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Steamed Cupcakes in Pressure Cooker

Steam Cupcakes in Pressure Cooker 

The Cupcakes in Pressure cooker Story

You know during these holidays , it became a challenge for me to bake cake without the traditional oven and even any baking dishes .My maa –in-law came with the solution of making the cake in pressure cooker ,well she has been doing it for past 15 years now ,and she is quite a lovely cook .She makes some of the most soft and spongy cakes and that too in pressure cooker ,interesting .
So when two of us get together we indulge in good cooking, its another thing that we both end up eating most and others staring us like “Ki Hoche ta ki “(what are these two ladies upto ).

Well we are poles apart as far as our choices are concerned ,she loves to watch her favorite saas-baho serials.I glued to MTV(we have 2 sets of TV ,so nobody complains),although we both like watching Discovery(and sometimes watch HBO movies together (read in hush-hush voice) .We both like to discuss who’s going take to dulhania Deepika Padukone ,will it be Yuvraj or apna Dhoni.We both love to shop till drop. She loves wearing south-silks/Kanjiverams ala Rekha type and trust me she looks gorgeous still today , and me wearing salwar –kameez.She is aware of this blog ,so sometimes ask me about the things I do for my blog. She has her own sets of rules ,she has encouraged (read in strict voice) me to do Yoga on a daily basis ,in her own words our body is our first priority ,if we don’t care for ourselves then how come we will take care of our family. Well that’s so true also.

 Irrespective of our differences that still crop up sometimes(generation gap) ,we feel close enough to share our deep dark secrets ,agony,sadness ,loneliness ,short-comings ,failures,success.I understand her feelings when she is worried for her son because I am also a mother now .We both catch-up with our day today happenings with our evening cup of tea.
One thing that binds us together irrespective of our differences is our womanhood .So lets celebrate womanhood ,and look around and find our friends in our MILs,mothers,sisters, daughters,girlfriends,sister-in-laws. Just think of life without them , I guess it will be boring and mundane.

Lets expand our views and overcome our shortcomings to know each other better.God has given us one life, lets make it beautiful and happening for the people who love us the most.

Now to The recipe.........

However ,this is the recipe for cake but at the last moment just putting it before baking we found out that the level in the bowl is more than half and there will be chances of spoilt tastes.So, my Ma-in-law came up with the idea of making it cupcakes and that too being baked in small steel bowls.
So ,it was like “cake hote –hote cupcake ho gaya “.

Things you need to make cupcakes in Pressure Cooker

For this I have used normal steel bowls slightly greased with ghee .It will be better if you have old aluminium dishes as they are best to bake in with pressure cooker .
Your reliable old pressure cooker ,mine is some 7 years old , sometimes old is gold.

  • 1 cup powdered /white sugar (we grind it in mixer)
  • 1 cup flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/3 cup of ghee (clarified butter)
  • 1 -1 ½ tsp of baking powder
  • pinch of salt ,1 tsp of garam masala(in place of cinnamon powder +nutmeg powder if you have these then its absolutely fine too )
  • 3-4 cloves (lounge) crushed a little bit.

How to Proceed
  • Cream Ghee and sugar together evenly with spoon or your hand whichever suits you , that is your secret to a soft cake .
  • Add egg one by one by slightly beating them ,mix in all well.
  • In a separate bowl ,Mix in flour, baking powder,salt ,garam masala ,dry fruits.

  • Mix in both the things in one bowl and gently fold in ,don’t beat it .
  • Grease in 2 small steel bowl ,fill the cupcake mixture only upto half .This recipe makes 4 cupcakes .Fill in the batter upto half.Sprinkle crushed Lounge(cloves) over it .
  • Preheat the pressure cooker for 3 mints.When slightly heated lower the flame ,put the bowls inside ,cover the pressure cooker and take the whistle off .
  • Steam cook in for 15-18 mints .Put off the gas flame and let it cool .
  • Take out baked cupcakes and again let it cool ,now serve with tea or coffee that’s upto you .
  • It taste yum and soft ,may be due to ghee factor or my Mil’s affection towards us .
  • Enjoy your evening tea with it .

Happy Cooking


  1. Hi Jayashree...I am so loving the idea of making cup cakes in a pressure cooker....This is surely on my TO-COOK list...

  2. i would have definetely tried it, had it been without eggs...any substitutes for it ???

  3. Shn ,I am glad somewhere I conveyed my feelings ,it feels great .
    Sanjana,welcome here ,sure do try making it and let me know how it turn out.
    Easy Craft ,
    let me check with my MIL about the egg subs ,although there are many recipes of cake without eggs ,but steam cakes do require it, for proper baking .
    May be you can check Allrecipe for more cakes without egg,they have a lovely collection of it.here
    hugs and smiles

  4. Easycraft ,
    My Mil has suggested to use Condensed milk in place of egg ,for 1 cup of flour atleast 1/2 cup of condensed milk needs to be added ,if required add more and check the batter for smoothness before baking ,but she thinks its better to use egg in cakes as they are best to get good results..
    hugs and smiles

  5. Jaya, that was touching to read. :) The cupcake looks delicious!

  6. Hi Jaya,

    Tht's really touching..And the cup cakes look yummy..

    I had one question. Have you ever tries baking cookies without oven..in pressure cooker / hot griddle / something like tht?..I stya in the US..So I have oven which is easily available..

    But I ws just thinking if I could tell my mother the cookie recipes So that she can prepare at home..But she does not have oven..

    It's just a thought..Can u help in this?..Thanks..


  7. Deepa,
    I am glad u asked me about this.
    You know after steam cupcakes I was just wondering if i could do the same with cookies ,I am trying some recipes ,its on trial and error method unless and untill I am satisfied with my end result I wont post about it just for the sake of it ..
    u know the main problem with Pressure cooker is the space ,cookies need little more space for baking than cakes usually does .Well this is sure on my do list and me and MIL are trying to come with some interesting recipes ..will u hang on with us ..I am sure u will ..in the meantime if u have any further question ,do let me know ...
    hugs and smiles

  8. Hi Jaya,
    Thanks for your quick response. I will surely hang on here..It is an interesting blog..Keep up the good work...


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