Friday, January 18, 2008

Matar Paneer/Chanar Dalna

Matar paneer /Chanar Dalna

Recipe for Matar Paneer/Chanar Dalna
Paneer -250 gm cut into cubes
2 medium size onion –one cut into pieces and other one for the paste
Garlic 2-3 cloves
1 inch ginger
1 medium size tomato pureed in mixer
2-3 loung (cloves),1 tej patta /bay leaf
2 tsp of coriander powder
1 ½ tsp of jeera/cumin powder
½ tsp of black pepper powder
1tsp of red pepper powder
Salt as per taste
½ tsp of sugar
2-3 tbs oil for cooking
1 cup of peas (matar)
Now to the Method
Make the masala paste –in a mixer ,grind in garlic ,ginger ,onion.
Meanwhile heat a kadai /frying pan ,temper oil gently with 2-3 loung/cloves at this time and the bay leaves (this gives a good smell to plain oil),then add sugar (I have seen my father doing it while cooking chicken /mutton ,this gives a fine red colour to the gravy )
Add chopped onions and fry till brown ,after that add the masala paste,tomato puree and all the dry ingredients adjust salt as per taste .
Fry all at medium flame for about 7-8 mints till oil separates out .The colour at this moment of the gravy will be slightly deep brown .Add 1 -2 cups(small) of water .Increase the flame
Add peas at this time ,there is no need to fry them (The green colour will remain intact),if the gravy starts to boil ,lower the flame cover and cook for 5 -7mints.
You can add paneer/cheese pieces that are fried little bit (my mother does the same ) or paneer cubes as it is .
There is another thing you can add for variation is capsicum ,for that you need to chop capsicum of equal size as that of paneer ,and while stir/frying the masala add them.It gives a nice colour to the gravy also .
We are celebrating our 59 th Republic Day , (more info here ) this year ,
why we have kept our eyes closed still like this fellow.

When we should open our eyes to the real changes we need to materialize .Open up the eyes ,lets see the things which needs our first most attention .This year make it happen .Lets make our India again “Sone ki Chidiya “.Well I am not going to point out things that needs to be done ,its you who needs to stand up for your country ,and act .So ,just open your eyes and see ,see beyond caste ,race ,religion state ,age and all the differentiating criterias. Be one and unite for a better cause , and that is for your motherland.

Vande Matram

Pooja has come up with a nice theme for Republic Day celebrations , please visit here for more details.Theme for Republic Day celebration .


  1. Jayashree,
    Matar paneer is my all time favorite, Initially i made it using readymade gravy Masala, the ndiscovered my own way to make it ( I have both the versions postedon blog :)) ) . Thanks for sharing your way of making it,
    will try ti make it yourway sometime.
    Thanks for spreading the word , I wish all our Indian blogger to be a part of the celebration. Last year it was great , hope it would be greater this time :) .

  2. Forgot to say that,
    the smilie faces are looking so cute... Very creative too ! :) .keep sharing...

  3. beautiful pics curry look yummyy

  4. Pooja,
    honestly i liked your theme of the week and here I was ,all the best for this event ..Republic day means a lot to us ..
    do try making the bengali chanar dalna and let me know how it turn out ...thanks for liking the smilies...
    thank for liking the pics
    hugs and smiles


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