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Click- Au Naturel ( April -2008 )

Sweet Lime or Citrus limetta , belonging to family Rutacea , is a popular fruit during summers in this part of world .

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Edited to include this recipe .
Sweet Lime Shorbet

Serves one glass
3 fresh green sweet lime
1tsp of sugar
½ tsp of salt
½ tsp of cumin powder
Get the juice of limes in juicer and then mix in salt , sugar , cumin powder and enjoy this great summer drink.

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Rasmalai in summer

Scorching Sun , hot humid , summer has come so has the heat wave , while most of the Indian cities are feeling the heat with mercury rising to 41 deg Celsius in Delhi Need I say more as Indian Summer is famous for its hotness , people throng to the cooler regions the hills to spend the hot summer .
while we are here in kolkata , so we occasionally go to the banks of Hooghly river at Outram Ghat ( named after English General Sir James Outram ), and chillax with jhaal muri and watch the sun set .With the small boats , fisherman catching the days fresh fish , and the water ferries transporting people back to home with an occasional horns sending hints that their family heads are coming home with handful of fresh summer mangoes or Rasgullas . On one side is huge Howrah Bridge or Rabindra Setu and on the other is Hooghly Bridge or Vidya Sagar Setu and in between is Hooghly River or the (part of Ganges known here as Hooghly river ), a true depiction of Mankinds win over nature . Hours are past before we realize that the birds are flying back to home and so is ours time to go back to home and relax with home cooked meals.

People are so fond of eating sweets and Rasmalai is one such popular dish , Rasgullas are soaked in thick milk ( called the cream or malai )and served with lots of dried fruits .Ras means syrup and Malai means cream .Well there is one which is made specially in sweet shops and there are ones made in homes , I must admit at this point , both have different taste and flavor , but it is the home made which gives you immense satisfaction that at least the effort was worth it........

Serves 4 people

Rasgulla -4 cut into half
4 cups of milk
¾ cup of cold milk
3-4 heaped tbs of sugar or as required .
3-4 heaped tsp of custard powder
½ cup of mixed dry fruits
Bring the milk to boil , and then lower the flame .Let it simmer for 7-8 mints.
Meanwhile add custard powder to cold milk and stir well .
Add sugar and stir well till sugar dissolves completely .Add dry fruits also .
Drop the custard and cold milk mixture in simmering milk. TIP – Always use cold milk to dissolve custard powder , and also
Stop the flame while adding custard and milk mixture this way the lumps don’t get formed and stir well .
Again start the flame and cook 3- 4 mints .Stop cooking the milk and take out in a separate bowl .Add half cut rounds of Rasgullas , store in refrigerator till custard is set.
Serve as desert or eat as evening snack.

Here is the link to a new food event Fun and Sun being hosted by EasyCraft , visit here Fun and Sun Event .

Happy Cooking

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Bengali recipes

Namaskar and Welcome to Spice and Curry.
Recipes listed here are mainly Indian and specifically from an eastern region of India, known as Bengal. There are few experimental, some kid friendly and low calorie recipes also. Take your time and browse through, if you find anything worth of trying ,then do so and let me know how it turn out for you. Meanwhile if you need to ask any question, then ask in to the related post so that everybody can take benefit from it. I will try to answer to my capabilities. Enjoy your stay in Spice and Curry.

Mangsho Keema or Minced meat Curry
Pyanj Kolir Torkari
Topse Macher Bhaja
Sojne Data Torkari
Payesh and Tomato Chutney
Khichuri aar Ilish Mach bhaja
Bata Macher Jhaal ( Bengali Fish curry)
Chingri Macher Jhaal ( shrimp Curry )
Molor Chechki
Alo Begun Diye Macher Jhaal
Lao Ghonto
Luchi aar Alo Dom
Alo Posto and AAmer Ambol (Mango Chutney)
Kosha Mangsho ( Mutton Curry)
Potol(Parwal) Kumro(Pumpkin) Ghainte(curry)
Bhindi Bhaja(okra Fry)
Mixed Vegetable Curry
Borbotir Torkari(yard long curry) and Bandhakopir Torkari(cabbage shrimp stir-fry)
Pui Shaker Chorchori( Vegetable Medley)
Mangshor Keema
Pabda Macher Jhal
Neem Begun and Kundro Bhaja
Note(Amaranth) Shaker Chorchori
Jhinge Chingri
Pomphereter kalia (Fish Curry)
Papaya Chutney
Bhetki Fish Curry
Korola Kumro (Bittergourd Pumpkin Dr Fry)
Hassle Free Chicken Curry
Ilish Macher Rokomari -Bhappa,Dim Bhaja, Jhol
Pineapple Chutney
Panch Mishori dal (Five lentil Stew)
Narkel Naru
Luchi Cholar Dal,Begun Bhaja
Mochar Ghonto (Banana Blossom stir/fry)
Notey posto Labra
Begun Pora
Vegetable Cutlets
Mutton Keema Kabab
Khejuree tomato chutney
Korai daler boda
Noton gurer payesh
Gota Sheddu
Koraishutir porotha (pea porota)
Mutton Curry
Chingri Daler Pakoda
Shoro Chakli
Macher Chop-fish fritters
Doi Diye mach (Fish with yogurt)
Mushroom keema
Tandori Keema kabab
Pomphret Er Tel Jhaal (Pomfret Fish Curry)
Keema Diye ghughni (minced meat with yellow peas)
Ilish mach Diye bandhakopir Chenchra ( cabbage with ilish/hilsa fish dry fry )
Baked spicy Mustard haddock
Mach'er matha diye monger dal (mong dal with fish head -a Bengali delicacy)
Pomfret Coconut Fish Curry-Inspired by coastal cuisine
Mughalai Murg Musalam - a little variation from traditional musalam
Beet Rice Pulao
Granola ladoo and Doodh peda
Mishti doi-Sweetened curd
Bandhakopi palang kabuli cholar diye labra
Sedho puli
Oolkopi Torkari-kohlrabi dry stir/fry
couscous Upma and couscous corn mint salad
Palang shak'er Ghonto
Dal Stuffed Vegetables-Bell Pepper and Zucchini
Stuffed and Roasted Baby Chicken
Bandhakopir Torkari and dal bukhara
Aakhnir Jol Diye rui mach'er Pulao-Fish Yakhni Pulao

These are all tiffin-box recipes (assembled)/Duporer khabar

Home-made Jam
Kid's lunch-box recipe

Lunch-box recipes -1

( Beet Jhaal, Phulkopi Diye Bhetki Mach'er Jhaal -Bhetki Fish curry with cauliflowers a traditional recipe, and simple Mong dal )

lunch box recipes -2

( Seem Bandhakopir Chorchori- Hyacinth and cabbage stir/fry, Neem Begon -neem leaves with brinjal -a starter in every Bengali meal, Parshe Mach'er jhaal- Parshe ( a kind of small fish like bata fish curry) , and Dal.
A sweet dish- Ranga Aloor Pantua- Sweet potato gulab jamuns )

Lunch-box recipes-3

( Arhal Ki Dal- A UP cuisine speciality, Phulkopi Borir Jhaal -Cauliflower Bari Spicy Curry, Tomato Koraishuti diye Rui mach'er jhaal- Rui Fish curry )

Lunch-box recipes -4--
(Dal ,Aloor Dom ,Pepein Bhate, Koraishuti diye Mach'er Jhaal -peas Fish Curry)

Lunch box recipes(Potol diye Macher Jhal) - 5-
(Potol /Parval diye Pona Mach'er Jhaal -Parval Fish Curry,  Notey Shak'er Chorchori- Amaranthus with Poppy Seed paste stir /fry, Moong Dal .

Lunch Box recipes(Niramish- jhinge Posto)
( Niramish ranna -Jhinge Posto-Ridge gourd with poppy seeds paste, Korola kumro - a starter in every Bengali meal- pumpkin bitter gourd stir/fry with seasonings, Korai'er dal/Biurir Dal -urad dal )

Lunch Box Recipes(Sheem Shorshe,Beans Borir jhaal)

( Sheem Shorshe-Hyacinth leaves with  mustard seed paste, Beans Borir Jhaal and simple dal )

Mutton-liver spicy fry

Phulkopi diye monger dal and Oal Bhate

Recipe By categories
Doi Diye Mach( Fish with yogurt)
Stuffed and Roasted Baby Chicken
Pabda Macher Jhal
Minced Meat Curry
Pyanj Koli Chingri macher Torkari ( Shrimp and spring onion dry curry)
Bata Macher Jhaal ( Fish Curry)
Chingri Macher Jhaal ( Shrimp Curry)
Bengali Fish Curry ( Brinjal potato Fish curry)
Lao Ghonto ( Bottle Gourd Fish Curry)
Shrimp Carrot Beans Stir Fry
Chicken Curry
Jhinge Chingri ( Ridge gourd shrimp spicy curry)
Bhetki Fish Curry
Pomphreter Kalia ( Spicy Fish Curry)
Hassle Free Chicken Curry
Hilsa Fish Recipes, Steamed ,Egg Fry,Mustard Hilsa
Hearty Fish Curry
Bhetki Macher Chop
Mughalai Murg mussalam- a variation from traditional recipe
Pomfret Spicy Fish Curry-Inspired by coastal cuisine)
Omelette'er Jhaal
Chicken Curry-Another way
Doi Diye mach (Fish with yogurt)
Mushroom keema
Tandori Keema kabab
Pomphret Er Tel Jhaal (Pomfret Fish Curry)
Keema Diye ghughni (minced meat with yellow peas)
Ilish mach Diye bandhakopir Chenchra ( cabbage with ilish/hilsa fish dry fry )
Baked spicy Mustard haddock
Mach'er matha diye monger dal (mong dal with fish head -a Bengali delicacy)
Pomfret Coconut Fish Curry-Inspired by coastal cuisine
Mughalai Murg Musalam - a little variation from traditional musalam
Fish Yakhni Pulao

Laziz Lauki Kofta Curry-Inspired by Awadhi cuisine
Matar Mushroom
Lao Shake'er Chorchori
Beet Shake'er Chorchori
Pui Shager Chorchori (Vegetable Medley)
Drumsticks and Brinjal Curry
Nimona ( Pea paste curry )and Cumin fried Rice
Methi Shaag Bhaja
Matar paneer ( Peas Cottage cheese curry)
Molor Chechki ( raddish stir fry curry )
Palak Paneer ( Spinach and Cottage chesse curry )
Stuffed Bell Pepper
Zucchini Capsicum Curry
Aloo Dom
cauliflower Potato curry
Alo Posto
Long Yard Bean Curry and Cabbage Stir/Fry Mixed Vegetable Curry
Okhra Fry
Parwal Pumpkin Curry
Stuffed Jumbo Shells Kadhi with Besan Pakode
Note (Amaranth) Shager Chorchori
Neem Begun(Eggplant) and Kundro(Ivy Gourd) Bhaja
Handi Paneer
Paneer Manpasand
Bengali Treats, Luchi Cholar Dal and Begun Bhaja,Alor Jhaal
Niramish Jhol
Mangetout/snow peas diye shokno torkari-Mangetout dry stir/fry
Bandhakop palang kabuli cholar labra
Methi Matar -Another variation with dry yellow peas
Oolkopir Torkari
Couscous Upma
Palang Shak'er Ghonto
Dal Bukhara and Bandhakopir Torkari
Huli Podi or Sambhar powder
Sprout -Chaat
Alo Soya patte ki sabzi -Potato with dill leaves

Jeera Rice with Vegetables
Vegetable Pulao
Mujaddarah and Falafel
Beans Vegetable Pulao
Soya Rice
Chicken Biryani
Vegetable Rice Pulao
Chingri macher Pulao-Shrimp Rice Pulao
Beet Rice Pulao - got mentioned in NY times Blog Bitten


Assembled Breakfast , Roti aar begun Bhaja ( Brinjal fry ), Poha ( Rice Flakes fried with potato and onion
Beetroot Soya Kabab
Yogurt and Cereal Breakfast
Paanipuri Chaat
Luchi aar Alo Dom
Banana Pancake
Apple Cake
Topse Macher Bhaja ( Starters)
Baked Puff Pastry ( Starters)

Granola lado- Dodh peda
Taypari ( Gooseberry) Chutney
Payesh and Tomato Chutney
Steamed Cupcakes
Apple Cake
Coconut Ladoo
Almond Mango Kulfi
Mango Mousse
Penne Pasta Soup
Apple Salad
Couscous corn mint salad
healfy salad- A recipe by My 5 year old daughter
Fresh Corn mango Salsa
Mishti Doi -Sweetened Curd
Sedho Puli
Couscous diye payesh- sweet cous-cous

Baked Goodies
Baked Spaghetti
Apple Cake
Baked Puff Pastry
Carrot Cheddar Cheese Cookies
Honey cake
Whole wheat burger
Home-made bread
Pistachio Lemon Biscotti
Apple Buns or Apple Muffins
Black Forest cake
Strawberry Bread
Banana Corn Muffin
Ice-cream cake roll

Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi II
Tropical Smoothie
Ginger Tea

Some more recipes in 2010 ...Mix of traditional and experimental as well...

Bandhakopi Palang Kabuli Cholar Ghonto ( Cabbage Spinach and Chick peas Vegetable Medley )

Ilish mach'er matha diye Bandhakopir Chenchra (Vegetable with Hilsa Fish Head )

Keema Diye Ghughni- Yellow Matar with Minced meat

Sedhu Poli-( Steamed rice dumplings with sweet coconut filling)

Couscous payesh

Methi-Matar - Another version

Pomfret 'er Tel Jhaal- a spicy preparation of pomfret fish

Oolkopir torkari-Kohlrabi stir/fry

Cous-cous Upma and Cous-Cous mint salad

Healfy salad

Palang Shak'er Ghonto

Mushroom with Minced meat

Tandoori keema kabab

Doi Diye Mach-Fish in a Yogurt gravy

Dal/Lentil stuffed vegetables

Stuffed and Roasted baby Chicken

 Yogurt cereal Breakfast

Strawberry Bread

Dal Bukhara and Cabbage torkari/stir fry

Yakhni Rui Mach'er Pulao- fish yakhni Pulao

Ice-Cream Cake Roll

Mango Mousse

Huli Podi


Dill Leaves with Potatoes- aloo soya pattey ki sabzi

Chicken Chowmein

Buffalo Chicken Wings

Tangra Mach'er jhaal

Pabda Fish Curry

Bottle Gourd with Huli Podi

Quinoa with Scrambled egg

Rui Mach'er do Pyaza

Cute Duck Poris for Kids

Methi Huli Podi Paratha

Peshwari naan

Chicken yakhni Pulao

Dosa and sambhar

Thai Style Chicken Curry

Hyderabadi Lukmi or Keema Shingara

Cauliflower with Huli podi

Rui Fish with Cabbage

Steps in making Rotis- a beginners guide

Around The world- Craft Ideas

Baby Corn-Beans-Brinjal sabzi

Baby Corn Red Bell pepper Sabzi

Parota and Aloor torkari  and  Cherry banana Pancakes

Murg Shahi Korma

Zucchini Onion Fritters

Pista Murg Keema -Chicken mince with pistachios

Nimbu Ka Achaar-Lemon Pickle

Shorshe Mangetout/snowpeas


Till Ke Gajak-

Microwable Sandesh

Pabda Mach'er Shorsher Jhaal

Ever versatile Pressure Cooker Pulao

Pear Pancake

Coconut and Brussel sprouts stir/fry

Home-made granola cereal

Paneer Shahi Korma

Eggless walnut dates bread

Easy chicken noodle

Pistachios cookies

Kosha Shorshe Murgi -Chicken in spicy mustard sauce

Happy Cooking

Kosha Mangsho ( Bengali mutton Curry)

We have always loved eating Kosha Mangsho (Bengali Mutton Curry). Sunday meal was special as it was all part of a routine to cook kosha mangsho in our paternal home. During our growing up years, especially during summer vacation, we would go to visit our paternal homeland. Whole house would start bustling with laughter and contentment of togetherness.
We would be playing with our cousins and our fathers and uncles and aunties would end up chatting with each other or on rare occasion cooking Kosha Mangsho all together.
Making mutton curry/kosha mangsho was one thing when male members in our joint family would find it a way to showcase ones culinary skills and even giving directions to the ladies of the home .Sometimes often giving lectures on the correct amount of spices and onions or ginger or garlic. After all the big hotels have male chef not female chef. Isn’t?
Perhaps that’s why females in our home-Ma, Kakima and Thakuma would then used to ask our all kakus and Baba (My father is the eldest of all brothers) to help out in making Kosha mangsho.
We would then gather round our mother and kakimas to help them out in peeling, chopping, cutting, marinating but not frying the mutton. There were no short- cuts for Freshly Prepared masala paste on Sheel Nora ( a type of Mortar/ Pestle -Sheel nora – grinding stone flab of about 16 inches * 10 inches , and a stone roller of 9 inches, roller is slide into time to time to make a smooth paste of masala over Sheel/Stone flab).

Making Kasha Mangsho, includes grinding onion, garlic and ginger into a smooth paste over Sheel Nora and then deep frying mutton in Kadai or Dekchi at med till the oil separates out, stirring in between and cooking it in at low like a slow pot cooker .Everything used to be slow and smooth, and the taste incomparable, probably there is no substitute for Hard work and the end result smooth gravy and juicy mutton pieces cooked to perfect with spices. One bite and the taste burst into the mouth, whole lot of chemical reactions and salivations makes the dish so relish.
Recipe below is my vague captivation of the vivid memories that I have on my part while growing up.
And I would say I have seen my Ma-in-law making Kosha mangsho this way. Adding potatoes as some of you would say is not part of making Kosha mangsho, but this is how I have seen my Baap’er Bari (Paternal Side) and my Shoshur Bari ( In-laws Side) making Kosha Mangsho.
With the invention of pressure cooker and Mixer grinder , things becomes far easy for us .This recipe is little bit short and time saving as mutton is being cooked in Pressure cooker after deep frying it in kadai , but the originality of taste still is maintained .

 Bengali Mutton curry
750 gms of mutton
3-4 medium size potato cut into half
1-2 tbs of mustard oil for frying potato
3-4 onions
For Marinating the mutton
garlic 10- 1ginger-1 ½ inch
2 tsp of turmeric powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
1 ½ tsp of salt
4 heaped tbs of yogurt
1tsp of garam masala
For tempering
10- 12 black pepper
3 bay leaf
4 whole cardamom ( Gota elaich)
5 cloves (long)
½ inch long cinnamon stick
1 tsp of sugar
½ cup of mustard oil
How To Proceed
Marinating the mutton

Fisrt make a smooth paste of Garlic and Ginger by grinding in Mixer , add little bit of water also.Do the same with onions .
Marinate the mutton with Turmeric powder ,salt ,Coriander powder, Red pepper powder , Yogurt and 1-2 tbs of mustard oil and the garlic /ginger paste and half of the onion paste .Let it sit there for 1-2 hrs.It could be even great, if this marination is done overnight.

Heat up a kadai/ heavy bottom Pan ,add 1-2 tbs of mustard oil and fry the potatoes till brown on every side .Take out and keep aside .

Tempering The oil and deep Frying- Stir/Fry the Mutton
Add rest of mustard oil and temper it with Black pepper, Cinnamon stick,Bay leaf , whole Cardamom ,Cloves and sugar .Caramelization Of sugar gives a nice Red color to the Mutton gravy .Fry at low for 1 mints . Add the rest of the onion paste, and fry for 3-4 mints till the rawness of the onions is gone.

Add the marinated mutton at this point , Stir/fry at medium to low flame for 15-25 mints, TIP-.If the oil comes out by the side of kadai , Mutton is fried well .If the mutton is "Kochi mangsho" it may take few minutes less to fry it.
Add fried potatoes and 2 cups of water ( it depends on the gravy you want , if you want a thick gravy don’t add much water)
Transfer the entire fried mutton to Pressure Cooker, add 1tsp of garam masala at this point, one whistle at high and then lower the flame and cook for about 15-17 mints .
Alternately you can cook the entire thing in a deep bottom pan or kadhai at low for 1hrs and make sure it's covered,the gravy will be very dry or makho-makho.
Let it cool and open the pressure cooker pan and sprinkle fresh chopped coriander leaves .
Serve with rice or Loochi /luchi of your choice .
You May want to look some variation of  kosha mangsho and some steps in making Kosha Mangsho  then go here-- Mutton Curry

Happy Cooking . And Thanks for visiting Spice and Curry.