Sunday, November 9, 2008

Vegetable Cutlets

Last Friday I opened the refrigerator and found out there were some beetroot and carrots that were still left. Now If I try making it in a simple Curry or Subzi , my folks would eat it without any complain but there sad and very oh-so-its-again-the-same-and-boring-stuff Look will haunt me while I would be again feeling Great-what-extra-You-want-me-to-cook.
I guess these are very common things in every household. Mine is not different and with two picky eaters, I have to keep experimenting with ingredients. They need something Mukhrochak(Appetizers/sizzlers) always. With sudden change in climate, the heart and mind both crave for more than the usual stuff .Something which would be deep fried and spicy, can well go with evening tea or can act as an appetizer before the full meal. Here it is presenting to you Vegetable cutlets.

Vegetable Cutlets
Makes 7-8 cutlets
1 beet root
1 orange carrot
1 medium onion
½ tsp of ginger paste
1 tsp of cumin powder
2 tsp of coriander powder
2 tsp of red pepper powder
1 tsp of salt or as per taste
2-3 tbs of oil
For the Dough
2 boiled potatoes
2 bread slices
2 tbs of besan
1 tsp of cumin powder
1 tsp of coriander powder
1 tsp of red pepper powder
Salt as per taste
oil for frying the cutlets
Wash the beet and carrot, peel them with peeler and then grate them finely.
Heat up a kadhai , add oil, fry the onions till they become translucent .
Add grated beetroot and carrot, and all the dry powders. Stir Fry at high for 4-5 mints.
Take out in a separate vessel.
Make the dough for cutlets

Make a soft dough out of 2 boiled potato, 2 slices of bread and little bit of besan or gram flour , add little more of coriander powder, cumin powder, red pepper powder and salt.Now make 7-8 small portions and roll into small balls
Grease your hand with oil, now take one rolled ball and slightly flatten in your palm, oil the flatten dough little bit and place the mixture in between , now cover the mixture with the dough evenly while working with both the palms and fingers. Make similar cutlets with the rest of the mixture and dough.
Refrigerate the cutlets for 2-3 hrs. TIP-Refrigerating the cutlets will help the cutlets to firm up the shape and also it will require little less of oil for deep fry.
Its better to deep fry the cutlets over a hot Griddle or tava , that requires little less oil.
Heat up a Tava, add oil and place the cutlets over the Tava, fry the cutlets on both the side, 2 cutlets at a time.
Take out and drain in paper towels. Enjoy them with evening tea or serve them as great appetizers in Parties.
There could be other options of making this dish Non-vegetarian by simply changing the stuffing with some cooked and shredded chicken pieces, minced meat (keema) or Fish fry that are still left in refrigerator.
Happy cooking Friends


  1. Your creativity to whip up such interesting cutlets are inspiring.

  2. Jaya, these cutlets remind me of the Mouchak chops.. ha ha.. Just cant get over the old days spent in Calcutta..
    I remember them adding groundnuts to it.. Are they fried or roasted before they add it to the filling.. any suggestions..

  3. Jaya, do post a recipe for the bengali ghugni too :))

  4. I miss the slightly sweet tastig vegetable cutlets so much.:-(
    Thanks you Jaya for this recipe .. :-) ekhaneo ektu ektu thanda porche .. I'll try this. Ete ektu badam bhaja ar coconut chopped o add kora hoye ... tai na?

  5. All of us crave something 'mukhrochak' all the time, too bad we can't indulge ourselves all those times! :-)

  6. Hi jayashree,Yumm looking cutlets.. i got something for u in my blog @ http://seduceyourtastebuds.blogspot.com/2008/11/its-award-time.html

  7. Cynthia,
    Coming this from you ,it means a lot to me.

    Yes the ground nuts/peanuts are also added to it .
    I generally fry them with the shredded carrots ,beetroots.
    Are you talking about Mochar Chop..
    Its also my favs..
    I will definitely try posting it ..

    Nischoi add kora Hoye badam Bhaja,Kish mish ,Kinto narkol seta aami add kora na..eyibaar eyishob na diye banalam ...

    Mukhorochak yes LOL..ya quite right there!even if we wish we cant always..

    thank you dear...

  8. LOL... every household has same issues isn't it? ur carrot and beet cutlet looks amazing. i usally mash beets with potato for some colourful cutlets.

  9. OOOOh egulo amader favorite... whenever we (both me & my hubby) get the opportunity we do it together. He is not a bengali, but grew up in Hindmotor & is in love with a few Bong mukhrochoks... this being on the top.

    We add peanuts & hing too..

  10. haven't had this in so long Jaya, adding this to my bookmark :) tomar description pode khoob maja laglo.

  11. Sia,
    yes,and this makes us work even more harder LOL....that must be very delicious..

    Thats very sweet of him to help you.
    Bong Mokhorochaks are just awesome,these are our all time fav..

    arey kemon khele janabe!

  12. I too make veetable seekh kabab some days back dear. ASdding beets and carrot is nice idea. Looks crisp and yummy.

  13. Nice shapes and lovely colors by the beets...

  14. Anything with besam grabs my attention! It is after all the basis for the bhajiya! Now you have given us another delicious hors 'd oeuvres to try! I bet your little ones were plenty happy!!!

  15. Thank You Lubna ..

    yes beets gives very reddish color to any dish ,soups,salads etc...

    Quite right there,we all love any besan bajias..
    and I have a daughter and the other is my Hubby , both of them are very fond of eating these cutlets and yes they were happy.

    thanks all for coming here ..
    hugs and smiles

  16. Lovely cutlets Jaya and colors too!!

  17. These are very different from the standard ones that I prepare - thanks! I am going to try this out when I have beets next. The saucy decoration is nice!

  18. Looks yummy !!! Will try this over the weekend.


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