Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fresh Corn Mango Salsa or Fruit Chaat

Eating fresh is what we need today, so thought of making this simple salsa.
Salsa as everybody know, is a Mexican way of preparing fruits/veggies.
Below is a simple salsa I always prepare whenever fresh corn and mango is in season.
You can also call it desi fruit chaat if you wish to,I guess fruit chaat and salsa is more or less same ,it's just that one is from Mexico and other is from India.At least I dont see any difference ,do let me know if there is any.
I like to add few pomegranate seeds to this salsa, as it gives a nice tangy flavour.

here is delicious mango (Magnifera indica belonging to family Anacardiaceae),do you know in Costa Rica,people call fully riped mango as Manga.
and then of course there are so many varieties of mango that is available here, hapoos/alphonso,langa,dussehri,Himsagari ,Chaunsa and so on ...my personal fav is dussehri which is quite native to north-India (specially the UP,Bihar belt),it has a perfect blend of taste and smell.

I dont need to tell you the health benefits it has ,you all know it well right.With loads of essential components and sweet taste ,mango is of course "King Of Fruits".

and then of course there is corn ,another nature's gift to us. Corn or maize (Zea mays belonging to poaceae family) .We all know about the use of corn so and who could resist fresh hot corn on the cob.
Corn tortillas,corn flakes ,pop corn , corn meal and so on…so many use and in various form.It has great significance in native American Culture also.Here is sweet corn

Corn Mango Salsa

1 cup of sweet yellow corn, taken out fresh from 1 ear of corn
1cup of chopped mango pieces
½ cup of pomegranate seeds
1 tsp of black salt/sendha namak in Hindi /beet noon in Bengali
½ tsp of honey
½ tsp of lemon (optional)

Take out corn kernel from the cob.
Boil the corn for 5-6 mints or pressure cook them for 1-2 mints at high.
Alternately you may roast it over stovetop on gas or may even grill it.
Personally I prefer to take out the fresh corns and boil it for few mintues ,the colour changes to bright golden yellow.

Chop mango into bite pieces and mix it with corn, pomegranate, black salt, honey and lemon.
Enjoy the freshness of these natures’s gift.

If we won’t save our trees, nature and environment, probably we won’t be able to relish these small pleasures of life.So think and act before it is too late.

You may add in any cooking oil also,just ½ tsp and toss it well.
If you don’t get black salt/rock salt, you may add in normal salt and chat masala,But then it will be more of a fruit chaat.
Avocado is another good fruit that goes into this salsa, it adds to the flavour.
And also you may add in red pepper powder for a spicy blend.
Onions are too strong for this salsa, so I have avoided it and also it would be doing little injustice to the sweetness of mango and corn if we add onions to it.right

Mango Smoothie
A quick mango smoothie from fresh mango.
Mango Smoothie
1 mango, peeled, chopped
2 glass of chilled whole milk
4-5 tbs of sugar or as per taste
1-2 scoop of mango ice-cream for garnishing
Blend well in mixer mango,sugar and milk.
Serve with ice-cream on top.Enjoy

This is my own contribution to the event of Save the Earth” . More detail is here
Save The Earth .
Happy Cooking Friends


  1. Both the salad and the smoothies look so tempting Jaya! Corn amar o khub bhalo lage. :-)

  2. hi,
    Wonderful contribution to the noble cause :)
    love salsa as they are natural and come as a complete health package :) nice click, can anyone say no to mango smoothie this summer ;) lovely drink topped with ice-cream!

  3. Thank you for this lovely recipe. I'll be making it to take to my neighbour's house when we share our Saturday night dinner. I think I might add a little sprinkle of chaat because I love it on anything.

  4. Wow that mango looks so so yumm.Wish i could grab them form the screen.

  5. Love the sald and smoothie..both look mouth watering

  6. Sharmila,
    thanks for coming here..and corn on cob sobaye'er bhalo lage ....specially brishti porle..tai na..

    yeah It suits the theme of save the earth...i cant imagine my life without these nature's gift ..
    salsa/fruit chaat is always healthy..

    do try it out and let me know how your friends reacted...and chaat msala i am sure it adds to the flavour:)..

    :D ,tat's so true dear..mango is afterall king of fruits..

    thanks for coming here and both these were so delicious ..well some times words are short to describe the feelings isn't ...

    thanks dear!

  7. wow I have never thought of eating corn with mangoes, soo yumm

  8. Jaya the salad/ fruit chaat looks so great love the blend of colors there!!! the smoothie is so perfect for summer!!!

  9. Salad and smoothie are tempting! Love mangoes in any form!

  10. Hi Jaya,
    finally you have pleased this vegetarian...... thank you so much...by the way, a small tip to boil corn.. Microwave corn, in its original packing, i mean with the skin for 3 minutes (high) and there you go.... boiled corn is ready to eat...
    Jyoti (Jo)

  11. Dear Jaya,
    the difference between mexican and indian mango is Indian mango is the best,it has beautiful aroma, looks one mango in the house will make its presence felt and ofcourse the taste is divine... but the Mexican variety is just looks.. even if you try to smell it hard, there is no aroma/flavour.. it is just mango in name.... We live in New Zealand and get only mexican Mangoes and miss Indian mangoes very much.....My advise enjoy most when you get access to it...

  12. Dear Jaya Di,
    I am writing this, just to let you know that I simply LOVE!!!! your blog. The Bengali that I am, I have a fascination for all foods Bengali.
    The best thing is, you choose to share simple ghorer ranna with us all...That simplicity is sooo endearing, and is the reason I keep coming back to this blog again 'n again.....
    Rest assured; you are doing a great job of showcasing the best that Bengali homely cuisine has to offer to the world. I just have a small request....do you think you have some age-old recipes,the ones that our Thakumas used to make? I miss my Granny's Doi Machh..
    I hope you keep up this amazing work....best wishes from Amarnath.

  13. deesha,
    just try if you get mangoes there and you will love this combo..

    colourful yeah it is indeed ..and with that sweetness and divine smell of mangoes it tasted even better...

    thank you dear!

    yeah i know you are satisfied now:D, hope to see you more and thanks for this lovely tip..i am sure it will help many..I guess this is quite right ..Indian mangoes have the real texture and flavour :))...
    thanks for coming by..

    Eyi je sob theke boro certificate diye gele amake..thank you Bhai..
    it's right I try to post what i cook daily..simple gorer ranna ..
    will try to post age old recipes ..in fact few of them i have posted here...ilish er rokomari..notey posto, ranga aloor chorchori..etc....if you have time go thro them..
    thanks for coming here and letting me know how you felt...these are real encouraging words for me..thank you bhai..
    bhalo theko..

  14. @ Jaya Di,
    thanks....i feel privileged to be contacted by the blogger herself! And, I'll be checking out those recipes myself, very soon......
    best wishes.....

  15. mango & corn is a beautiful combination Jaya

  16. hey do you have doi machh in this space??
    this salsa looks very interesting......different textures n colors put together beautifully..........i have posted a mango salad n a mango loaf at my blog recently......check out.

  17. Bong Mom/sandeepa
    thanks rey!

    no i dont have doi mach here..but i guess a very similar recipe is hearty fish curry..in case you want to have alook...
    yeah will sure check out your lovely recipes..
    thanks for coming by..
    hugs and smiles

  18. hi jaya.....thanks for appreciating my mango loaf......i have never made a loaf in pressure cooker but i think it can be adapted for it.....if you have a datailed intructions recipe for pressure cooker cake ,let me know please.i am curious about it.

  19. Very tempting for a summer evening...love the blend of fruits with corn!

  20. Sangeeta,
    you can check steamed cupcakes recipe here ..it's a pressure cooker recipe..
    thanks dear!!
    yeah it is indeed so tasty, and the fresh mangoes is really a kind of prize here..
    thanks for coming here
    hugs and smiles


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