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Namaste Hello and Welcome to Spice and Curry.

What you tend to do, when you have so many nostalgic memories associated with growing up years, especially around good food and family gatherings, and you are far away from your motherland. You tend to write down a small recipe diary, interwoven with some bits and pieces of past memories. But this time with a difference, as it happens to be online. And that is how this blog happened.

Many of them feel like a second home the moment they arrive here, as told by many readers. Well I would say that’s the essence of Spice and Curry for you. I started this journey, when we were staying in US in 2006 and now it’s almost five six ten 12 years. We have since then, travelled across three continents and three countries. And leading this vagabond sort of life, the recipe index of this blog also flourished. In due course of time, many new cuisine and many new ingredients, which were never heard off in our traditional joint Bengali- Indian family, also became part of our gastronomic interest. I never imagined the blog would shape up something like this in present form. This has almost become a great way of utilizing my creativity. I am not a professional chef nor am I, a food stylist, so whatever you see here, is all trial and learn for me. However, I try to put recipes on my blog, once I am fully satisfied or my family and friends finds it worth mentioning here.

But trust me behind this blog there is immense love for good food and especially simple home-made food, and passion to deliver best in terms of developing new recipes, and going beyond the last benchmark for a particular recipe. And learning to me is a continuous life-long process, it never stops.

Call it an escape route to heaven or whatever but the smell of freshly churned spices and the exotic aromas coming from the flavourful pot of hot and steaming curry or warm cooked rice or the Phulkas/roti, makes our dining table alive and perhaps also to many readers out there who have tried making recipes from here.

Enjoy your stay and happy browsing and giving you some pointers to start  browsing- Duporer Khabar -The Lunch-Box Series
And in the meantime if you wish to explore more, other than only food, then here is our Travel Diary.

So, while I learn and try to keep track of the recipes here, do join me for a great journey ahead. And if you find anything worth of trying, do so and let me know, how it turns out for you. If you have any questions regarding a particular recipe, do ask in the comment section of that recipe so that each of us can take benefit from it.

If you want to use any content (s), text and pictures, ask first and give due credits.

Enjoy your stay in Spice and Curry.
Jayashree Mandal


  1. This blog looks awesome! My boyfriend is Indian and Indian food is my all-time favorite... Can't wait to try some recipes!

  2. Hi This blog is really awesome and has helped us many days where we wanted to cook something different! And yes, the "patha r mangsho" was the best! I want to share your blog's link in Facebook for my friends who face the same problem as I did. Hope this will be fine! Please let me know here! :)

    Thanks again!

    1. Anon, Thank you for liking this space.This space is incomplete without it's valuable readers like you..Sure go ahead...regards