Friday, May 3, 2019

Of This and That - London Calling

We have been out and about in London, as it was Easter break couple of weeks ago. The city always gives you loads of moments, where you can weave memories out of it.

Spring season looks astonishingly gorgeous over here.The red cherry or Magnolia blossom and white Spirea blossoms looks ethereal. 

Almost all of the trees were laden with beautiful and colourful blossoms in Public Park. 

The arrival of some warm sunshine has slowly turned the events in favour of British summer. The trees now have put a lush green canopy, green grasses in parks are mowed neatly and are getting ready for summer time family picnics and leisure outings.

All public parks are again filled with crowd, them enjoying some sunshine. 
Some even played with volleyballs, footballs and some ate food, had a lovely picnic and some even read books.

Thames river bank is filled with loads of people on weekends. Anyone who doesn’t have fish and chips is missing something in UK. 

This is like if you are in Mumbai and you would never have tasted Paav-Bhaji.What pav-bhaji is to Mumbai, what Chole-Bhature is to Delhi, Madras filter coffee to Chennai and Rashogolla to Kolkata, Fish and Chips is to London. Hope I make some sense here.And those long queues, lets you know this also. I have a fascination with merry-go-rounds or carousels.

The ponies and the chairs circling in a very fine rhythm with a music playing in background, is such a visual delight. 

London eye with its 32 capsules (32 Boroughs in London) forms a lovely back drop of this peek- a- Boo- light and shadow picture.

London tubes are one of the best ways to travel in the city. If you happen to get bit of early on weekends, you can still find empty tubes trains, but not after that. 

This actually is a very rare sight over here.I also spotted a placard, as climate change is a global issues, I have always felt that one should initiate with baby steps. 

And one way is using public transport for your commute to office or school. This way we save some non-renewable energies as well. Sometimes, when traffic is bad you can end up spending a bit of time on roads as well. 

This sunset was breath-taking and beautiful from our front window of a double Decker bus.
As the day slowly slipped in to the dark abyss, we had absorbed this city’s vibrancy, somewhere deep inside our heart.Perhaps some years down the line, I may come back to refresh my memories of this post.
You all have a relaxing weekend.