Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Notey Shak chorchori with Kumro

I was away on a blogging break, but that doesn’t mean, I was off from cooking as well. It’s good to be back in the blogging regime again. We have relocated to Malaysia. We are all curious and eager souls to know more about our host country, their traditions and the most astonishing aspect of Malaysia- its multi-cultural awesome cuisine. Malaysia is a great amalgamation of three cultures- Chinese, Malay and Indian, and with this comes the gastronomic pleasure this country has to offer. As we will continue to explore more about the local cuisine, you all will keep seeing more local recipes from time to time hopefully.
During these days of our settling phase, I am still trying to figure out more about our new home and the surroundings over here. I am still looking for various options, where I can be getting/buying fresh vegetables, poultry and fish, and yes, fish is important for every Bengali people. My new home ,new kitchen, cupboard and its layouts, makes me feel like I am doing the rounds of “bhul-bhulaiya of Lucknow fame” sometimes, as I forget where I have stored spice packets or whenever  I have to assemble and prepare meals in hurry. Well then, change of place also comes with new challenges, not many friends over here, an unknown world, but then, that’s what we have -an additional package that comes with re-locating into an unknown foreign land. And UK is past now, but we will keep on cherishing good memories associated with UK.

These fresh amaranth leaves made me happy when I went to vegetable shopping near our locality. I also happen to pick well ripened kumro/pumpkin. And thought shaak chorchori with kumro will be a great accompaniment with garam bhaat.Pumkins were very sweet and the leaves were fresh. The chorchori turned out very flavorful.

Now to the recipe
 Saag Chorchori with Kumro ( Amaranth leaves pumpkin stir/fry recipe)

About 200-300 gms of red amaranth leaves /notey shak pata
1 and half large cups of cubed pumpkin pieces
1 medium size potatoes
 1 tsp of red pepper powder
½ tsp of turmeric powder
For tempering
1 tsp of panch phoron
2 dry red chillies
3-4 tsp of cooking oil/mustard oil
 Salt as per taste
Pluck tender leaves from the shoots and wash thoroughly well in running water to get rid of any dirt or mud.
Cut and chop pumpkin and potatoes into cube
Heat up a fry pan/ kadai .Add in cooking oil.
Add in panch phoron , dry red chillies and temper the oil.
Now add in potatoes first and stir/fry them well about 2-3 mints at med-high.
Add in pumpkin pieces as well.
Add in spices- red pepper powder, turmeric powder and salt, pinch of sugar.
Mix well and add in cleaned amaranth leaves. Keep on stir/frying for about 2-3 mints or till the leaves shrink.
Cover the pan and lower the flame. Cook further for about 7-8 mints or till the potaoes+pumpkin turns soft. Mix with the spatula well.
Serve with gram bhaat.

You can add freshly grounded cumin+ coriander powder as well for some extra flavour.

Happy Cooking