case you have peanut allergy)
Add in chopped tomato and onion.
Fry them very well for 3-4 mints till they turn little translucent.
Let it cool properly. Now pulse through in mixer.And serve garnishing with curry patta and tempered mustard seeds.
If you don't like mustard tempering in the initial stage then do the tempering part after blending tomato, onion, green chilies and lentils in blender.

Bengali Style Aloo Charchari
Before I start writing it, I would say please make your authentic south Indian version of aloo sabzi  or the potato stuffing with dal+ curry pata+mustard seeds tempering if you don’t like Bengali style aloo charchari. However we feel Bengali style aloo-charchari goes very well with dosa.Now that’s Indian fusion food for you.
Recipe requirements ( serves 3-4 )
2-3 white potatoes
3-4 green chilies
For seasoning
½ tsp of turmeric powder
Salt as per taste
1 tsp of kalo jeerey/kalaunji/nigella seeds
1 or 1 and ½ tbs of cooking oil
Peel the skin, keeping some part of skin on.
Now heat up a saucepan, add in cooking oil.
Add in kalo jeerey, green chillies slit in between.
Now add in potatoes.Keep frying for 2-3 mints.
Add in salt and turmeric powder. Keep on frying.
Add in about quarter cup of water, cover it and then cook till potatoes are cooked well.If you wish you may add fresh green peas to it.

Now for the Dosa
Recipe requirements (makes 8-10 dosa)
 1 and half large cup of basmati rice/parboiled rice would be better
½ large cup of urad dal
Pinch of methi seeds
Soak dal and rice with methi seeds overnight.Other day pulse through finely in mixer.
Now keep them in direct sun rays to ferment well.
It would be nice to keep it overnight to ferment in cold weather.But back in India 4-5 hrs in strong day light is enough to ferment it.
Prepare the tava /iron skillet for dosa preparation.
Add in bit of more water and salt to work while you would swirl the dosa batter. You may look into this post for more details-Here.
Make dosa- Swirling and frying on hot tava with a ladle full of the dosa batter. Keep on doing it for other 7-8 dosa.

Enjoy this South – Indian Platter with friends and family.

I will be on a week long break from tomorrow.

Happy Cooking Friends

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Methi Mushroom Chana Masala with cous-cous

Last night we were awake little late, catching up Olympics’ opening ceremony on TV.Although I would say they have put in so much effort and hard work, which I do really appreciate, there is something which was missing, don’t know what. Ok to be honest I liked when James Bond ( Daniel Craig ) was sharing screen space with the queen and then Mr.Bean with his antics. But what captivated me was the depiction of industrial revolution. Well another summer Olympics have started yesterday and from today we are normal, I mean back to work. But many a times, we would be checking the medal tally just to be refreshed about the event.

Here is a deal for you for today’s post – methi, mushroom chana masala and fruit chat.Methi or fenugreek leaves are easily available here, and so usually a very simple stir/fry with potato and green peas works fine for us .But sometimes, mostly on weekends we like to make some rich gravy based preparations with it. Then comes mushroom, which we like to eat so that’s also included and last is chick peas – our ever versatile ingredients and savior on many occasions for a monotonous menu. Methi Mushroom and Chana is cooked in milk gravy, to give a lustrous and silky smooth texture. This goes well with naans and pulaos especially for a  vegetarian menu.We served over a bed of cooked cous-cous.A one pot meal itself.

Now to the recipe
Methi Mushroom Chana Masala 
Recipe requirements (serves 3-4 )
 1bunch of methi leaves/Fenugreek leaves
 2cups of chopped mushroom
1 can of chick pea/ or 2 cups of cooked chick pea
1 medium size onion
2-3 garlic pods
½ inch ginger root
1 and a half cup of milk
½ tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of hot red pepper powder
2 tsp of dhania/coriander powder
½ tsp of cumin powder
 ¼ tsp of hing (asfoetida)
1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp of cardamom powder
½ tsp of cumin seeds
Salt as per taste
2-3  tbs of cooking oil

Chop onion, garlic and ginger finely. Or it’s better to grate them with mandolin (Kadokus) it’s much easy and quick to chop this way.
Pick fresh leaves from the methi (fenugreek) stalks and then chop it finely. Blanch them for 1-2 mints in a separate saucepan.
Now discard the water in the chick pea can, and then wash chick pea very well in water. Or you may soak the dry Kabuli chana and then pressure cook it for two whistles with ample water in pressure cooker.
Now heat up a saucepan, add cooking oil, and temper this with cumin seeds.
Add chopped onion, garlic and ginger. Fry them well for 4-5 mints or till the rawness is gone.
Now add the dry seasonings- turmeric, red pepper, and coriander powder. Adjust salt.
Add in finely chopped methi leaves now directly or you may use the blanched methi leaves (which ever way you prefer working with methi)
 Add chopped mushroom. After 3-4 mints both will release a lot of water.
Now add in a Kabuli chana or chick pea, fry all for 4-5 mints more
Keep on frying this little bit more or the oil comes from the sides about-10 to 15 mints at medium flame.
Add in cinnamon powder and cardamom powder.

Add in about a cup up to 1 and half a cup of milk, cover it and let it simmer at med-low flame till the entire gravy thickens a bit.
TIP – if you find all the ingredients is cooked well and the gravy is still runny. To fix this you may add in any flour about 1-2 tsp and stir it well, make sure there is no lump.
Mix well and keep on simmering and stirring, about 4-5 mints the gravy will start to get thick.
At this time check and taste salt, and hotness. If you need more then add and check.

At the end, add in 1 tsp of ghee or 2 tbs of cream to give extra richness.And sprinkle sugar all over it ( not essential if you don’t like it, but since methi leaves are little bitter , it has been to be added , and I prefer adding sugar)
This Methi Mushroom and Chana preparation goes very well with Peshwari Naan or Vegetable Pulao  or even cooked cous -cous .

After you finish this then don’t forget to serve some chopped fruits (I used kiwi+strawberry+apple ) with a tsp of thick yogurt or cream. One more look and I will be done with this post.

I would say yogurt is much healthier.

Alright Friends have a nice weekend in which ever part of the world you are in.

Happy Cooking Friends

Monday, July 23, 2012

Oats Carrot and Raisin Cookies

Summer vacations have started here and with that daunting task of keeping busy my DD have also started. Outdoor activity is essential for the over-all development so is some in-door activities.
Yesterday we were out in park. She kept throwing her boomerang and also towards me mischievously , although it was always changing it's path.Sometimes ending where it started. Well at this age I can’t be like her, can I? , jumping and catching at the same time, going ecstatic about a boomerang- but that didn’t stop me from picking it up from the ground and then throwing it back, even if that means I have to run couple of steps or jump high/bent down  to get hold of it.

This summer term- she started her tennis class. Now she is pestering me to play tennis with her, I can’t recall when the last time I picked up tennis racket, was perhaps while staying in US as we had a community tennis court in our apartment complex and a swimming club also... Oh! And have I said that I was very bad at sports at school level. DH on the other hand is quite active; he still plays tennis.I wouldn't say I am a couch potato now, but it is something to do with the sedentary lifestyle we have now. There is car to take care of our mobility and then there is home-delivery for grocery. I have chucked out these two from my list- so every time I go out; I walk and carry grocery to bring it back home. I rarely get into bus unless we have to travel to central part of city or carry heavy grocery. Something which I like to do .Given a choice to run over a treadmill in a closed gym, I would prefer any day walking out even if it is raining. But this makes me tired, and when I get tired I can sleep well. For a good and sound night sleep, physical tiredness is required. And if you are emotionally tired then that’s the difficult part. As emotional tiredness can drain out all the positive energy from you. Anyways there are better means to take care of your emotional fatigue and physical fatigue, find out what are those means and try to stick to those means. It’s always better to work on these means rather to swallow tablets or pills for that matter.

This is what she has been making this weekend. Her origami crafts are improving that I would like to say. Last time when I visited our local library, I picked up a random book about origami- crafts. It has clear stepwise instructions with great visuals/pictures. Now if a book has great visuals then it becomes appealing to kids and if it’s about crafts then its much better.DD is excited to try other animals. Well we have making it in  -- past also
If you want to make this easy craft – then there are many other websites where instructions are free and can be easily downloaded.

After all this banter now to real stuff of the recipe. Whole meal flour or Atta has many health benefits and I don’t need to re-iterate that. Since I am currently guest-hosting - " Cooking with whole grains" -  I thought it would be nice to share a cookie recipe with you all. I have made them many eons back, and this was lying dormant in my drafts, finally this is its day today.

Oats gave some additional nutrients and raisin and carrot added more volume to this recipe. If you want chewy textured cookies then leave it little thick and if you need a crisper cookie then roll out thin.A thumb rule I like to follow while baking cookies.

Oats Carrot and Raisin Cookies
Recipe requirements
3 cups of whole meal flour/Atta
1 cup of oats
3 medium size carrots grated
½ tsp of baking soda
½ tsp of baking powder
1 egg
½ cup of sugar
¼ cup of butter
½ cup of California raisin

Clean the carrots and shave the skins off with potato peeler. Then grate them with the help of mandolin.
Mix whole meal flour and oats well in a big mixing bowl.
Now in a separate bowl, mix in butter and sugar well. It would be great if butter is taken out from fridge at least half an hour before mixing with sugar. This way it’s easy to work with them.
Now add in 1 egg to it. Mix well butter sugar and egg.
Preheat the oven at 170 deg C.
Now add baking soda and baking powder to the whole meal flour and oats mixture.
Mix the butter +sugar+egg mixture with the whole meal flour and oats mixture. Add in raisin and grated carrots.
Keep mixing it with the help of your hands. This will form semi-soft dough.
At this point if you wish you may refrigerate the dough for couple of hours.
Take out and divide the dough in equal proportions. Now roll out a large disc from it and with the help of cookie cutter cut out cookies.
Transfer the cut out disc to cookie baking sheets. Bake it for 8-10 mints.
Take out and let it cool a little bit.
If you ant crisp cookie, roll out the dough little bit thin so that the cookies turn out crisp. Anyways whole meal cookies turn out crisper than the usual flour cookies.
I had some left-over , so put it out to freeze, this came out nice and more crisper ,even I made them after 2-3 days again.

I have used a drinking glass to cut out the cookie shape. For a large round, you can even use a steel katori/bowl to cut out the cookie shape.

This cookie resembles quite like digestive cookies as it’s made with whole meal flour and oats. And I have tried to make it low –calorie as per using sugar and butter. Cooking oil can be used in place of butter for making these cookies. If you are looking for sugar cookie type of thing or texture then this is perhaps not the right kind of recipe for you.

Linking this post to the event I am currently guest-hosting - " Cooking with whole grains" - and also to Priya's Page.

Happy Cooking Friends

Monday, July 16, 2012

Brown Rice Pilaf With Red Bell Pepper and Bean Sprouts

This weekend we were out into Central and East London to feel the vibes for 2012 Olympics. The place and people are slowly gearing up to this mega-event. So, just thought of giving you all exclusive peek into this world. The Olympics arena is being captured exclusively to give you all a sneak peek into this once in a life –time opportunity.

Stratford is Olympics village to be precise. How to get into Stratford – easy take any underground line or trains from central stations, ( Two lines- Jubilee Line and Central line pass from  Stratford -upon-Avon ) or DLR ( Dockland Light Railways ) services from Greenwich. I would say DLR is less crowded and in case you have time then sit back and enjoy the view.

There is even plenty of shopping opportunity for you all in the Westfield Stratford.The shopping complex at Stratford never looked so decked up and glorious. There are plenty of options of eating out also and at reasonable price. There is a Thai restaurant and a Greek restaurant just outside the Olympics Park.

This is the stadium which will be seen all decked up, lighted, glittering on the D-day.

I wonder how it would feel to sit and watch the opening ceremony or the closing ceremony with all those excitement and frenzy people out there.
And there are proper arrangements also, obviously for security reasons. Although I wish the private security staffs were little polite in dealing with common people, cant blame them also they have to take care due to understood reasons. We the common people were not allowed to get close to the gate- so took all these snaps from a distance through a barricade.
 I was trying to zoom in as much as I can with my Canon P&S camera; hope the quality of pictures is not compromised. There were two professional photographers with big and sophisticated  lenses, the ones you see when press usually take pictures for cricket snaps or any other sports picture.And here I was holding my small handy P&S camera taking this picture. They put their professional camera on timer and I could hear the clicking sound –tak-tak …

Wow! What a feeling and sight to see these dashing soldiers coming out from the Olympics Park. I can imagine all the adrenaline rush out there.

I will leave you with a picture of stadium and this metal structure, don’t know what this is.

And in case you are not afraid of height or have vertigo, then don’t forget to get into the Emirates Rope-way. If you wish to ride then be prepared to line up and wait for more or less 20 mints in case you have oysters card. And if you don’t then purchase boarding pass first and then line up to board.
I know in coming weeks it will be quite difficult to board due to the rush. The view from top is splendid, you can even catch a glimpse of London eye from there.

In coming weeks this place will be one razz ling-dazzling place with sports-persons and press from all over the world. It is indeed one great experience and unforgettable moment for kids and grown-ups both. So, let the party begins and the feeling sinks in.

After this small virtual tour, let’s get into some cooking mode. As you all know I am currently guest hosting healthy diet food events. Event details are Here. So, just thought it would be appropriate to start the week on a very healthy note.
Last time while grocery shopping, my attention caught a pack of brown rice. Now, back home, I don’t think I have ever seen brown rice, so let’s forget cooking and then eating it. But after many hitches, I finally gave into my resistant and tried out making an easy sundal type of preparation for brown rice but with healthy vegetables like red bell peppers and moong bean sprouts.

As far as I know sundal is specifically made with lentils like chick peas and Bengal gram. So, I really don’t know if this can qualify to be a sundal preparation. However this preparation with mustard seeds and green chilies, red bell pepper and bean sprouts can be considered a take on fusion food. As I do think bean sprouts are specifically used in Chinese stir/fry recipes.

The beauty/flavor of this recipe lies in its simplicity and the ingredients that goes into making this-Brown rice with its nutty flavor- (the flavor is little different from polished rice or atop chaal/basmati rice), scintillating color due to the red bell pepper and the goodness of bean sprouts. Ok now without much renderation let’s hop on to the recipe for this brown rice pilaf preparation.
Brown rice pilaf with red bell pepper and Moong bean sprouts ( a fusion of sundal and Chinese food)
Recipe requirements
2 cups of uncooked brown rice
1 large red bell pepper
About 1 cup of bean sprouts
Now to seasonings
1 tsp of mustard seeds
2-3 green chilies chopped finely
¼ tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of salt or as per taste
Pinch of sugar
1 tsp of balsamic vinegar
1 tbs of cooking oil/ canola oil /corn oil etc

Wash the brown rice and keep it soaked in water for 10 mints. Bring a pot with half filled water to a boil. Now add the brown rice to it and cook it at medium flame. Take out some rice-grains and if you can press easily with your finger tips then the rice is cooked. Now, add in about 2 cups of cold water to it, just to prevent it from over-cooking. Then discard the excess water with the help of sieve or co-Lander.
Add in 1 tsp of balsamic vinegar and mix well. Leave it open.
Now heat up a frying pan, or saucepan, add cooking oil. Add in mustard seeds let it crackle. Now add in chopped green chilies.
Add in chopped red bell pepper and bean sprouts. Keep on stir/fry for 3-4 mints at med-high flame. Adjust the seasoning with salt and black pepper.
Now add in cooked brown rice to it. At this step you may add chick peas or Bengal Gram to make it even more filling.
Mix well and keep on stir/frying for 3-4 mints. Take it off from the flame and serve immediately.
Or even if you wish then, you can serve as cold side-dish as well. Whatever way you prefer, it taste delicious and is healthy too.
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Happy Cooking Friends 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Healthy Diet Food Event - Cooking with Whole Grains

Well this month Healthy Diet Food Event by Priya's Versatile Recipes, comes to Spice and Curry. For this month theme, it’s about cooking with whole grains. So what exactly are whole food grains?
Whole food grains comes from naturally occurring nutrients of the entire grain or seed, if I go into details- then it should have endosperm, bran and germ. But as far as I know for our consumption grains should be little bit processed retaining the essential nutrients as in terms of – cracking, rolled, and crushed so that they can be consumed.
What are the food products that can be considered whole grains? - Wheat or whole wheat,  Millet, buckwheat, Corn (including cornmeal) Oats (including oatmeal), Quinoa, Amaranth, Rice- brown rice and colored rice, Rye, Sorghum, Barley and wild rice.
So meals or food prepared with above is all welcomed.

There is a wonderful article about whole food grains Here,  and if you have any confusion, do let me know.

Meanwhile in my initial blogging years I wrote some pointers for a healthy life-style which I do try to practice still - Here

Let me re-iterate the event guidelines in case you have joined us recently-

1)Cook food with Whole Grains - both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are accepted from 11th of July till 11th of August  2012.
2) Post as many recipes as you can, many entries per person is allowed.
3) Link back this post and also to  Priya's Versatile Recipes - Host Line-Up Page...
4) Older post is accepted if refreshed with this event announcement page link and Priya's  This Post ...Please include the logo as well.
5) Use of logo is very much appreciated.
6) Please send me all your entries on or before 11th of August 2012 with details below to spiceandcurry at gmail dot com.
            a) A picture not more than 200 pix wide.( Please send one picture only)
            b)  Name of the recipe
            c) Name of your Blog/Blog URL
            d) Post URL
7) Non-Bloggers , do not get disappointed, you can send your original  entries to the e-mail listed above.

Looking forward to all the delicious entries from all of you.Eat Healthy, live happy.

Happy Cooking Friends

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chicken Teriyaki

Most of the times when I make something Chinese or inspired by something from Chinese cuisine, I end up tweaking the flavors to suit our Indian palate. So every time it's the  fusion of Indo-Chinese cuisine or in this case/recipe Indo-Japanese cuisine.

Teriyaki is Japanese way of cooking ingredients- like meat/fish or chicken. And it comes from two words – “Teri” and “Yaki” – and where ingredients are mostly broiled or grilled before they are marinated with teriyaki sauce. However, I haven’t broiled them as such in oven but cooked them in a closed pan and then sautéed them at med-high to get the glaze which is what teriyaki sauce does to ingredients.You can grill it if you wish.

These days teriyaki marinade is easily available in supermarkets. However if you wish to make your own teriyaki sauce, you need mirin which is derived from rice wine (Japanese love their rice wine). Put some brown sugar+mirin+soya sauce and cook till they become little bit thick. I haven’t made teriyaki sauce myself; always used the store-brought sauce which I think is great in terms of end result.

The sautéing part in this recipe is trick as you have to be careful in sautéing chicken and check if it doesn’t stick to the pan while frying as the sauce gets cooked very soon at that stage. Use a tong to flip the sides and keep rotating the sides of chicken. I have found chicken with skin works best for this recipe as it does give the extra oil which is needed to fry it or grill it.

Here is how we made Chicken teriyaki.

Chicken Teriyaki
Recipe Requirements
6 chicken drumsticks or chicken wings
3 tsp of grated fresh ginger root

For the Teriyaki marinade
5 tsp of teriyaki marinade
1 tsp of all spice powder
Salt as per taste
1 tsp of red pepper powder or red chilly flakes
3-4 tbs of white sugar
2 tbs of cooking oil

In a big saucepan, add cooking oil. Let it heat up little bit.
Now add the marinated chicken drumsticks.
Cook at med-high for 4-5 mints. Turn sides and again fry them for 3-4 mints.
Now add in 1 cup of water. Put the flame to sim or put the flame to low, gas mark -3 or gas mark 4.
Now let it cook for 35- 40 mints or till the chicken is cooked well. To check if the chicken is cooked well or not, just prick the chicken with a sharp knife.
Now open the cover, and keep on frying both sides well. A glaze will form as the sugar or the sauce tends to get caramelized and this is the trick for that glazed teriyaki look. If you like little bit gravy then leave some , otherwise keep on frying without covering , all stock will evaporate leaving a nice glaze on each chicken teriyaki pieces.
Adjust salt or hotness with red pepper powder or red pepper chilly flakes and serve immediately.
I have always made with the teriyaki chicken with skin on, if you prefer without it, then trim off the skin and marinate the chicken pieces and move ahead with rest of the procedure.

Happy Cooking Friends