Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mango Lassi

We remember drinking mango lassi during summer time a lot .This was and is one of our favorite drinks .We would eagerly wait for summers to have our favorite mangoes and mango lassi .However this winter when I was craving for mango lassi ,I got mango Nector in a tetra pack from our local grocery shop and here it is mango lassi made in the easiest way possible .My little daughter shares the same passion for it like me.

Mango lassi
1cup Fresh curd/yogurt
2-3 tbs or ¼ cup of Tropicana Mango Nector
1tbs of Sugar
Pinch of salt
Some ice-cubes 1-2 (optional)
Mix in all in a blender at a low speed ,take out in serving glasses chill it and enjoy .

As I was about to take this snap, suddenly there appears her hand in my camera frame,before I could realize the snap was taken effortlessly in seconds ,I must tell you it wasn’t preplanned, but it just happened in a zap of seconds. She gave me a mischievous smile while sipping mango lassi( as if telling me “you take snaps later ,first let me taste it” ) and I kept laughing later on .Quite right and point taken you cook things to eat and drink .......
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  1. Give me Mango lassi anytime girl, looks yum!:)

    Yeah!!! Blog first and then feed them, right? That's why I ran away for a while! Hahaha!!

  2. That is indeed a clever idea of using it when it is not the season.

  3. asha,
    thanks for liking mango lassi ..
    My little one now says sometimes mamma stop working on laptop ,although i dont post often ..i guess Time for me attend her more LOL...
    Just let me know if u try it ..hey i have been trying to contact ur blog ,dont know whats going wrong ..let me check again in the meantime ..
    hugs and smiles

  4. i love this and somehow, making it at home just doesn't the same as having on the streetside in bombay.

  5. Jaya, I used THREATEN my kids not to touch it before I took the photos! Hahaha!
    But now I just keep a bit aside and when we are all done with dinner, I will take photos when I have good lighting etc!:)
    Yeah, my kids roll their eyes and say that too "you and your blog mom!", that's why I took a break and change the way I blog. I am much happier now.

  6. Bee,
    i remember on a NDTV show ,Vinod Dua took us viewer to Bombay Street food wallas ,i was amazed to see people going to them till 2 o clock in the night ..He asked them why u visit here ,they simply told them its sure fun to spent time here ,chill and eat ,drink these yumm dishes ...I bet that will be quite exciting too...
    U know there are so many times i decide ok let me blog about this one but it vanishes before I could take any snaps ,Now i know I would have to take some out of their reach ..LOL

  7. HAha I have had my toddler coming in to! This looks yummy!

  8. mango lassi looks so yummy with that cute hand

  9. love mango lassi here..i usually buy the pulp of the kesar mango we get in indian stores...

  10. Rachel,
    welcome here ..
    U know our litle one demand more time LOL..
    Sagari ,
    thanks for coming here ..
    welcome here
    we used to do the same when we were in US ,but with Alphonso mango pulp .If i can remember the brand hmmm...i guess it was Ratna or something like that ..But it is sure a tasty way ,it always reminded us of India...
    hugs and smiles

  11. the mango lassi is too good. I am craving it now :)

  12. wow thank u very much..i love mango lassi..my favorite one..Thanks for sharing

  13. ooh when i lived in DC, i used to eat lunch very frequently at an Indian whole in the wall that was very very good! I used to order this delicious mango drink everytime! Now it's my turn to make it, seeing as though mango is my fave drink!

  14. mandira,
    mango drinks are all time hits ,isnt ..
    do try it ,it will give me immense pleasure.

    You can get mango pulp available in tin cans , also from Indian grocery store if you want the real tasty mango lassi ..Thanks ..
    hugs and smiles


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