Saturday, February 16, 2008

Panipuri chaat/Golgappa or Puchka

An evening in Kolkata.

Well thats the view from our window for the evening ,sun is setting us goodbye after a long day work ,and its time for us to have some evening snacks.

Panipuri /Golgappa
Winters are definitely one of the most favorable season to indulge in street foods .I remember we friends would often go to the Panipuri /Golgappa wallas who would be camping outside our college Premise, Oh those were wonderful carefree years ,while we Graduated and went separate ways,some to the family way and some to the profession way .
One thing that still remains fresh in our mind is these street foods .My hubby and his friends would also go to their favorite joints and gorge on aloo tikki,Golgappas too.As we were craving for yum Golgappas and also remembering our wonderful college days ,We got these readymade Golgappa packets from our near by local grocery shop .Here it is the simple recipe that is made with some of the left-overs .We had Chickpeas curry/Chole left after last night Dinner ,and some of the boiled potatoes ,that were left after making Aloo-paratha in the Morning for Breakfast .Here with these the evening snack is ready .

For Golgappa Filling
½ cup garbanzo beans /chickpeas/chole (can use canned one also ,but I would prefer to stick to fresh ones )or leftover Chole curry .
I small boiled potato
Salt as per taste
½ tsp of red pepper powder (can add more for spiciness )
For the Pani
1-2 glass of water
1tbs of salt
2-3 tbs of cumin powder
1 green lemon ,cut for juice
Mint leaves (optional)
Mix all to prepare the Panipuri Pani
And in the meanwhile mash potato and chole ,add all the masala
Fill in the mashed potato/chole filling in every puri and dip in Pani and enjoy.
happy cooking friends.


  1. Hi Jaya!:) The sun set picture looks so nice. Panpuri...yummy...

  2. Pani Puri looks so yummy! Nice picture.

  3. tongue tingling stuff....by the way, do you mean puchka? in your title...it'spelt phucka?

  4. Beautiful photo Jaya. Pani puri used to be my fav thing to eat in B'lore. I haven't eaten since then. Looks yum!:)

  5. Wow , the trees outside ur house look so good. such greenery and sunset. Plan t make panipuri tomorrow night. will blog.

  6. Daily meals,

    the sunset view is so lovely to watch anywhere in the world...isnt ..

    thanks for coming here ..

    thanks for diferentiating between puchka and phucka ..LOL,a big hug for that ...

    do try making these ,I guess These packets are easily available in Indian Grocery shops there in US..

    u know we live in a community where the emphasis is more on greenery,and yes the shadow is of mango tree in the picture and I am desparately waiting for mangoes this summer LOL ...
    do try it and let me know how it turns out ...
    hugs and smiles

  7. Looks so delicious. It reminded me of time back in India.

  8. This is the second post i'm seeing today with panipuri which is my fav...so u can imagine my plight now! :)

  9. This a bad recipe, cumin powder has not been added to the filling and is not properly spiced...

    1. Really!! sorry if it hasn't turn out good for you...but if you can read , the "pani" has enough cumin powder...and more-over the filling is chick peas curry and mashed potatoes that were left-overs from our previous meals -have mentioned in the intro of recipe...so I guess when the filling is already spiced, just thought no need to add even more....Anyhow phuchkas can be made the way one prefers..some even don't like hotness or spiciness, some like little sour,some even like it more sweet, many don't prefer coriander leaves or mint leaves in it..Please go ahead make according to your own taste-buds :-) or better go outside and gorge on the ones made by street vendors or/phuchkawallahs...


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