Monday, February 18, 2008

Payesh and Tomato Chutney

Payesh and Tomato Chutney

This one was taken in while we were in Lancaster US.We were coming from freeway and during a stop to Fill in Gas for the car , We noticed this beauty of the nature .Sunsets are always beautiful anywhere in the world ,Isnt ....
Every Bengali home swears by its Payesh and Tomato chutney ,No Birthday ,Anniversary meal is complete without these being served ,or any other good occasion in the family.Well these also don’t need reasons to make and relish them ,its just that all you need is the desire to indulge in some sweets.(Chalo Kuch Meetha ho jaye or ekto khicho Mishti Hobe )..


For payesh recipe
A handful of boiled rice .
Milk ½ liters
Sugar 3 heaped tbs (add more if you think sweetness is required more)
Some Kaju /kishmiss( cashews/raisins)
How To Proceed
Wash the rice properly and soak them in water for 1 hrs in a small bowl. TIP- this makes your payesh cooked evenly .
Now in a heavy bottom pan ,or kadai bring the milk to boil.lower the temperature ,let it simmer and stir the milk sometimes,add in cashews.
Now add rice and let it cook ,after 10-12 mints ,the milk will thicken a bit .
Check if the rice is cooked properly ,take out some of the rice in the spoon and press one of the rice grains to see if they are boiled .If the rice is cooked well ,add the sugar( TIP -sugar should be added at the end when the rice is thoroughly cooked ) and then stir well ,cook for another 5 mints Stop and take out in a bowl .
Cool and serve Payesh .

Tomato chutney

4-5 medium size tomato cut into small pieces
4-5 heaped tbs of sugar
1tsp of salt
Some chunks of aamsotto /aam papri /Mango candies
Little bit of water
How to Proceed
Heat a kadai, add all the ingredients and cover ,cook at low for 8-10 mints till the desired consistency is met .
Well some prefer tempering with mustard seeds ,1 dry red pepper and a dash of fresh grated ginger,You can add them to enhance the flavor more.
Well enjoy Cooking Friends .


  1. Beautiful photo, love the nature and how wonderous it is!:)

    Payesh looks delicious!

  2. Payesh is it a bit like Kheer??

  3. hi jaya the sunset scenery is khoooob darun!! you are right in bengali and oriya households mishti can be had anytime....no special occasion needed for this:)).BTW aamar meyer daak naam mishti.

  4. Wow, both the payesh and tomato chutney look yummy! My fav. recipes.

  5. nice recipe and never heard abt this one...pic looks yummy..thanks for sharing

  6. jayashree,
    thanks for coming here

    natures beauty is to be enjoyable for ever isnt ,glad u r also one of me ..

    ya u r right ,its just like Kheer ..

    hope u try making them some day ..

    oh tumar meyer naam Mishti,amaar meyer naam Mithu ...chalo khob bhalo laglo tumi ele eyiekhane ...

    its being such a pleasure knowing u all ladies ...I really appreciate ur presence here .thanks
    hugs and smiles


  7. beautiful pictures Jaya. Payesh is my all time favorite :)

  8. Both look yummy.. i think payesh is similar to rice kheer. thanks for sharing

  9. Jaya, tumi nijer photographs gulo aage watermark korte na?

  10. No,Pree I didn't used to but now I have started doing it after few ugly episodes of stealing of my contents..


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