Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Celebrating Two Years of Blogging with Kalakand

One fine Morning, a little sparrow was woken up by the soft, yellowish, sun-ray shining through its nest, her home. Her mother had gone out,to get food for her.
She was curious, her eyes blinking to the vast blue sky. She decided to explore the world all by herself. It was difficult to fly through those spiky branches of mango tree.She did spread her wings and tried to soar off from the branch, but couldn’t. Another try, she tried to run few steps and then glided her wings against the winds, but she again failed. She tried it for several times this way, but was unable to fly.
Next day, she asked her Mother, how she was able to fly and cover so long distances.
Her mother replied,” My child, it’s your sheer will power, that guides you to rise against the winds and of course a little practice also."
She asked in amusement,” Will you help me to fly.”
Her Mother replied,” I will be there for you always, and will definitely help you to fly.”
That day, after few hours of trial and error, some bruises and some hugs, the little sparrow took her first flight of fantasy. Her flight was very short lived from one branch of mango tree to another branch, little away, but that gave her immense pleasure and satisfaction, that she was able to fly finally.
Little steps now taken will help her to fly high many miles. A little assurance from her mother will make her strong and ready to face the wind.

We all need that much of inspiration and help in our difficult situations. I must thank my Mother also for helping me out whenever I was clueless about certain things in my life.
Her valuable feedback while I was trying out dishes in my kitchen, separated many miles away.

This Blog was started as a hobby first .Here is My First Post , just to keep records of what I was cooking at that time and also to recollect the tips and technique my Mother and Mother-in-law gave to me unconditionally. Slowly it took some serious turns; I started experimenting with new ingredients, techniques, and also was juggling around to retain the Traditional Bengali cooking.
I have found it only helped me to grow as a cook, as a person.

Over the period of time, I have also come to know many good blogger friends, and some good blogs with treasure of good recipes.
On completing two years in blogging, I must extend my heartfelt warm wishes to everybody who loves coming to here.Read my post, give valuable comments or suggestion, or just drop by to say a simple “Hi”, have subscribed and check my posts even by e-mails.Thanks to all of you for standing besides me and trying out recipes from here.

I am still learning and it says learning is a continuous process, it never stops.”
So, let’s now move to the recipe,

Kalakand is a sweet, which is so fondly eaten by elders and young ones in our home.
This is made entirely of milk and its product Paneer (Cottage Cheese), the mixture is slowly cooked, stiring continuously on a deep bottomed pan/wok/kadhai to get a dry crumbly mixture which is then cooled and cut into cubes.The main point that should be noted while making this sweet is the thickening of milk called as Kheer in Bengali and Khoya in Hindi.Now For this method one has to be little patient, as this involves a little working up, stirring milk in Pan.The thickened milk is the key to a good kalakand.I have added condensed milk also ,which imparts a nice flavor and since the sugar is already high in condensed milk, the need to add extra sugar is very less.
I hope you all try making it once.

Serves 10-12 pieces

Ingredients 500 ml or 4 cups of milk
750 ml of milk to make paneer or 2 cups of home-made paneer
Half tin of condensed milk
3-4 heaped tbs of sugar
1tsp of cardamom powder

Making of Paneer (home-made cottage cheese)

Bring the milk to boil, add some –leftover sour Curd/yogurt or lemon juice or citric acid.
Stir and let the milk curdle up.Let it cool.
Take out the paneer in a muslin cloth; hang in to discard the water/whey.
Making of kalakand
Tip-Use a deep bottomed pan/Kadhai
Bring to boil half liter of whole milk, now reduce the heat, let it simmer till it reduces to half.Stir in while the milk is thickening.
At this time add condensed milk, sugar TIP- as condensed milk is sweet itself, its better to add less sugar.Taste it and if you feel ,then only add more sugar.
Mix in well and stir it continuously.
In a separate bowl, crumble the Paneer with spoon or thoroughly washed hands.
Add crumbled paneer to the above mix and stir well so that it doesn't stick to base.
At this time the mixture in pan will be little watery, cook it at low to medium flame so that the paneer/milk mixture dries up.
Grease a plate with ghee/oil and gently take out the mixture over it.
Let it cool and then refrigerate till it gets firm.
Take out and cut into cubes.Serve with chopped pistachio or almonds or raisins which ever way you prefer.
This is going to meet fellow recipes at Happy Cook's home event ,please visit here for more details ~ ~ Home-Event .This is a nice event Happy has come up with to celebrate her Blog anniversary.

and to Yummy Food , visit here for more details ~~ FIC . Food-in-Color is a very well known food event started originally by Sunshinemom, now her baby is being adopted by Kitchen Flavors for this month....
Check out both the food events for more details.

Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Congrats Jaya! Love the kalakand...great entry...

  2. Congragulations to your wonderful blog. I love kalakand and these look delicious.
    Here i too have made lots of friends and leanred more new cusines after starting to blog.
    Thankyou for sending the ti my event.

  3. Vijaya,
    Thanks for coming by

    Its my pleasure to participate and thanks for liking Kalaknd...

    thanks for stoping by

  4. So beautiful jaya!! ei shob tumi barite toiri koro? !!

    congratulations on 2 years of blogging!

  5. Congrats! I hope so but wonder whether I will continue that long. But I really enjoy the exposure to new styles of cooking and the learning process, so maybe I too will be there!

    The light and shadows look nice on the kalakand. I have started making milk products at home again for the family so will definitely try this one. My son loves anything remotely connected to paneer!

  6. Considering what a huge job food blogging is, you deserve a huge round of applause for completing two whole years Jaya! :-)

    Thanks for sharing kalakand recipe .. I have always wanted to make it at home. :-)

  7. Soma,
    Are hain re, badir tuiry mishtir alada moja...

    I know for sure, you will also continue blogging for many years and post yum recipes .....

    Its difficult to make pricky eaters eat and mine is not different, but somehow she loves these kalakand and Paneer Bhurji fry ....Thanks for coming by...

    Thanks and do try making them, meanwhile if you have anything to ask about it , I am just here always...

    Hugs and smiles

  8. Hi Jaya, it's a pleasure knowing you with your delicious Bengali cooking, and your affectionate hugs and smiles. Here's wishing you many more years of blogging!

  9. Thanks Sra! Pleasure is mine too knowing you..
    hugs and smiles

  10. Hi dear,
    Congrats on completing 2 years of blogging. It should definitely feel so good, ENJOY !!!

  11. Congratulations dear on second blog anniversary. Wish you many maore to come. Thank you for sending down this to FIC and making us a part of this celebration.

  12. Hi Jaya! I've tagged you for a good cause. Pls check out my blog. :-)

  13. ooh yum ! i came accross your blog today and I am just going through all your recipes now :) They are all so wonderful !

  14. This is one place I completely feel at home and very welcome! It shows how hospitable you must be in real life as well...I am sure your guests keep coming back for more of your wonderful cooking and the smiles most of all!! :)

    Congratulations Jaya for completeing two years and best wishes for many many more to come!! Happy blogging :)

  15. Congrats dear. who doesnt like milk sweets, count me in....love kalakand, never attempted to make any tho' pic' looks fab' dear, wish I cud' make these in future!!!:)

  16. Shreya,sudeshna,Lubna
    thanks all dear!

    what can i say more on it...LOL...
    its pleasure to know you too...

    i cant access ur profile, but it feels great to see you here .enjoy your stay at spiceandcurry...

    thanks for coming here...do try making them ,I am sure you will like it ...

    Thank you all for making my day !
    hugs and smiles


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